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Guide with the BEST to visit NAXOS this 2024 with excursions and accommodations in which to sleep.

Cheap and budget accommodations to sleep in Naxos

Coronis Hotel
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Adonis Hotel Naxos
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Naxos Kalimera Apartments
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Grotta Hotel
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Lygdamis Hotel
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Naxos Magic Village
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Aeolis Boutique Hotel
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Korali Garden
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Finikas Hotel
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Porto Naxos
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Alkyoni Beach Hotel
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Astir Of Naxos
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Naxos Island Guide (Greece)

On this occasion we will talk about the wonderful island of Naxos, Greek island located in the crystalline Aegean seaBelonging to Cyclades Islands archipelago being the bigger y high of these thanks to Monte Zas.

Call attention to the amount of archaeological finds and by the crowd of Wonderful beaches of fine white sand that intermingle with the mountainous fields y fertile total harmony.

Is one of the perfect Greek islands If you have a vacation of sun, rest and beach, whether you are going with your family or as a couple, you should not just visit Santorini o Mykonos! Essential will be the walks and dinners through the port of the island, as well as getting lost among the alleys of the capital of the island of Naxos.

If you are fans of the Greek mythology, and according to some legends, Naxos is the place where Theseus made a stop after have killed the Minotaur.

There are public buses to tour the whole island of Naxos, but to be able to take full advantage of the island is advisable rent a vehicle. We do not recommend motorcycles too much since this island is the largest of all the Cyclades and is too large for a small displacement vehicle.

Naxos is lucky (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) of not receive a lot of tourism despite being an ideal island to go on vacation, and this is because its port is small and large cruise ships cannot dock.

Best places to sleep in Naxos

Do not forget, by the way, that from the 2018 you have to pay tourist tax for sleeping in Greece. The fee varies between 0,5 € and 4 € per day depending on the category of the hotel or accommodation you have chosen to sleep.

The capital of the island, Chora

If you want explore the island during the day and sleep in a place to have a good night, with different options of restaurants and bars, then the best place is undoubtedly the capital of the island, Chora.

There are plenty of bars to try out the excellent dishes of Greek cuisine and bars where you can have a snack and drink something after sunset.

For nightlife, the capital of the island has some small discos but nothing that has to do with neighboring islands such as Mykonos. Naxos is a very quiet island.

Mikri Vigla, the best beach in Naxos

If you are looking for quiet and get away from the crowds, approach any of the small coastal resorts that are born from the numerous beaches of the island.

Our recommendation if you choose this option is to take a look at the beach of Mikri ViglaNow, it's better to choose the best beach on the island to sleep.

The south coast of Mikri Vigla is a fine sand beach which extends over a kilometer. Well protected from the wind, its crystalline blue waters They are ideal for swimming, even for younger children.

The beach, equipped with umbrellas and hammocks, is ideal for all those who want tranquility for your vacation.

Agios Prokopios / Agios Georgios

These two areas are a very good choice to sleep near the capital of Naxos (Chora). It can reach the center of Chora on foot in a few minutes and then there is the great advantage that they find in front of the homonymous beach.

Both areas are ideal for sleeping a few steps from the sea away from the small noise of the city, have breakfast in the bars and restaurants of the beach and take a walk to the center.

Agios Prokopios It has been chosen as the third best beach in Greece and also ranked among the top ten in Europe. It is a huge beach of coarse sand and crystalline waters whose color varies from blue to deep blue and turquoise.

How to get to the island of Naxos by plane

Interestingly, the island of Naxos Island can be arrive by plane since it has own airport, being this quite small and with scarce infrastructure, but it is a scant 1km to the capital, so the taxi or bus transport (or even if you dare to walk) is quite successful.

The airport connects the island with the rest neighboring Cyclades through charter flights and the Olympic Airlines company connects Naxos with Athens, the latter being the most viable alternative since you can travel there from any European origin and once in Athens make a stopover and go to Naxos by plane.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

[search_flights city = ”naxos”]

[search_flights_typical_price from_city = "Madrid”To_city =” naxos ”]

Once at the Naxos airport, to move to your destination you have two options: take a taxi or take the bus line, if you want to know bus schedules you have them in http://www.naxosdestinations.com/naxos-ktel-destinations.html.

How to get to Naxos by boat (ferry)

El sea ​​voyage very recommendable if you don't get dizzy, since it's a incredible experience enjoy the wonderful viewsof the islands around you, from odor and  colors from the sea, as well as from that warm light that makes the Greek islands a magic vision.

The ferry can also be used to make a brief visit to others beautiful islands certainly they will not leave you indifferent to enter into your idyllic destination, especially the route by Santorini.

Normally you will not need to book the ferry tickets in advance but eye if you travel in high season, the number of tourists is high and these months if you have to be attentive with the ferry tickets and book them in advance.

If someone is wondering how the issue of electronic ticket, we will tell you that today only Hellenic Seaways handles the electronic ticket, with the rest of the companies you have to go with the locator that they give you after buying the ticket online to any of their offices to give you the real ticket.

Once in the port of Naxos, to move to your destination you have two options: take a taxi or take the bus line, if you want to know bus schedules you have them in http://www.naxosdestinations.com/naxos-ktel-destinations.html. The port is in the same capital of the island, Chora, so if your accommodation is in this same city, you can even walk.

How can you move around the island of Naxos

Naxos is an island very well connected, Has wide roads so rent a vehicle it happens to be the best option since the beaches and places to visit are quite close to the paved streets. We recommend you rent a car or quad and not a moped, since the island is large and with a small motorcycle it can make you eternal to go from one end of the island to the other.

I personally remember seeing a group of tourists in the temple of Demeter riding a bicycle and with 30 degrees at 4 in the afternoon, and believe me, they sighed to get to some town soon, only they came up with a bike rental to tour the island ...

[search_cars city = ”naxos”]

Naxos by bus

As in many other Greek islands, there are buses that cross the island of Naxos and they connect almost all the tourist points (the trips hardly cost 3 euros), if you want to be up to date with the routes, check out the website of the ktel buses of the island of Naxos: http://www.naxosdestinations.com/naxos-ktel-destinations.html

Anyway, if your intention is get more out of the trip and enjoy all the hidden corners, forget about the buses and rent a vehicle, since buses do not reach all the remote places of the island.

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Naxos

What are the most recommended beaches on the island of Naxos?

This island bigger than others has innumerable hidden coves rocky but also of beaches with big surfaces of fine sand in which let yourself be amazed. The coast more touristy it's the most close to the capital since there are no beaches in this one, but also any corner that offers chiringuitos to savor, well, a Greek custom es get together around these leaving the quiet coves even more lonely.

En Naxos any small path can lead to a magnificent cove that can mean a paradise in which to spend the day. A very good option is to approach a town and rent one of those small boats that will take us to coves that can only be reached by sea showing us a real treasure. We go with a list of the most remarkable beaches to visit on the island of Naxos.

Agios Georgios

Naxos - Agios Georgios Beach
Naxos - Agios Georgios Beach
(c) Can Stock Photo / saiko3p

It is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic beaches to enjoy as a family, but it can almost never be found empty given the close situation to the capital and the amount of services and leisure which has: bars, restaurants, umbrellas, hammocks, etc ...

It is the closest beach to the capital of the island since it is located only half a kilometer away from the city. With a length of one kilometer, fine white sand and calm waters and with very shallow depth it is one of the beaches chosen by families, children and people with little ability to swim.

It also has a water sports club At the end of the beach where you can rent all kinds of elements and enjoy a varied leisure offer. The beach It has its own small parking lot but it is normal that it is full almost early in the morning, it is better to leave the car around and approach the beach on foot.

Agios Prokopios

Naxos - Agios Prokopios Beach
Naxos - Agios Prokopios Beach
(c) Can Stock Photo / photostella

Agios Prokopios, located at 5 km from the capital of the islandIt is a beach quiet which is considered one of the  the best  of the island.

It is a beach that shelters almost 1km of sand and crystal clear turquoise waters where to north of this one offers a most rocky and beautiful environment for the eyes.

As with other tourist beaches, you will find all kinds of bars and restaurants, and sun loungers and parasolsfor whoever wants them.

If you are going to go to the beach, keep in mind that, especially in July and August, it is especially complicated parkingIn fact, it is very complicated, so most people try to go in public transport.


Naxos - Plaka Beach
Naxos - Plaka Beach
(c) Can Stock Photo / nicousnake

South of Agios Prokopios is the beach of Plaka, distinguishable by its sand whiter and by the water more clean and crystalline. It is usually used by Nudists but It is not strict, so both styles are complement.

Located to 9 km from the city of Naxos, it has 4 kilometers of fine white sand and the usual transparent waters.

You will find there all kinds of bars, restaurants and, of course, Hammocks y umbrellas where to give you a good rest since it is not as crowded as the two beaches mentioned above.

We have not mentioned before, between Agios Prokopios and Plaka is the beach of Agia Anna, since it is a beach smaller with numerous rocks, although it is usually also very touristy.

Mikri Vigla

Naxos - Beach of Mikri Vigla
Naxos - Mikri Vigla Beach
(c) Can Stock Photo / photostella

Located in the part south western of Naxos is located the most beautiful beach of the whole island Mikri Vigla. Bill water beautify with the passage of the hours given contrasts of amazing lights.

The beach has a earth boulder that enter at sea isolating it from the neighboring beaches making this one a lot more relaxing and creating a wonderful and spectacular landscape very distinctive.

You will find this beach located 11 km from the capital of the island, with two kilometers of extension is the beach perfect for all types of tourism.

They come from families to surfers because it is usually windy. As it happens in all the tourist beaches of the island, there are all kinds of facilities on the beach: bars, restaurants, umbrellas, hammocks ...


Naxos - Orkos Beach
Naxos - Orkos Beach (c) Can Stock Photo / Pinkcandy

Pay attention that we are facing one of the great jewels of the island of Naxos as far as beaches are concerned.

700 meters of beach where you are not going to find almost any type of installation (there is a bar outside the beach) and where the sea divides the beach into different “mini beaches” making them each a kind of private beaches full of small caves.

The  Orkos, well known among surfers who visit the island, is located between Plaka and Mikri Vigla, 11 km from the capital of the island of Naxos.

You can reach it by road without problems, but if you are already in Plaka or in Mikri Vigla, you can walk to Orkos no problem.


Moutsouna is one of the most wonderful areas of the island and incredibly least visited

It is located in the part eastern from the island next to the port of Aperanthos island.

Go ahead that the road is complicated curves cliffs without vegetation, fact that gives the beach a very characteristic look perfect to disconnect completely.

Other beaches on the island of Naxos

If you are looking for something quiet the ideal beach is Kastraki, optionally nudist and located at the end of Mikri Vigla with numerous hidden coves, as como también Alyko, another of the beaches less touristy and more beautiful located southwest preciously asalvajada y Glyfada, which is between these two previous ones.

As well as the famous area of ​​Abram Bay o Apollo with the shocking statue of Kouros.

As you can deduce, every corner from this island it is different from the contiguous so worth visiting a little of each site to try and immerse yourself in the precious composition from the magnificent island of Naxos.



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