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To all and all of us who love to travel we have known a lot of lovely places and places, so much so that more than once more than one and one will have thought about staying there.

Not a bad idea, right? Many times we find situations in which we would like to take our things, fly away and start again in a new place, but unfortunately, it is not easy to choose a place to be at ease and that goes with your beliefs and needs.

That is why if we are ever in the position of wanting to migrate to another city, it is a good idea that we give a very good review of all those places that we have visited before, surely more than one fits in what we are looking for although it can That is further from home than we would like.

The downside of all this is that, then touching one of the great tasks of any change of address, which is the move. Who has not happened to change house and think: this is the last time I do this? Luckily today it is not like before and there is a wide variety of companies that dedicate to this making things much simpler.

And let's not say anything, if it has occurred to us to go abroad, that if it is a good move to make the move, fortunately, this is already thought and there are already those who are dedicated to this with very good results.

National removals

If you have had to move from home on occasion, surely the first thing you have asked yourself is that How much does a move cost? And if you've never moved, but you're going to do it soon, it's an aspect that you have to keep in mind.

Yes, know how the price of a move is calculated, the first thing you have to estimate is the volume of belongings and the number of rooms where you have to work.

Tips to know to avoid misunderstandings

Take out full coverage insurance to avoid unnecessary risks. Especially, if the transfer includes works of art, antiques or objects that are considered of special value.

Hire the move as early as possible in order to reserve the dates of the service and request parking permits, if necessary.

The following items must not travel with the move: perishable products, pets, flammables, firearms, jewelry, stamps, cash or securities.

If it costs you calculate how much a move costs the best is ask for several quotes To different companies. It is also important that they be legal moving companies so that they can offer you an efficient and effective work.

En, with more than 40 years of experience performing removals for all the cities of Spain, they advise you so you can move at the lowest cost and facilitate you cheap moves without losing quality in the service.

International Movers

Everything is much more complicated here. An international move is a complex process in which you are involved customs agents, carriers, shipping and freight forwarders.

Procedures for a safe move

Check the regulations of the country of destination. Contact the embassy or consulate of your destination to know the restrictions on entering the country.

Pack your stuff. All your pertinences have to be properly packed. You can hire a specialized company or do it yourself.

Make a detailed list of the items that are transported. Make an exhaustive list where you specify everything you are going to send. This list is one of the essential roles that can not be missing.

To save you time and complications we recommend that you hire a international moving company. To do this, you will have to make sure that the company has the accreditation of the Transportation Administration.

Now you know how to prepare a national and international moving. Are you going to live in another city or country? Leave us your comment!