Panticosa - Guide to the ski resort in Spain, all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the Panticosa ski resort in Spain: everything basic and essential.

Panoramic of Panticosa station, Spain
Overview of the station Subscribe, Spain (c) Can Stock Photo

Located in the province of Huesca, Panticosa is a very busy ski resort during all months of the year. From the Aragonese Pyrenees we can enjoy the views and miles of snow that slide everywhere enhancing the attractiveness of this territory.

We already know that in Huesca we found many ski resorts that are worthwhile, for example, we talked about earlier, Astún, which presumes to be one of the most visited of the province in season. Nevertheless, Subscribe It has many corners that are worth describing and for that reason we want you to get a little closer to this dream landscape with this guide that we bring to you.

The alpine ski resort "Panticosa-Los Lagos" currently belongs to the Aramón group and since it was taken by this company it seems that it has improved its tourist potential, however, this ski resort and all of those that we find in Huesca in general are quite good and in no time need anything external to fill their tracks.



Where is Panticosa?

Panoramic of Panticosa station, Spain
Panoramic of Panticosa station, Spain (c) Can Stock Photo

Panticosa itself, is a Spanish municipality that belongs to the region of Alto Gallego which is in turn, located in the province of Huesca. The terrain itself, it is very beautiful to see instead, the vast majority of visits that this place receives is by the ski resort that bears the name of "Panticosa-Los Lagos" as we have already commented.

And it is that we are before one of the most beautiful stations that we find in Spain for it, visits and tourism are increasingly important.

To reach Subscribe we do not have to complicate too much, that is to say, you can perfectly make the journey by car and arrive without problems. However, we must bear in mind when we are arriving that the station itself is located on a mountain so it is important that we know well to drive on this type of terrain or that we do not have a reckless driving.

It is also important that you know, in the event that you come by car, that depending on the city from which you start the journey the route will be more or less large because of it, we have to be very clear about the kilometers that we have to take in the road and we are prepared to meet them.

For the rest, we do not have to worry about transport issues, looking for anything that takes us although there are also scheduled buses with access to the Panticosa ski resort.

What facilities do we have in Panticosa?

If we visit the ski resort of Panticosa, we can see everything we found in any other station of this type. The clues, above all, are what stand out in a station and it differentiates them from the rest and in the case of this one that we have here, we can find clues of many colors.

As we all know, the tracks are based on a higher risk of danger or less and, depending on the professionalism we have with this sport, we must be on some tracks or others. Panticosa has tracks of green, blue, red and black all of them, highlighted by the levels of danger.

What can we do in Panticosa?

When we go to a ski resort or we tell someone that we are going to go to a ski resort, the first thing we think is that we go to it to ski. However, in these stations you can do many other things apart from skiing and especially in Panticosa, we have many alternatives to enjoy an unforgettable trip to the mountains. Do you want to discover more about this beautiful corner?

Gondola rides: Of all the activities that we can do in a ski resort, a cable car ride seems to be the most popular among the popular here, you can get on a kind of "flying chair" that will show you the whole station and the mountain from the higher. The trip is very exciting and will give you a visual perspective of the station as you would have never imagined before.

Cross country ski: For fans of this sport, there is the possibility to continue skiing but this time, in a different way. If you are one of those who enjoy to the maximum practicing this sport without a doubt, you must take a walk by the cross-country ski tracks that Panticosa has, you will not regret it!

La CuniachaOne of the most attractive activities that the Panticosa station has is precisely the Cuniacha, a wildlife park that is in the middle of the Pyrenees and where you can enjoy with the whole family. Ideal to go with the little ones in the house!

Snowpark child: As we know that there are many families that go with their young children, many ski resorts take into account this detail and put special activities and corners for the little ones. This "Snow Park" is usually very crowded by children who are accompanied by their parents and enjoy the most of this moment in the snow.

As we see, besides skiing in Panticosa, we have many other activities that we can do and with which to enjoy our snow holidays. Especially this station, is designed for all members of the family and for the full enjoyment of large groups.

Where to sleep in Panticosa?

As for each place we go to, when organizing our trip we also have to think about the place where we are going to sleep. This point is usually fundamental because it is very important that we rest wherever we go and, in the case of a ski resort such as Panticosa, we can have many spaces to sleep in. Do you want to know them?

A place like Panticosa offers different types of accommodation for our rest. In addition, in the case of this if we do not want, we do not have to be in the same station, since the snowy mountain to be in a village has hotels, cottages that are in the vicinity.

The locals are very friendly and they can even tell you about the best places you can stay in. Therefore, in Panticosa, you have everything you need to spend a dream vacation with those you love the most.

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