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Guide to the city of New Orleans (USA)

New Orleans it is the city bigger Of the state of Louisiana, in addition to the main port of Mississippi River.

New Orleans it's a city with a great culture diversity and great Latin, Spanish and French influence. New Orleans It is very well known, also for having great musical and gastronomic events.

New Orleans It is a very good destination for all those who love jazz, since it has a great movement of this musical style.

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How can I get to the city of New Orleans?


For those of you who plan to visit this beautiful city, New Orleans, a good option to get from Europe It's traveling by plane. New Orleans It has the largest airport in the state of Louisiana he "Louis Armstrong International Airport"Located at 10 miles (17km) from the center of the city.

To get there from the airport there are a lot of options: From the taxis, this service is around 49 $, like the bus service, with a cost of 2 $ with the company Jefferson Transit.

The airport has a shuttle service It connects with the main hotels of the city and financial zone with a cost of $ 38 dollars round trip. It also has a service shuttle between the airport and the north coast offered by the company Northshore Airport Express.

The company Tiger Airport Shuttle has a minibus service from and to Baton Rouge. There is also a limousine service in the baggage reclaim area (rates from $ 58 dollars for 1 or 2 passengers). There are car rental counters of the most recognized companies in the lower level of the terminal building.

How to move around New Orleans?

New Orleans It is a big city but very well connected, it has many services of public transportation, in addition to a great offer of taxis.

So there is no problem when it comes to traveling since they have several options available, and the bus it's a good way to do it, with a cost of 2 $ the trip. A good idea to guarantee full freedom of mobility for the city, is to consider the rent a car.

El trolley car it's an easy way to get around and a very good system to do  . It gives you some good views of the city, is a system a little slower than the bus system.

El bicycle rental It is very typical for tourism. It gives you good views of the city without limitations in relation to parking, it is not as expensive as car rental.

What to do in New Orleans?

St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
(c) Can Stock Photo / SeanPavonePhoto

Once in the city and when they have settled, most likely they want to visit and get to know her a little more. Now let's explain a little the tourist attractions that are currently available to enjoy this Wonderful city:

Bourbon Street - It is the best-known street in French Quarter, offers a variety of sounds, smells. It is especially advisable to visit the weekends. There is everything, in this street you can find from music clubs, restaurants and jazz clubsBourbon Street It is pedestrian every night.

The French Market - Its near to "Cafe Du Monde", A cafeteria that can not be missed. The French market It is an open-air market with food establishments and street vendors, offering merchandise related to New Orleans, a perfect place to buy typical souvenirs of the city. In this area, you can find the smuch cheaper ouvenirs than in the shops of the city. There's also jewelery, photography and craft items for sale. 

Preservation hall - Is the jazz club more known New Orleans, is located in a small local French Quarter, in the726 on St Peter Street. The local orchestra plays late. The visitors listen to the music standing in the hall, it is a very good experience for the jazz lovers. In this place they do not serve alcoholic beverages.

The tramway of St. Charles Street - The history of these vehicles can be traced back to the first decades of twentieth century and the city keeps them in their original state. Trams are an easy way to get around French Quarter al Garden District. The round trip can take an hour and a half, but it is one of the best ways to see the mansions of the Garden District.

The Cemetery of St. Louis - Interestingly it is the headquarters of the tomb of the Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, the second most visited grave in the United States, with which, it turns out to be a great tourist attraction. The San Luis Cemetery also houses some impressive mausoleums and sculptures, some of them infamous for serving as the setting for scenes from the seventies film Easy Rider.

Audubon Aquarium of the Américh - This aquarium is located in front of Mississippi River. It's the aquarium with the most extensive and varied collection of sharks, in the U.S. The aquarium also offers interactive exhibits with tropical birds, turtles and a butterfly garden.

Garden district - In this residential area are examples of traditional southern mansions, some owned by celebrities such as the writer Ann Rice, actors such as Sandra Bullock and Nicholas Cage, and sports figures such as Archie Manning, father of football stars American Peyton and Eli Manning.

Nueva Orleands has a very varied gastronomy, if you are a more or less curious person, at lunchtime, we recommend you try the traditional food of the area, the famous southern food, based on many dishes, beyond what is officially known as, meat, seafood and the rice.

We recommend dishes such as:

Gumbo: The Gumbo is made mainly of broth and rice, with various added ingredients (prawns, crab, chicken ...), it is a kind of very dense stew.

Fried Green Tomatoes: It's a movie, yes, but it's also a typical Louisiana dish. Sliced ​​tomatoes coated in flour and passed through the paella.

Beignets: The Beignets is the typical sweet of New Orleans, especially from the Café du Monde. Flavored like a donut or donut, but rectangular in shape and full of "glacé" sugar, delicious, not to be missed.

Po-Boys: Are the sandwiches, usually large, of any kind (meat or seafood) inside. It costs 10-15 $ and can be found in any bar or restaurant.

Nueva Orleands has a great variety of cuisines, French, Latin and Spanish.

Where can you stay in New Orleans?

If you want to stay in the central business district, you should keep in mind that prices range from $ 440-160 per night. It is a very well located district with great ease, both for arrival from the airport and for internal mobility in the city, near the Mississippi River. The outstanding hotels in this area are: The JW Marriott New Orleans, 5-star Hotel, Comfort Inn & Suites Downtown New Orleans, among many others.

The Arts- Warehouse District is the artistic neighborhood, very well located and close to the French Quarter. With a great cultural movement both in relation to the music scene, as in all other artistic levels. It is a very well connected area equipped with everything necessary. Hotel prices are around 230-82 $ per night. The hotels featured in this area are: The Hotel Modern New Orleans Three stars, Residence Inn New Orleans Downtown Three stars, among many other hotels in the district.

The Garden district is the most exclusive area of ​​the city, starting from this, also the most expensive area of ​​New Orleans, endowed with all kinds of luxuries. Prices are around $ 480-200 per night. Hotels in this area include: Maison St. Charles Quality Inn & Suites, Hotel Indigo NEW ORLEANS GARDEN DISTRICT, Royal Sonesta Hotel, among other hotels in this exclusive area.

Renting an apartment can be a much cheaper option, if you intend to spend more time in the city of New Orleans, the apartments are around $ 1200-530 per month. It really is an idea to consider if you intend to spend a longer season, or in the case of going with family or friends.

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