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Guide to the city of Nice (France)

Located in the south of France, near Monaco and bordering Italy, Nice it is the entrance to the paradise of the Blue Coast. In this city there are a series of circumstances that make it special.

The traffic, the beaches that connect with the old town, the large number of museums and art galleries ... offers so many possibilities to visitors that it becomes a mandatory stop.

It is a typical city for luxury holidays, but lately it is becoming the right destination for all budgets.

Do you want to know more about Nice? Delve into the Côte d'Azur and enjoy.

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How to get to the city of Nice in France

In the city of Nice is the third most important airport in France, the Cote d'Azur international airport. More than 60 airlines communicate Nice with other domestic and European airports, including low cost airlines.

El airport is only 15 minutes from the city. You can go by train, bus, taxi or a rental vehicle from the airport itself. Transportation costs around 6 € per person. Well, if you go by taxi be careful with the rates, in France they are very expensive. Better question before loading the luggage.

You can also arrive in ship. The port of Nice is one of the most important, arriving hundreds of passenger ships and also cruises. The train It is also a good option. High-speed trains (TGV) connect well with the most important cities in France. And if you like to drive you can get to Nice with the car, the A8 passes near the city.

And once I get to Nice, what? How do I move?

Urban displacement

Here the problem is solved. Nice is a city that lives on tourism and wants to take care of its visitors. While the roads and urban roads are very crowded, I recommend you use the public transport service. Believe me, even if you have to stick to a schedule, you'll get to the sites sooner.

You have several options. The bus It is the transportation par excellence. Typical tourist. You also have the trolley car, what CONECT Nice from one end to the other. I recommend that you plan well the places you are going to visit so you do not have to go back and forth, you would lose a lot of time on trips. In this city a coherent itinerary is very important or concentrate every day in a neighborhood or area.

What to see and do in Nice

El architectural heritage of Nice is very interesting. You can see buildings from different eras, such as the Palace of the Dukes of Savoy, the Massena Palace or the Palais Lascarais, the latter in the old town. A tour of the entire city should include visiting the most emblematic hotels in Nice, not because of the accommodation itself, but because of the buildings in which they are staying. They are impressive. You already know how to get there and move around. Now what does it play? See things, of course!

Museums are also part of the life of the Nizardos. There are 19 museums and art galleries. You can not miss the Museum of Fine Arts, the Mamac museum (museum of modern and contemporary art) and the Massena museum It contains unique pieces of history and art of the region.

You should also set aside some time to enjoy the gastronomy. Choose well the restaurants where you go to eat, I recommend you choose the most traditional to discover the most typical dishes of Nice. Think you are between France and Italy, near Monaco and open the way to the Alps. The combination is exquisite.

An interesting excursion is visit the city of Monaco. Actually it is not a city, it is a Principality. It is an hour by car and 10 minutes by helicopter. If you dare to visit, keep in mind that Monaco is the city of luxury par excellence.

There is also a place for nature lovers in this luxurious tourist destination. The hills surrounding Nice were dedicated for centuries to military activities, so there was not an iota of vegetation. It is amazing to observe the spectacle that nature offers today, this area is full of gardens and green spaces. To the right of Paillon river You can also enjoy an urban garden dating from 1860. The perfect place to rest between route and route.

Or maybe you prefer the beach ...

The beaches of Nice

This beach is not sand, but stones; but it is beautiful, perfect to enjoy the sea of ​​water so clean and transparent. Being in the heart of the Costa Azul it would be almost a crime not to visit the beach of Nice.

You will understand why it is called the Costa Azul. It is the bluest sea you have ever seen!

The most famous beach avenue is Promenade des Anglais.

Here you can see tourists and nizardos taking long walks on foot, with skates or bicycle. You will enjoy the landscape: on one side the sea, and on the other the city and its hills. Priceless.

Recommended areas to stay

In such a tourist area you can find hotels for all tastes. Classic and modern, simple and luxury, beach and mountain. What are the recommended hotels?

It will depend largely on your pocket. If you can afford it, the Negresco hotel Located on Promenade des Anglais it is without a doubt the best. A luxury, and located right in front of the sea on the best beach of the Costa Azul. But if you want to spend less on hotel and more on fun, the Ibis hotel is more affordable. Do not expect the same luxury, of course, but it's functional, clean and cozy. In the inner zone of the city, the hotel Esatitude it's very good. Modern style and located in a quiet area offers a good rest at unbeatable prices.

If you were looking for excuses not to go to Nice you have run out of arguments. Be it beach or mountain, you like the city or nature, you can find it in Nice. What do you say? You sign up?


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