Palermo - Travel guide of the Italian city: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the city of Palermo in Italy: everything basic and essential.

Teatro Massimo in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Massimo Theater Palermo, Sicilia, Italy
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Palermo It is the capital of the region of Sicily, in Italy. It is very interesting to visit this city, as it offers tourism for all tastes: history, culture and art or nature; old life or modern life; Immerse yourself in Sicilian life or unwind and relax.

You can already write in your Palermo travel calendar, I'm sure it will be next. You want to know why?

How to get to Palermo - Sicilia

Well, the first thing is to arrive. Being the capital of the region in Palermo there is a airport very important international. It is 35 kilometers from the city but it is well connected. It is easy to reach by road - taxi, car rental, etc. - and with public transport - metro and bus.

If you are thinking of a route around Sicily, the Palermo Boccadifalco airport is used for regional flights. Flights are somewhat cheaper, and you have the advantage of getting from one end of Sicily to another in less time. Or you can go in train from other important cities of the island, it is not an expensive transport.

There is also the option to arrive in boat or ferry, depending on where you are from. The civil port is used mainly to carry passengers and there are frequent departures. You have transportation to choose from, there is no excuse for not visiting Palermo even for a day.



Public transport in Palermo

To move in such a big city you need a transport. Public services are very good, so you do not need to rent a car at the airport. There are several lines of metro They will help you a lot, since they connect the city from one end to the other and also go through the center. Or if you prefer, you can use the urban bus.

It's difficult to go around Palermo in one day, but if you've suggested it, use the touristic bus It works the same as in the rest of Italy. Go through all the monuments and places of interest. The philosophy is very good: you pay the ticket once - the price is 20 € - and you can go up and down as many times as you want during the day. You have the option to take a walk and relax while you get a general idea, think about what you would like to see of all the points where it happens, and then return to the bottom to make the visit.

There are two different routes. You can make the two tours as many times as you want and change buses depending on what you want to see. You have unlimited access during the day, which offsets the price.

Activities and places of interest

Cathedral of Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Cathedral of Palermo, Sicily, Italy
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And where will the tourist bus take you? Some interesting points are the central station, the royal palace, the castle della zisa, the Vucciria Market and the cathedral. There are many more, but I will let you discover them for yourself.

Even if you do not go with the tourist bus you should visit the Mercato Vucciria. It is a very representative place of Sicilian life. Here you can find all kinds of items, as well as food and clothing. On Sundays there is a very interesting second-hand market. It is best to interact with the Sicilians. Yes, be careful with your belongings, as everywhere. You already know what happens in the agglomerated areas.

The Piazza Vigliena is known as Quattro Canti (the four corners). Here the two most important avenues of Palermo are crossed: Via Maqueda and Emanuelle. What can be observed is simply wonderful. The facades and statues transport you to the 18th century in all its splendor. Other monuments to visit are the Porta Nuova, the palace of the Normans or the pretoria plaza which houses different very interesting old buildings.

El Botanical Garden Palermo is also another tourist and architectural attraction. Its design is beautiful and being surrounded by nature in such a beautiful way gives a feeling of peace and tranquility difficult to find in the middle of the city. As a curious fact, I will tell you that it was built in 1779. It can be visited every day of the year, including Sundays and holidays. And the entrance is not expensive, 4 €. The Villa Julia It is next to the garden, almost seems an extension for its tree-lined walks.

Despite its architectural wealth, in Palermo there is much more than that. Sicilian culture is lived through the streets of the city. Knowing the theater, music and gastronomy is essential in a trip to Sicily. At Garibaldi Theatre or the Teatro Máximo can see varied works. Just by observing you can learn a lot from the Sicilian culture.

And what about the gastronomy! Sicilians use many natural condiments that give them a special flavor. It is usually defined as a fresh, natural and varied cuisine, but I would add delicious and unforgettable. You do not want to go home.

The best beaches in Palermo

Mondello Beach in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Mondello Beach in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
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Seeing things and eating well is very important for a magazine vacation, but you also have to make a space for relaxation. What better than a beach?

But in Palermo I do not take you to any beach. I'll take you to one of the best beaches in Sicily: Mondello Beach. It is 13 km from the city, but it is easily accessible by bus and it is worth it. It is located between two mountains that offer a spectacular view. Clear water and white sand add to this spectacle of nature.

Where to sleep? Recommended hotels

Since I am with the Mondello Beach, there is a luxury hotel in front of this privileged area: the hotel Baglio Busalacchi. He sleeps very well and the food is delicious.

The downtown area is also interesting if you want to immerse yourself in the history that the city has. Here you have the Allegretto Guest House very well decorated, rooms with terrace and a comfort worthy of the rest that you deserve. The Dimora del Capo It is a cheaper hotel, also located downtown. It has all the services you need and the value for money is very good, you will be happy.

After this fleeting view of Palermo It only remains for you to cheer up and get a flight + hotel to enjoy an incredible vacation. You dare?

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