New York in 3 days: What to visit

Panoramic of New York with the Statue of Liberty
Panoramic of New York with the Statue of Liberty (c) Can Stock Photo

New York is another world. Those who have been able to enjoy this unique and beautiful place, they yearn to repeat the experience. Large cities like this one in the United States always offer a series of great opportunities, both work and leisure. Spend a few days in this place is A luxury, not because of the expense involved, but because of the personal enrichment of having visited one of the most incredible cities in the world. Because the economic crisis or the fact that it is several hours away, impossible that you can enjoy it a good number of days, so we'll highlight what to do in New York for three days so you do not miss the most representative of the city.

How to distribute these days without dying in the attempt?

New York has so much to discover, that it can be overwhelming. Therefore, the most advisable thing is to manage time and highlight each of those days what you want to visit. We will start with the 1 day of the trip once we have landed in New York and unloaded our suitcases. The most advisable is go to one of the most impressive places: the Empire State. To save time and avoid long lines of tourists like us, it is best to have booked tickets in advance. Once we have become engrossed with him, it is a good idea stroll along the famous 5ª avenue to observe to what extent there is luxury.

In it, se They can visit different places. One of them is the Grand Central Terminal, the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral or the Rockefeller Center. It is inevitable to visit them. On the other hand, a touch of culture always comes in handy, so go to MOMA It will be the best idea. Because its exhibition is very large, it is important to plan the visit and see the most interesting and representative. Once we have seen all this, we can rest awhile in the hotel to regain strength and continue with the night in New York, where booking a Broadway musical will be magical.

El second day, after having rested, you can dedicate yourself to visit the green spaces from the city. You can start with a good breakfast and go to Central Park and its MET museum. It is a gigantic park, so it is not surprising that you spend all the morning of this day on it. In the afternoon you can go to another important park: High Line Park, where is the Whitney Museum. Later, you can enjoy some Lincoln Center concert, which will leave those who attend speechless.

El third day, let's dedicate it to visit the well-known Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Buy tickets in advance and go up to the crown to observe some enviable views. A good number of hours will be spent there, so dedicate the entire morning. In the afternoon, after having eaten, you can visit the World Trade Center and the 9 / 11 Memorial. Also, you can climb the One World Trade Center, which is the tallest skyscraper in the city. Finally, you can go to Oculus de Calatrava, the station that connects New Jersey and Manhattan. With this planning, you will get to enjoy an abysmal city in record time, falling in love with it and thinking about the next time you will visit her. Of course, discovering new places.


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