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The best travel organizers for your suitcases

Is it chaos every time you go on a trip? Do you have a huge suitcase and you need to compartmentalize it so you don't lose things? Here you will find the best suitcase organizers so that traveling is really a pleasure.

Traveling is a pleasure. However, for many, having to prepare the bags it can be a real problem. How can I put everything I want to take here? How do I do it so that I don't have to take out everything every time I want just one thing?

Now you have it easier than ever thanks to the practical travel organizers. Whether you have a large or small suitcase, hard or soft, a bag or a large bag, you will always find your solution.

You will no longer lose your underwear between kilos of clothing and you will no longer have any problem closing your bag before going out. Carry it everything well ordered and put and make sure that when you arrive at your destination everything is still in place.

Do you love going on a trip but hate packing? To solve this problem we show you the accessories that will save you time and space… From now on preparing your luggage will be much easier for you.

Complete 2024 catalog of Organizers for Suitcases

Suitcase organizers, the solution for lack of space

The lack of space in the suitcase is something that all travelers have suffered at some time, and today even more. And it is that, although low-cost airlines have democratized the ability to travel, by proposing affordable prices to the middle classes, then they are increasing the total amount of the bill for each "extra" service they provide, especially that of checking a suitcase .

To avoid this expense, travelers try to put it in their carry-on bag, which can travel in the cabin rather than in the hold. In other words, it does not have to be billed. But sure, sometimes It is difficult to fit everything in a 55x40x20 piece with a maximum weight of 10 kilos.

There are many tricks to achieve this, but we focus on what we consider to be the star: the clothing organizers.

What are suitcase organizers

Suitcase clothing organizers are cases and bags to store belongings that are sold by kits. Each case has dimensions and a capacity, and they are usually rectangular and very flexible to fit perfectly inside the suitcase.

To better understand its functions, we can take the Trèsutopia set as a reference, although all brands have models with similar characteristics. Contains 6 waterproof travel bags in light blue or green: an extra large bag (XL), a large bag (L), a medium bag (M), a small bag (S) for a pair of shoes and a bag for laundry.

They are made, explains the brand, with an environmentally friendly material and Waterproof, nylon, which is very light despite its high density. It will not add bulk or weight to the suitcase.

Its opening is double zipper, for a more efficient closure, and the fabric is resistant to wear and tear. In addition, the mesh design lets see what's inside in a clear way, also helping to ventilate to avoid that the clothes become fat or condense bad odors.

In addition, its design includes a label on the outside with drawings, to know what should be stored in each one Or, at least, what it is designed for: jackets, shirts and pants; t-shirts and shorts; shirts and dresses; socks and belts (accessories).

According to the brand, you can find sets with 6, 7 or 8 luggage cubes, of different colors and with different shapes and sizes. To these sets are added the special cases to store other types of belongings: exclusive bag for bras, shirt folder, waterproof makeup bag, cable organizer and electronic equipment ...

Advantages of using clothes organizers for suitcases

Although some of its own characteristics are already intuited, it is worth evaluating all the advantages of using clothes organizers, so we collect them below:

-Saving space. The main enemy of the lack of space in a suitcase is disorganization, so it must be avoided at all costs. And, for that, the organizers are ally number 1. And it is that they not only help to store clothes correctly, but also adapt to the shape of the suitcase (as clothes do not always do) without taking more space than they would occupy garments or add more weight to the suitcase.

-Time saving. Suitcase clothing organizers save time by helping you find everything quickly. Due to the dimensions of the bag, or even because it is indicated on the outside, it is easy to know where the skirt, pants or shirt you are looking for is, without having to scramble everything. And it is not the same to have to lift several garments, until you find the one you are trying to find, than a pair of nylon cases.

-Saving money. Suitcase organizers invite you to implement the following trick: what does not fit in the cases of your set, is not essential and should not be included. They are designed to fit what is just and necessary, so what is missed will add weight and put you at risk of having to pay more.

In this sense, the set will help to adopt a philosophy: travel with the bare minimum, to gain comfort and learn what is important.

-Help organize. That is its meaning, so it will be the perfect ally for people who tend to rush, are clueless and / or chaotic when undertaking certain tasks. The organizers invite you to take your time, fill them in the right way and take advantage of all the space there is.

-Avoid losses. When you know where everything is, nothing can be lost. Sets avoid "Look where I was!" after a while looking for something, especially the smaller items.

-Prevents wrinkles. If the luggage organizers are the enemies of chaos, they will also be the enemy of wrinkles, that some garments get caught with others because of buttons or other details ... You can avoid leaving with wrinkles, or having to request an ironing service at the hotel, among other things.

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