Navaluenga, travel guide of the Spanish city: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Spanish city of Navaluenga with all the basics and essentials.

Romanesque bridge of Navaluenga, Spain
Romanesque bridge of Navaluenga, Spain © raulelnaufrago -

Navaluenga, a Spanish municipality, with a population of 2027 inhabitants, located just 100 kilometers away de Madrid, about two hours by car. It has become the recreation site par excellence of the Madrid community; thanks to its proximity and tourist attractions that it has developed over the years.

Friend tourist, the Municipality of Navaluenga, bathed by the waters of the river Alberche, has as natural tourist attractions the pools that are formed on the bank of the river when passing through the Romanesque bridge, where without fail you must go to enjoy such a natural spectacle. From there you can go to find one of the tourist trails, which will allow you to learn more about the vegetation of the region, with a great diversity of environments and ecosystems.

While you walk you will be able to observe in the forest trees such as oak, ash, chestnut, holm oak, walnut, maples, willows, among others, and as this area is so rich in vegetation, it is capable of harboring an interesting fauna, among the animals with which you can cross, they are a golden eagle, foxes, badgers and many more. Also, dear tourist, you must bear in mind that you are entering a ZEPA (Special Bird Protection Zone), so you should not allow or carry out bird hunting in that region. In the same way we can venture into a little more active tourism, we can find the scenarios and companies offering recreation services such as beach volleyball, soccer, paintball, tennis, golf, multiadventure in trees with zip lines, climbing among others.


Gastronomy offered by Navaluenga

After such a long walk, undoubtedly the appetite will open, and it is time to look for the best of gastronomy. Navaluenga, there you will find inside the flagship dishes the chuletón de Ávila (grilled steak), the kid stew, the beans with morcillón, garlic and rucio soups, among others, `but stop one step at a time, don't forget to leave a field to try the dessert of the region, the peaches of Alberche, with great fame throughout Spain for its exquisite flavor.

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What can I see in this city?

Alberche river flowing into the Burguillo reservoir near Navaluenga. Ávila, Spain
River Alberche flowing into the Burguillo reservoir near Navaluenga. Ávila, Spain © ABUELO RAMIRO -

But we can not leave culture aside, for experts in architectural thinking the Romanesque bridge of Navaluenga, contributes to the setting of romantic settings, ideal for all those in love who want to escape for a couple of days and live an idyll of love in the country.

If you are Catholic, you can not stop visiting the Parish church de Navaluenga, with great simplicity and exquisite taste, is a unique piece, the physical facilities make us constantly perceive and feel the connection of the sacred with the spiritual, a magnanimous experience for the soul of the believers.

La Fountain Necropolis Avila in Navaluenga is the archaeological site dating from the 15th to the 7th centuries. They make up a cemetery with at least XNUMX tombs, excavated in granite boats, they are distributed in XNUMX sets very close to each other. It is believed that it was a christian burial area, created by small village communities.

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The hermitage of La Merced de Navaluenga is located in the place called "The Erillas", monument that dates from century XVII, its physical composition is constituted by masonry that reinforces its bays and edges with ashlars of granite. As a custom, the female population sing "La Despedida" from the inside, on Holy Thursdays, during the Procession of romances. Other sites of interest are the Hermitage of San Isidro of Navaluenga, Virgen del Espino de Navaluenga hermitage, Cruz del Cerrillo of San Marcos de Navaluenga and El Potro de Herrar de Navaluenga.

After taking the tour of the most representative monuments we can take a look at the calendar of festivities of Navaluenga, there you can see what the calendar of the town's festivities is during the year, and you will see that by customs and beliefs, those that are lived with greater fervor and strength are the Catholics, on the part of the population; Among those we can recommend attending are; Holy Week, is of great interest in the municipality, in this feast for Catholics, the population protects an original tradition the Procession of the Romances, which takes place on Holy Thursday, an event that attracts Catholic tourists to the region, in order to join in this wonderful popular fervor.

Festivals and events in Navaluenga

One of the parties that should likewise not stop attending dear tourist is the Wine Festival,  Regional Competition "Wines of the Year", It begins with a tasting or tasting of all typical products of the area and Grenache wines, as it is supposed the winner is of better quality, and the party takes place in the months of April and May.

At nightfall, the Navaluenga cocktail bars begin to open their doors announcing the beginning of the nightlife, where you can find all kinds of leisure and recreation when you want to have a drink. You will have to choose from a wide variety of these sites, and even more so if your visit decides to make it in the months of July and August, you will stumble upon the summer festival which will provide you with a large list of events that you can attend.

Where to sleep if I visit Navaluenga?

But we have neglected, a very important aspect, when we go to visit a place, we should ask ourselves Where will we stay? Navaluenga has a wide range of hotels, among which the Finca del Venero, Finca el Barranco, Rural Houses Rio Alberche and the Cortijo de Credos stand out, which are sites dedicated to satisfying all tastes or requirements of all kinds of visitors who attend festivities or weekends to the municipality to obtain a space for recreation and recreation.

Anyway, if you find yourself in a city like Madrid, and if you find yourself stressed, because of your work, just wait for the weekend, take your car and go to Navaluenga, drive for two hours and get ready to look for all the special moments that the recreational spaces of the municipality provide and prepare them to be accomplices in the best moments of their lives.

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