Organize your winter holidays with time

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It is best to plan your next trip or getaway well in advance, especially if you are one of those who like to have everything under control. But it is also a way to save a lot of money, as well as to be able to find better accommodations, flights and services in general.

Whether you travel within Spain or abroad, the interesting thing is to do it by plane to save time, especially now that we have access to the parking lot to arrive directly in our vehicle to the terminal.

Long stay parking for holiday trips

Nowadays is more and more usual that when we travel we do it by plane, even between provinces within Spain, as it is a safe and very fast means of transport. It allows us to be from one end of Spain to another in a matter of two hours, instead of more than ten hours by car. In addition, its price is increasingly affordable, so it is interesting to book with time, so that it comes out at a better price than with other means of transport.

The question also lies in the fact that not everyone lives in a city with an airport, and when this happens the problem arises of having to move there. It is true that it is becoming easier and bus lines that leave at the same airports are enabled, but there is still much to be an efficient process.

Therefore, in this sense, it is interesting the comfort that our own vehicle gives us, when leaving from home and arriving directly at the airport, without worrying about tickets, schedules, or anything. We should not worry about where to leave our vehicle, since we have access to the airport parking lot to be quiet.

Long-stay parking at airports in Spain can be booked at To have access from anywhere, this is something ideal to organize our entire trip calmly and well in advance. If we already have clear holiday days and destination, it will be convenient to book as soon as possible.

In doing so through the Internet we can reserve our place and choose the one that interests us most, even if the time comes we have some unforeseen, we will always have the option to modify our reservation. Now, it is not necessary to pay at the moment, but we can do it directly at the airport if we feel more comfortable, both on arrival and when picking up the vehicle, depending on the choice.

A parking lot that has everything you need for security

We will be able to travel with peace of mind, knowing that our vehicle will be well protected, with surveillance during 24 hours, every day of the year, in addition to a series of extra services that may also be interesting.

We have this service in different airportsTherefore, we can be calm if we leave from Madrid, Malaga, Santiago or Barcelona. In any case, they also have a cleaning service, so that when we return from our vacation we find our car completely clean, both outside and inside, if we choose.

Then, there is the comfort of not having to worry about getting lost, since we will arrive at the parking lot, and there they have a free bus service to drop us off at the terminal indicated, we can even request that the day we arrive also pick us up and have our vehicle ready at the time we indicate.

Surveillance will be present throughout the time, both through cameras and by qualified personnel in charge of it. We can also request a place in your covered parking if we prefer that our vehicle is not outdoors.

In short, if you are organizing your Christmas holidays, and you do not usually travel by plane because you cannot go with your vehicle, or simply, because you do not have combinations to get to the airport now you will not have to worry. Arrive in your own car, save time and save money, booking in advance to have everything under control.