My 3 favorite hotels in New York (best value for money)


Visit New York once in a lifetime

New York accommodation has a very special flavor. I knew it well when, on my second trip to the Big Apple, I was able to rediscover three hotel jewels located in its historic heart. Although none of them can compete with the opulence of the Hilton Midtown, the Trump Soho or the Plaza, inveterate travelers prefer to sacrifice stars to enjoy a best quality / price ratio.

Although the demand is very wide, if I had to opt for three options, I don't doubt what the hotels to stay in New York. And it is that one does not truly know this metropolis until one relaxes in the spa of the Hotel Marrakech, enjoys an outdoor bath in the pool of the Manhattan Travel Inn or wakes up in the Hotel Deauville wrapped in an ocean of emblematic skyscrapers.

For the first-time visitor, New York is an explosion of excitement, experience, and discovery. More than 50 thousand tourists from all corners visit it every year. A traveler can question many things but not his itinerary: visit the Empire State, do a little 'shopping' in Times Square, climb the 354 steps to the Crown of the Statue of Liberty, etc. However, accommodation is always a mystery, one that only a few plan and even less successfully.

In each of my visits I have encountered travelers unable to get a reservation with good value for money. Although I have the experience of many trips on my back, I feel that there is no need to be a Phileas Fogg to recognize the first one with the three 'B' (good, beautiful and cheap), and the Hotel Deauville is undoubtedly one of they.

I always book through, reliable, safe and with a great customer service.

The Deauville Hotel

Exterior of the Deuville Hotel in New York
Exterior of the Deuville Hotel in New York

The New York epicenter treasures buildings as recognizable as that of the Deauville. East boutique, of unmistakable classicist facade, falls in love with the visitor from the first moment, with a very friendly customer service, reception open the 24 hours and 54 impeccable rooms, where we will not miss any whim (air conditioning, private bathrooms, cable TV, etc.). The price of your reservation is around 190-200 euros.

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One of the attractions that I appreciate most about this accommodation is the neighborhood in which it is located, the Kips Bay, a haven of peace a few miles from Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building and other icons of steel and glass. For all the above, the Deauville is among the hotels more recommended where to stay in New York. Of course, much more than a place to unpack your luggage and sleep the dream of the righteous. The same could be said of Marrakech.

The Marrakech Hotel

Rooms of the Hotel Marrakech in New York
Rooms of the Hotel Marrakech in New York

It must have been during the summer of 2011 when I had the opportunity to stay in Marrakech, a five-story hotel beautifully decorated with arabesque motifs and forms. The antiquity of the building contrasts with the modernity of its equipment and rooms, destined exclusively for the tourist public. It has its own spa, the Kazbar lounge and other spaces, ideal for enjoying cocktails and making interesting friendships. Although the cost of its rooms is around 200 euros, bargains can be found from 163 euros.

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You will locate the Hotel Marrakech in the western part of Manhattan, specifically in the Upper West Side neighborhood, one of the most charming corners of this metropolis. Its surroundings are home to Columbia University or Central Park. If you decide to take a tour, follow my advice and drop by the call River side park, between 72nd Street and 129th Street, where films such as Vanilla Sky, The Warriors o You have an email.

If you are not an advanced English speaker, you should not be alarmed: your receptionists will receive you in Spanish if you wish, which personally does not surprise me at all. Almost 40% of the New York population is foreign and in its streets you can hear up to 170 different languages, which is why New York It is considered a modern 'Tower of Babel'. But when I thought I saw it all, the rooms at the Manhattan Travel Inn crossed my path.

The Manhattan Travel Inn Hotel

Hotel Manhattan Travel Inn, New York
Hotel Manhattan Travel Inn, New York

In hotels, as in life, there are unexpected surprises, and for me the hotel Manhattan Travel Inn It was definitely one of them. East boutique Located in the heart of Midtown West, it perfectly combines a unique environment and environments with spacious rooms, where there is a certain exclusivity.

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However, the strength of this accommodation is not its equipment (varied furniture, cable television, video game consoles, etc.) but the extra services that can be hired at reception, such as guided excursions or tickets to the main theaters of This metropolis. New York prides itself on its performing arts, so you should not underestimate this service. If you accept advice, request a reservation for the latest Brodway musical. You will not be disappointed!

As if that were not enough, at the Manhattan Travel Inn we will not miss a gym where to tone up or a outdoor pool where to relax at the end of the long and random day. Its location is also ideal. Just a few minutes away we have the Times Square, the elegant Chrysler Building or the Rockefeller Center, whose huge skating rink you can enjoy if you travel between October and April. In addition, its price is super economical, ranging between 165 and 180 euros!


They say that New York It is the most cosmopolitan destination in the world, and travelers who have had the opportunity to explore it attest to that. During the months of autumnIn addition, its beauty and color have nothing to envy to other major metropolises, so do not hesitate to reserve a place at the Deauville Hotel, the Marrakech Hotel or the Manhattan Travel Inn.

Saving a fortune in accommodation is the best way to extend our trip and enjoy a more complete experience, especially in the case of the Big Apple, which treasures more than 380 points of interest according to Brodivisor. To visit them all you would need more than one life: to take an unforgettable memory, just the perfect accommodation.

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