Paris: Guide to the Eternal City of Love

when talking about Paris we talk about the most important economic center in Europe together London. It counts with being the fifth largest city in Europe and the most visited tourist destination, some 40 millions of foreign visitors receives Paris per year. Apart from all this, Paris is one of the cities in the world with the most prestige in terms of education. It has 2.243.833 inhabitants (2010), and also has the most prestigious monuments in the world, including the famous Eiffel Tower.

The territory that today is Paris, it is said that it was occupied by human settlements from quite ancient times, even from the millennium IV a. C. but it is considered that its history begins when it is founded by a Celtic tribe on an island of the Seine, calling that small settlement like Lutetia.

Going ahead a bit, the city changed its name to Paris in the IVth century of our era. In the 11th century, Paris began to shine as an excellent city, because at that time its economy was sustained by the silver trade.

Another one of the many important chapters of the history of ParisIt was the second world war, when Hitler attacked the city, bombed it and the power of the city passed into the hands of the Fuehrer.

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When is the best time to go to Paris?

The weather in Paris it's very diverse. If you have the possibility of traveling, it is quite likely that in a short period of time you may experience heat, cold and rain. Now, speaking of the best time to travel to Paris, referring to the topic of climate, the most recommended is that travel between the months June and August, that the temperature is around 25 ° C. This is the busiest time, that's why you'll find really expensive prices. Now, you can visit Paris in autumn and spring, they are also very good times.

But if you want to know the more economical time to visit Paris, then I will tell you that this time is winter. Winter is not bad, the city is still the same with its attractions, its sites and everything. Many are the people who put the climate of less before how great it is to travel to Paris.

How can we get to Paris?

Paris - Exterior of the Louvre Museum, France
Paris - Exterior of the Louvre Museum, France (c) Can Stock Photo

By plane: is the most common form, and in many cases it is also the cheapest way to get to Paris. If you book the flight in advance, you can easily find international flights at low prices.

Arriving in Paris by air is not a problem, since Paris has a good national and international air service.

By train: there are rail routes from Spain to Paris, but the train trip is usually more expensive compared to the price of a plane trip.

You can also get from London to Paris, there the cost of the trip is cheaper, and the trip lasts only 2 hours and a half.

By highwayIt is also a good option, because you will enjoy the beauty of French landscapes. In addition, the roads are well signposted and in good condition.

It is recommended that if you are going to travel to Paris by road, you will be informed of the traffic regulations of France, as well as the requirements and documents you need when crossing the border.

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How to move once in Paris

Metro: Paris has a metro, which has 16 lines that are listed. It has an operating schedule from 5 am to 1 am. Something that is characteristic in this metro is that it is quite crowded, no matter what time it is. That's why you should think it over if you want to move with some big and heavy luggage, besides that not all the stations have the service of escalators.

RER: is a train service that connects the center with the outskirts of the city, has a number of stations, which shares some with the subway. It has routes from places far from the city, such as airports in Orly (more Orlyval) and Charles de Gaulle, the Palace of Versailles and Dinseyland Paris.

Trolley car: It only has 4 lines, although it is in expansion projects, it is very silent and quiet to move around. It circulates on the surface.

Bus: the metro service is very good in Paris. Unfortunately we can not say the same about the bus service, which is not so good, as tourists complain that each bus takes a long time to pass through the stops. On Sundays some lines do not work officially. In the evenings there is a bus line called Noctambus, which covers different routes in the city. If you wish to use this service, it would be good if you first inform yourself if your hotel or place where you are staying is part of the route of those nights.

Taxi: Taxis in Paris are usually expensive, the minimum price that will be charged round between the 6 $. Unlike other cities, where taxis are distinguished by being of a specific color, in Paris the opposite happens, the taxis can be of any color, the only thing that distinguishes them from other cars is the sign that goes on top of them. says taxi.

Bicycle: This can be an excellent option if you want to take a ride to your liking, since the RATP (Paris Public Transport Network) has different points in the city where it rents bicycles. In addition, Paris has routes for cyclists and on the streets Parisian drivers tend to respect cyclists a lot, since most of them are housewives who go out to do their shopping or work.

What you can see in Paris

Paris - Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, France
Paris - Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, France
(c) Can Stock Photo

Torre Eiffel: es the most famous monument that Paris has and, why not, France. It was built by Gustave Eiffel at the end of the 19th century, and today it is the most visited monument in the world. It is recommended that tickets be purchased before the visit in order to avoid future queues.

Notre Dame Cathedral: It is a beautiful Gothic cathedral, one of the oldest in the world, built in honor of the Virgin Mary, there you will receive guided tours by guides with Castilian speech on Saturdays.

Arch of Triumph: It is the second most representative monument in Paris, after the Eiffel Tower. Its construction was ordered in 1806 by Napoleon. The arch is 50 meters high, and to enter and climb to the top you have to pay an entrance fee: but it is well worth it because inside the arch there is a small museum referring to the triumphal arch, its history, data construction etc ...

Other recommended places to include in the list of visits to Paris are: the Pantheon, the Invalides, the Garnier Opera, the Palace of Versailles, the Catacombs of Paris or the Castle of Vincennes.

What can you do in Paris?

Being the most visited city in the world, it offers you infinities of things to do. Since you arrive you can start enjoying the street performers in the streets. You can also perform a variety of activities, both entertainment and educational, such as visiting the Louvre Museum. You can do activities that leave you an unforgettable experience, such as visiting the catatombas de Paris that say that it lodges skeletal remains of more than 6 million people.

Paris is the world city of fashion, therefore you will find excellent quality garments and the latest in fashion, but be careful with prices, because the fact that some quality garments are manufactured there does not mean that they are not expensive. Finally, if you are traveling to Paris for a short time, then I will recommend the guided excursions, which you can get from prices below € 50.

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