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New York City Guide in the United States

New York, or New York as many say, is a great city with many possibilities. This makes good travel preparation and a good city guide to help you enjoy your vacation.

New York has become in recent years and on its own merits in the most important economic and cultural capital in the world. New York offers an atmosphere and a unique lifestyle that we can not tell you, you have to live it and enjoy it.

Attend a musical on Broadway, spend a night in Times Square, walk up and down the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoy an afternoon of shopping on Fifth Avenue or feel like a broker on Wall Street, are some of the things that can only be done in New York.

During the last years the number of Spanish tourists who have visited New York has increased surprisingly. The price of flights and the value of the dollar have been decisive factors for New York to surpass as a tourist destination other places that are closer and historically more visited.

Best areas to stay in New York

To make the most of your stay, in this section we offer you a small guide with the best areas to stay in New York: the most tourist, the safest, from which it is easy reach any point in the city, walk on foot or eat and buy without problems, a few meters from your hotel.

The financial district

The Financial District, where Wall Street is located, is located at the southern tip of Manhattan. It is a very lively neighborhood during the day but it is quite empty at night since it is an area almost exclusively dedicated to business.

It is a good option for stay in New York If you travel for business or you are looking for a really quiet area at night.

This area also has some of the New York's best subway connections, making moving to other areas and attractions an easy task.

The Financial District is a recognized international center of finance and justice that has abundant attractions and points of interest. In addition to many skyscrapers, you will find the world famous NYSE, Trinity Church and Federal Hall.

Midtown, the heart of the city

Without a doubt, this is the area to stay in New Yorkyou are in demand both for business trips and for tourists, as its name indicates, it is the center of the city.

The Midtown hotels are in demand and that is why their prices are much more expensive than the rest of the city. Especially expensive are those on the east side where some of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in New York are located.

Because it is very advisable this area? Because you can return to the hotel on foot, without going through dangerous areas and because you can save a lot of money on transportation being so well located.

Midtown is home to must-see attractions like Broadway and its musical theaters, Times Square and its giant advertising screens, the famous skyscraper Empire State Building, the viewpoint of Top of the Rock or the famous 5th Avenue of New York and its legendary stores.

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side has a special charm. With a unique architecture, restaurants, shops, museums, parks and even opera, this neighborhood offers something for everyone.

Although it may seem far away seeing the map, the area is perfectly connected by metro and bus, being feasible to get to Times Square in less than 15 minutes.

It is in this area where you will find tourist attractions such as Central Park itself, the Lincoln Center or the spectacular Natural History Museum. Their Hotels are more spacious, comfortable, and cheaper than those in Midtown.

Staying in the Upper West Side is a New York romantic experience and an essential part of any visit to the Big Apple.

Lower East Side

This is one of the best areas to stay in Downtown Manhattan, close to everything, but relatively quiet. In its surroundings we can find the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Little Italy, the Brooklyn Bridge or Wall Street among others.

Lower East Side is a iconic New York City neighborhood, home of the great wave of immigrants that New York received in the XNUMXth century. It's one of the older neighborhoods from New York and extends from Chinatown to the East River.

This areas is excellent to experience the life of new york neighborhood, offers very good restaurants and a nightlife very lively. The area has many design hotels but there is also some other possibility more affordable than what Soho offers.

If you would like to stay in New York and feel in a local environment, this could be your place. Also here and in your neighbor (the East Village neighborhood) is where some of the most popular nightclubs among New Yorkers.

Times Square

The area around Times Square is a great option where to stay in New York since you will be close to one of the most famous sites in the city. It is a very lively area full of restaurants, shops and theaters. Of course, you should also know what is the area with more agglomeration of hotels and tourists, loud and frantic.

For us there is no doubt, Times Square is the best area to sleep in New York. Other really attractive areas are Central Park or the streets near the Empire State Building, although they are quieter and do not have that 24-hour atmosphere.

Remember that the Manhattan's most visited site. This square, also known as "The Crossroads of the World", has dozens of LED screens and is full of curious characters. It is the site of the city where more selfies are taken and a must see for any tourist.

Anyway, do not get obsessed with this area. Times Square It is one of the most tourist areas and for this reason all the hotels that are located nearby they are usually expensive or with bad value for money.

How to get to New York City by plane

New York has 3 airports: JFK, La Guardia and Newark. JFK (John F. Kennedy) is the main airport of the city, is located at 25 km southeast of Manhattan and has nine terminals to accommodate some 50 million annual passengers.

The airport Newark, located 25 km southwest of Manhattan, has a movement of 30 million passengers a year, very similar to JFK, and is the second largest in the city. Have 3 terminals connected to each other through the Air Train. This train is price quotation and passes every 3 minutes during the day or every 15 minutes from midnight.

The arrival in New York can also be made through the airport The guard that, located in the Queens neighborhood just 12km from Manhattan, makes it the closest airport to the Big Apple. This airport, mainly used for domestic flights Within the country, it has 4 terminals interconnected with each other through a bus service Services.

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How to get around from New York airports


From the JFK

Air Train and Metro: The 9 terminals of the airport are interconnected free of charge with each other through the so-called Air Train, it passes regularly and also connects the airport with the subway and train network to reach Manhattan. The cheapest way to get to the center is to use this service. We can get on the Air Train to Howard Beach (line A) or SutphinBlvd. (lines E, J, Z), once there we will take the subway that will leave us in Manhattan.

From La Guardia

Bus: it is the most economical option and in approximately half an hour We will arrive in Manhattan. The service is available from 5 am to 1 am and at the official website we can see the maps of the route that the line M60, which is a line that brings us closer, from any of the 4 terminals of the airport, to the Columbia University bus stop (between Broadway and 116th Street). From here you can take metro lines 1, 2, 3, A, B and C to reach our final destination.

From Newark

Air Train and Train: This is the cheapest option to get to Manhattan. We must take the Air Train, in any of the terminals where we are, to the train station Newark Liberty International. Once at the station we can take the train NJ Transit or the Antrak, these trains will take us to PennStation in Manhattan. PennStation is one of the best communicated places in the city and, once there, we must either take the bus or the subway to our destination.

New York Districts

For many, New York is synonymous with parks, museums and Manhattan skyscraper. But the truth is that New York is made up of five districts, known as New York boroughs, which could go through independent cities, and Manhattan is just one of them.


El most important and known district New York is Manhattan, even many people believe that New York and Manhattan are synonyms. Manhattan is an island 21 kilometers long and 3,7 kilometers wide limited by the Hudson (west), East (east), and Harlem (north) rivers.

Manhattan New York
Manhattan New York

These are the different parts that make up Manhattan:

Washington Heights: Its name comes from Fort Washington, an 220th-century fortress that served to protect itself from attacks by British forces. This part goes from XNUMXth Street to Harlem, north of the island.

Harlem: its most important street is 125, where the famous Apollo Theater is located. This area begins where Upper Manhattan ends and ends at 155th Street.

Upper Manhattan: In its western part, in the area that rises higher, is the University of Colombia and the Cathedral of San Juan el Divino. It can be said that it is the highest part of Manhattan, it begins in Central Park and ends at 96th street.

Midtown Manhattan: It is the southern end of Central Park, it extends from 14th to 59th Street. The most important thing about this area are its skyscrapers, which start at 33rd Street, and where the Empire State Building is located, which is the most famous.

Lower Manhattan: It is the point where New York originated, it is the southernmost part of the island. In it is the financial district and the government bodies. This area covers from the south of the island to 14th Street.


City independent up to 1898, Today Brooklyn is the most populous of the five municipalities that make up New York and the second in extension. It has more than two and a half million inhabitants and 183 square kilometers.

Brooklyn New York
Brooklyn New York

Due to its rapid industrialization and the dizzying increase of inhabitants, which placed it as the third most populous city in the US during most of the nineteenth century, the original city of Brooklyn by the end of the century it absorbed the towns of New Lots, Flatbush, Gravesend, New Utrecht and Flatlands.

Part of the biggest attractions of the city you should see are the Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway), the Astroland Amusement Park (1000 Surf Avenue), the New York Transit Museum (130 Livingston Street), the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (900 Washington Avenue), the Green-Wood Cemetery (500 25th Street), the Grecian Shelter (Prospect Park), the Holy Trinity Church (157 Montague Street), the Kol Israel Synagogue(603 Saint John's Place), the Old Fist Reformed Church (729 Carroll Street), the Saitta House (1135 84th Street) and the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (228 North 12th Street).

As for transportation, 18 lines of metro and numerous Bus they go through BrooklynThere are several highways and roads that surround the districtsuch as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, the Gowanus Expressway, the Prospect Expressway, the Belt Parkway, and the Jackie Robinson Parkway. Through the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges it connects with Manhattan.


The Bronx is one of the five districts that make up New York City. Crucible of cultures, nationalities and languages, it was a synonym for poverty and crime during the last quarter of the twentieth century, leading many of its neighbors to leave their old homes in search of less dangerous areas.

Bronx New York
Bronx New York

Nowadays 1.400.000 is the people who live in the Bronx, most of them of Hispanic and African-American origin (53,5% and 30,1% respectively). The main spoken language is Spanish, with an 45,2%.

Due to its particular geographical situation (it is the only one of the five districts that is on the mainland and not on an island), The Bronx is connected to the other boroughs and the rest of New York State by numerous bridges (Brooklyn, Spuyten Duyvil, Henry Hudson), motorways (Bronx River Parkway, Bruckner Expressway, Huchtinson River Parkway) and tunnels. On the other hand, lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 6X, B and D of the metro have 70 stations in different parts of the area.

A tip for all those who finally decide to stop in the Bronx is to try avoid, as far as possible, the South, the poorest and, in many cases, conflictive despite the efforts being made to regenerate it.


Queens is, with 283 square kilometers, the largest district unlike the five that make up New York City. Due to the diversity of nationalities that reside here, it is considered the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world.

Queens New York
Queens New York

Some of the sites that it is interesting to visit if we go through Queens are the First Reformed Church (153 Jamaica Avenue), the Citi Field (126th Street with Roosevelt Avenue), the Noguchi Museum (32-37 Vernon Boulevard), the New York Hall of Science (47-01 111th Street), the Queens Botanical Garden (43-50 Main Street), the Queens Museum of Art (Flushing Meadows Corona Park) and the Flushing Town Hall (137-35 Northern Boulevard).

Regarding mobility in the area, there are twelve lines (A, E, F, G, J, M, N, Q, R, Z, 7, 7X) that serve their service through 81 stations. As for the bus, about 100 different routes operate within Queens and 15 make their way between Queens and Manhattan. There are several bridges that connect Queens with the adjacent municipalities, such as the Bronx Whitestone Bridgeplatforms, Throgs Neck Bridgeplatforms, Robert F. Kennedy Bridgeplatforms, Queens Midtown Bridge or  Roosevelt Island Bridge.

In conclusion, one could say that, above its monuments and buildings, the great claim of Queens is power stroll through its streets and observe the exotic mix of races, cultures, languages ​​and lifestylesthat occurs there.

Staten Island

Staten Island, known as Richmond to 1975, is the most geographically independent New York district speaking: the only occupies an island of 151 square kilometers and is the one is further from Manhattan.

Staten Island New York
Staten Island New York

The most prominent enclaves of Staten Island are the Staten Island Zoo (614 Broadway), the Historical richmond town (441 Clarke Avenue), the Staten Island Botanical Garden (1000 Richmond Terrace), the Staten island museum (75 Stuyvesant Place), the Sailors Snug Harbor (914-1000 Richmond Terrace), the Conference House Museum (7455 Hylan Boulevard) and the National Lighthouse Museum (11 Lighthouse Plaza).

La faster and cheaper way to move between Staten Island and Manhattan is the free ferry, whose journey takes less than half an hour and allows you to see the Statue of Liberty in all its splendor.

If we prefer transport by land, We have the possibility of taking a bus that will take us to Brooklyn Or until Manhattan, both passing through the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, according to the plan we have for the day.

This part of New York, if not for reasons of force majeure, It is not the most recommended tourist, since it is the one that worse communicated is with respect to the rest of the city and does not have essential places that are a must visit.

The boroughs of New York

Each borough coincides with a New York County: Manhattan coincides with New York County, Brooklyn with Kings, Queens with Queens, Bronx with Bronx and Staten Island with Richmond. Until 1898, when these counties joined, the city of New York was formed solely by Manhattan.

How can you move around New York City


By subway

Used to other more modern subway lines, the New York subway accuses the years a little. Its stations are old and small for the large number of people who use them daily, so they are a bit overwhelming. Because of this, cleaning leaves something to be desired and we can even see some rat in the corridors or platforms.

The New York subway consists of 24 lines and their names can be both numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7) and letters (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J, L, M, N , Q, R, S, Z). MTA is the official municipal transport company, on its website (https://new.mta.info/) you can see all the information related to service, incidents,lines,plans and a lot of information.

The functioning of the metro network is interrupted, the 24 hours of the day like buses, although at night they are not all open stations nor will we find workers to whom to consult any doubt.

We also have to know that there are two types of trains, normals and "Express". As with buses "Limited", the trains "Express" they do not make stops in all the stations, so if we want to travel a great distance quickly, it is the best option.

By bus

The bus service in New York is divided into 5 zones, each of these zones belongs to the districts that make up the city. The areas in which it serves are: Manhattan (M), Brooklyn (B), Queens (Q), Bronx (Bx) and Staten Island (S).

The name of the bus lines is formed by the name of the area in which it serves plus the number of the line. Thus, for example, line M60 is line 60 that runs through Manhattan (M) and line B52 is line 52 that runs through an area of ​​Brooklyn (B).

One of the peculiarities that we must take into account is that, as in the subway with the “express” trains,not all buses stop at all stops. It's about buses "Limited" which, thanks to not having so many stops, can reach the destination in a quite faster than normal buses, which do all the stops.

The New York bus service, like the subway, works 24 hours a day interrupted. A peculiarity that we surely appreciate is that between 10 pm and 5 am we can tell the driver to stop at the site that we request, obviously within the route, without having to stop right at the stop.

Transportation cards and subscriptions


New York Pass

The New York Pass card offers us the possibility of having access to many of the city's tourist attractions at a tighter price. Simply showing our card we already have free access to more than 70 attractions available. The use of the card has a limited time since we use it the first day and, once the period we have purchased has ended, it will no longer be valid.

Another great advantage is that it will not be necessary to make endless queues in the different attractions. The method is simple, we must look for a sign indicating “New York Pass” and enter there, showing our card at the entrance.

A detail to keep in mind is that if the pass for one day we start using it, for example, Monday at 5 pm, its validity will not be until Tuesday at 5 pm, but until the end of Monday, so what shall we of be careful not to take us then a surprise. Also, we must know that with this card We can only visit each attraction once.

A complementary service called Hop-on Hop-off allows us to combine the New York Pass card with the routes on these buses, where you can go up and down as many times as you want and thus save a negligible amount of money in travel.

Metrocard card


This card is essential if we want to travel by subway and highly recommended if we do it by bus. Cash payment is not allowed on the subway and currency payment is only allowed on the busIn addition we can only make up to 1 transfer for another bus. On the other hand, with the MetroCard we can make all the necessary transfers both by subway and by bus for a period of two hours.
There are several types of MetroCard that can be purchased but we are mainly interested in two types: Pay-Per-Ride Card or the Unlimited Ride MetroCard.


  • Pay-Per-Ride, it is a prepaid card that we have to recharge to be able to use later in the bus and metro network.




  • With the Unlimited Ride MetroCard we have all the trips we need, unlimited, during the period of time that we have previously purchased. We can choose between several types of Unlimited Ride Metro Card, but the most interesting are the 7-Day Unlimited Pass with a duration of 7 days and the 30-Day UnlimitedRideMetroCard, of 30 days duration.



The best you can see during your stay in New York

Discover The 5 places you can not miss when traveling to New York including the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, among others.

Essential activities to do in New York

In New York there is always something to do. It combines its many attractions, museums and art galleries with its many activities. These are some of the most popular things to do in New York.

Helicopter ride

New York Helicopter Tour

Strolling through the main avenues of New York and having the feeling of being small ants next to its imposing skyscrapers is an unforgettable experience, but it is much more be able to fly over the most famous monuments of the city from a helicopter, being able, in some moments, to almost touch the buildings.

All itineraries, from the most affordable to the most expensive, pass through the key points of the city, that is, la Statue of LibertyWall Street and the hudson river. The estimated average travel time is, according to the choice, between 12 and 25 minutes.

There is a possibility, if you travel to New York as a couple, to hire the service for two, which consists of a 20-minute ride that passes through Central Park, the financial district, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the new Freedom Tower and the United Nations headquarters.

It is very important to keep in mind that flights at the end of the day are relatively scarce and that it is a very requested service by tourists, so it is highly recommended book the tour well in advance.

Gospel Mass

Misa Gospel New York
Misa Gospel New York
(c) Can Stock Photo / Anke

Surely we have all seen movies in the well-known gospel masses, ceremonies in which all members of the community sing together to praise God with very characteristic and catchy rhythms while dancing to the music, creating a true spectacle worthy of admiration.

In New York they are numerous churches in which gospel is sung every Sunday, being in general open to tourists. The majority they are located in Harlem, the quintessential African-American neighborhood, located north of the island of Manhattan. Many of these congregations they have their own web, so we can check schedules and locations on their websites.

Some of the best known are the Abyssinian Baptist ChurchAntioch Baptist ChurchLagree Baptist Church as well as the First Corinthian Baptist Church. Normally in all Mass at the 11: 00, but it is always better to check it on the church's own page to avoid surprises. Something very important is arrive early enough, since often the temples are filled due to the great influx of tourism.

Although Masses with music are celebrated on Sunday, there are some churches where he is officiated on Wednesday afternoons, as is the case of the aforementioned Antioch Baptist Churchplatforms, Greater Refuge Temple as well as the Bethel Gospel Assembly.

Boat tour

Cruise Ship Cruise New York
Cruise Ship Cruise New York

Before or after, all those who travel to New York end up doing the mythical walk on the Hudson RiverEither to visit the Statue of Liberty or, according to taste, to do the complete tour around the island of Manhattan.

If yours are not ships and you do not have much time, There is a free ferry that offers the possibility of getting to Staten Island The Staten Island Ferry, which is the name of the ship that will ride us without paying anything, in addition to getting us to the island, it will give us the possibility to contemplate from the water the skyline of the big city, the Statue of Liberty o Ellis Island

For those who have more time, from the 83 dock the boats of the company Circle Line 42 leave. They have several modalities: from the 75 minute walk by Liberty Island, Ellis Island and the World Financial Center, until the of 3 hours which completely surrounds Manhattan, thus being able to have views of the entire city from the river.

Another possibility, for lovers or simply for those who wish to take a break after an exhausting day, is to make the trip at night, thus being able to contemplate the illuminated skyscrapers of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty in all its splendor.

Musical on Broadway

Broadway New York
Broadway New York
(c) Can Stock Photo / gnicolson

Broadway is known for hosting dozens of theaters in which some of the most famous musicals and plays in history are represented, As is the case The Phantom of the Opera, which has been on the scene for more than twenty years.

Before choosing which musical to go to, we must keep in mind that these They fall into three categories: on-Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway. The first category corresponds to those productions that have a high budget and are presented in the most prestigious theaters (more than 500 locations).

The second and third are for the functions that take place in rooms of Between 500-100 seats y less than 100 seatsrespectively.

Where to buy tickets?

Es advisable to buy tickets online, which will ensure that we can choose what we want to see and where. If it has not been possible to acquire the locations via the Internet, there will always be TKTSTimes Square sales office in which they sell same-day tickets at very low prices.

Of course, do not expect to get one for the great musicals, or for the best sites, in addition to being mandatory a good dose of patience due to the huge queues that can be formed to get one of these tickets.

Central Park

Central Park New York
Central Park New York

With 4km in length and 800 meters in widthCentral Park is the largest park in all of New York and one of the largest in the world. Each year receives around 25 millions of visitors. The park is located located in midtown Manhattan, between 5th and 8th Avenue (also called Central Park West) and 59th (Central Park South) and 110th (Central Park North) streets.

Central Park, despite looking like a large natural park, contains several artificial lakes, rinks on ice and grass areas, which are commonly used to practice sports. If we want to walk through the park, we should know that there are many spaces and corners where we can forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Since valleyslagos  but also spaces for sports or even museums.

The largest valley is called "Great Lawn", located at the height of Metropolitan Art Museum. To the south of the park we can find the Zoo and to the north the Conservatory Garden, which is a botanical garden.

As for the monuments we can also find great variety. Highlights the Belvedere Castle, where a meteorological observatory is currently located until the so-called Strawberry Fields in honor of John Lennon.

If we want to practice some sports we have the call Park Drive, a circuit that surrounds the entire park with a tour of 10 km and in which we can go around the park mounted on a bicycle that we can rent inside.

Other activities no less interesting in New York

There are dozens of activities that can be done in New York, naming them all is impossible, so we leave you with some that may be interesting:


  • Enter the Fifth Avenue shops that are amazing




  • Watch the Highline New York, a new elevated urban park located on some old railroad tracks.




  • Visit the National Public Library.




  • Visit the Central Station and get lost in your busy bustle.




  • Take a tour of the Soho and look for some bargain among their stores.



The best museums in New York

In New York they are some of the most important museums and art galleries in the world. We will select the best among the dozens of museums in the city.


Moma Museum of New York
Moma Museum of New York
(c) Can Stock Photo / ptxgarfield

Cultural jewel and one of the pioneers in its category, the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA it is one of the world mechs of modern art. Account with more than 120.000 works exhibited between paintings, sculptures, photographs, books, drawings, films and architectural designs.

Some of the great pictorial works that can be admired in its walls are The dance (Matisse), Water Lilies (Monet), The starry Night (Van Gogh), The Avignon ladies (Picasso), The dream (Henri Rousseau), Broadway Boogie Woogie (Piet Mondrian), Self Portrait with Short Hair (Frida Kahlo), Cans of Campbell Soup (Andy Wahol) and The Persistence of Memory (Dali).

It is advisable, if time permits, to drink something in any of the two coffee shops with which the MoMA counts (second and fifth plants) or, directly, stop to regain strength in the restaurant of the first floor. It is also advisable to take a walk around the grounds, where diverse sculptures by Picasso, Rodin, Aristide Maillol or Barnett Newman.

You can get to MOMA both metro (The nearest stations are at the intersection of 53rd Street with 7th Avenue, B / D / E lines and 5th Avenue, E / M lines as in bus (lines M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, Q32, X9, X10, X12, X14, X17C, X17J, X30 and X42).


Metropolitan Museum New York
Metropolitan Museum New York

With more than two million works exhibited in its permanent collection, all of them of the highest level, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (known colloquially as the Met) is a must for all those tourists who visit New York and who are lovers of any of the different branches of art.

And this museum has examples of virtually any artistic expression created across the globe: Egyptian art, from the Middle East, from Greece and Roma classical, from Asia, Oceania, Africa; European and American painting, decorative arts; drawings and prints; medieval art; musical instruments and endless more samples related to Art History until completing the nineteen departments in which the museum is organized.

The amount of works exhibited is so great that It is convenient to plan before buying the ticket what galleries and works you want to see, because if you do not run the risk of getting lost and end up walking aimlessly through the extensive corridors.

Another important point to keep in mind is the large library that the museum has and that It has almost 700.000 volumes, the majority devoted to the History of Art and the different auctions and samples of objects that have taken place in the existence of the Metropolitan.

The Met is the second museum, just behind the Louvre, which more visitors receive each year, ahead of other great exponents of culture such as the British Museum, the Prado or the Hermitage.


Guggenheim New York
Guggenheim New York

The first of a long series of museums dedicated to housing works by artists that emerged from the mid-XNUMXth century to the present day, the Solomon R. Guggenheim, or simply Guggenheim, is a landmark in New York City since practically the same day it was inaugurated in 1939.

Yes, the first location of the museum  It was not the groundbreaking building in which the collection is currently housed, but the apartment of Solomon Guggenheim himself, who began collecting in 1929.

It took fifteen years to be able to raise the structure projected by Wright, in the course of which both his patron died (Guggenheim died in 1949) as its creator (Frank Lloyd Wright succumbed only six months before he could inaugurate his work). On October 21, 1959, after years of difficulties, the current Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum began its journey.

Indicate that, the museum tour is done from bottom to top and the different rooms are painted white. Finally, add that the paintings and sculptures are not displayed differently, but forming a total set with the intention of helping the visitor to give free rein to the senses and their creativity.


Intrepid Museum New York
Intrepid Museum New York

Few museums can boast of offering their visitors the opportunity to see inside and in great detail a aircraft carrier of World War II, a submarine capable of launching cruise missiles or one of the mythical supersonic airplanes Concord They still survive.

Well, in the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum from New York it is possible to know this and much more, since in its cover and surroundings they are exposed more than thirty aircraft who once served in the different units of the US army.

This unique tourist attraction (suitable for both military and passionate world fans) is It sits on the west bank of the island of Manhattan, at pier number 86.

Other claims are the virtual simulatorthe graphic recreations of the most famous battles in which the US has participated or to be able to see in first person what day-to-day life was like on board the Intrepid or Growler, the submarine that the museum has.

As a curiosity, to say that it is in the own ship where the main acts are carried out on the occasion of the Fleet Week (Fleet Week), which is normally held at the end of May and in which the members of the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Coastguard Service participate.

Natural History

Natural History Museum New York
Natural History Museum New York

Since its founding in 1869, The Museum of Natural History in New York has enjoyed great prestige that reaches to this day, as well as attests to being the seventh most visited cultural entity in the world and the fourth in the US.

The museum's funds are made up of approximately 35 million pieces, being stored without being able to show a large number of them due to the limitations of space it suffers.

The different collections they stay throughout 45 rooms, each dedicated to a different area: African mammals,  meteorites, Origin of Man, precious gems and minerals, ocean life, recreation of habitats around the world, vertebrate evolutionprimitive and advanced mammalsNorth American mammals, Dinosaursa long etcetera that covers all branches of Biology, Anthropology and Natural History.

The planetarium, built in a glass cube connected to the main building, offers the possibility of contemplating the Earth's geological history since its inceptionphotographs of the arrival on the moon and diverse exhibitions related to the Universe.

In short, we could say that the Natural History Museum It is a highly recommended stop on our trip, whether we go with children or without them. The only advice is, as in every great museum, select the rooms that interest us before starting the visit to avoid saturating ourselves.



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