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Trip to Pelion or Pilio (Greece)

Pelion o Pilio is the name of a mountainous massif located in Thessaly (Greece) that rises between the Aegean Sea and gulf of Volos, forming a peninsula. It is part of the prefecture of Magnesia, in the center of Greece, located north of said city.

From the point of view of Greek mythology, it is known as the dwelling of the centaurs, being a perfect destination for those beach lovers and nature It offers a landscape of mountain y Mars that combine to offer a place of dream where the turquoise tone of the crystalline water is the predominant one.

At its feet is the city of Volos and has about 78 small coastal villages surrounding Mt. If, on the other hand, you are more of a mountain, the villages from Mount Pelion in winter they will be a real joy to you.

The weather in Pelion (Pilio)

The island of Pelion enjoys the typical moderate Mediterranean climate, with hot, sunny and dry summers, and mild and brief winters. During the summer months the average temperatures reach 34 ° of July, while of winter they do not descend below the 9 ° of January.

The months with rainfall they are January and February, while in months like October and March the climate remains relatively hot.

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How to get to Pelión?

If you have been convinced to travel up there and delve into mythology can arrive to Mount Pelion in planeairport traditional near is  Volos International Airport (Nea Anchialos), located at 70km from the peninsula, which is 1 hour in your own vehicle, which works for the entire prefecture of Magnesia in general. They operate few Airlines  with which there is only direct flight to Nuremberg, Vienna , Schwechat, London - Gatwick, Manchester, MilanBrussels, Frankfurt, Roma and Amsterdam. In this way, if you want to travel from another place, you must scale from these cities to Volos or to go to International Airport Athens.

El Volos International Airport It has a regular line de Bus which connect the airport with Volos where you can catch a line bus regular to get up Pelion. The airport is easily accessible from the E75 en car or another own vehicle, but we must bear in mind that our destination is an area of ​​many curves it is a not very touristy area, this is how the Bus en low season as winter they can be inoperative to the peninsula.

El Athens International Airport It is the largest of all Greek islands and the one that covers the largest number of countries and localities. He was considered the second best European airport and third World. Its facilities are an example of fullfilment of security requirements y good performance and also offer a high number of business establishments. In addition to your own vehicle, or the taxi that operates 24 hours a day, you can get to the airport using the exclusive lines of bus. The only drawback is that it is located 382km full Pelion peninsula what result 4 travel hours.

How to get around Pelion?

The most advisable is rent a car given the little traffic towards the peninsula if you don't already have one then no public transport available in the interior from the Pelion region. In this way it is a perfect place, a secluded paradise through the mountains where most routes are at a because the towns are so small that many have a parking at the entrance as it is forbidden to drive on them.

The walks through this isolated peninsula in time are really cozy, with the mountain on one side, the shine of the sea by the other and the resplendent nature surrounding him will not feel like leaving the Land of the Gods, so we must advise you to do with a optimal hiking gear for be lost by magnificent villages y explore the land chosen by the gods  for your accommodation.

For rent a vehicle and enjoy your trip you can do it in the airport offices of Volos and Athens for comfort, or if you prefer, you can go to center from both cities and rent your conveyance from 60€ en international companies as ReviewsHertzEuropcar Budget.

Recommended beaches in Pelión

Our destination peninsula has numerous small covesstonecalm and little crowded from within the gulf of Volos o long and thin beaches of the Aegean Sea. You can enjoy the famous villages mountaineers de TsagaradaZagora, up to the line coastline Where are the tourist resources de Kala NeraMilina. Pelion is a site full of magic and places where normally we only see in postcards

Pelion - Mylopotamos Beach, Greek Islands
Pelion - Mylopotamos Beach, Greek Islands (c) Can Stock Photo

It should also be borne in mind that Pelion is something colder than other parts of Greeceduring summer, especially if we approach the mountainous populations, where the activities of winter they contrast with the activities aquatic and tranquility summer.

Some of the most recommendable are de Kato Lehonia, eThis is one of the first beaches that you can find on the route from Volos. There are some cafes y bars being very popular taverns specialized in fresh fish located on the beach itself. We also have the coast ofKala Nera, un popular resort of tourists since it has the coveted blue flag. Throughout the beach line you will find a good selection of taverns and bars where during the summer many are organized local partieswith traditional music y food y dance for free.

Another recommendation is the playa Boufa one of the largest in Pelion, and is situated between Kala Nera and Afissos. It is sandy, of the More popular of the region and most recommended to visit. The zone of Affisos It has several beaches that compete in class y appearance, the most popular being those of AbovesKaliftheri, which are formed by fine golden sand.

One of the most beautiful beaches is Micro, which has a wide area of sand next to refreshing waters from sea Aegean. It is also another of the most popular beaches as a tourist destination during the summer months but si want more beaches calmit is advisable to visit Kastri for its nice sand and mainly visited to do windsurf. Has nice and quiet village ideal for chill out y forget from the rest of the world. There are not too many things on this beach, so swim o lie down to sunbathe are the most options common. Still it consists of a tavern to take something like a nearby camping.

Other beaches worth visiting in Pelion are the beaches of PotistikaMilopotamosFakistra, the beach of Black Pope or of Horefto, among other. You really have countless beaches to choose from, many of them located very close and other lost where to go explore and discover the odd awesome creek.

What to see and do in Pelion?

If you want to do something different than see beaches, you can start aquatic activities on the long beaches in summer or you can go up the mountain and see the beautiful mountain villages such as Makrinitsa with its beautiful church, Chania to the north or Tsagkarada, Lafkos y Milies. You can also sign up for activities like escalationhiking, walks and ski during winter, as Pelión is a magnificent place to visit at any time of the year and above all to walk around seeing the remains of the ancient civilizations.

Pelion - Agios Ioannis Beach, Greek Islands
Pelion - Agios Ioannis Beach, Greek Islands (c) Can Stock Photo

The coastal towns more beautiful They are near the Aegean Sea, some are: Ntamouchari, where most of the movie Mama Mia. Its on the side AgiosIoannisprobably the most cosmopolitan. Other towns are KatigiorgisMikro, where in the summer months a little boat makes day trips to Skiathos Trikeri.

Some of the most interesting sites for visitar are Folklore Museum of Art en Makrinitsa, located in the impressive ??Mansion of the Topali ?? built in 1844, a wonderful example of Architectonic style of Pelion.

Another attraction to visit is  small museum of Aggelinis located at Horto It gives visitors the chance to see some of the interesting objects and relics of Greek history. Finally, we can marvel at the old library located in the beautiful village of Milies with a collection detailing the Greek revolution. Furthermore, in the city of Volos is the archeological Museum and municipal gallery, as well as small museums in different towns, it is best to check with travel offices before leaving for the peninsula.

In addition to tourism and the different activities, it is also advisable to do the odd excursion in ferry from Volos and visit some of the Greek islands as wonderful as Skiathos, Alonissos, Glossa o Skopelos among others, trips can be from 2 to 5 hours.

Where to stay in Pelion?

This area has innumerable hotels, and apartments, pretty campings and even caravan areas I Vans to camp quietly, like the well-received ones Bed & Breakfast offered throughout the region.

The most luxurious is that of the city of Volos, with numerous restaurants and well-situated establishments where there is a wide range of hotels from € 50 up to what you are willing to pay, and ski area on top of Mount Pelion. There are really no towns without charm, which is a matter of preferences by choosing a quieter area such as the coastal villages, cheaper and isolated, but with greater charm, or opt for hotels in larger cities for their tourist welcome and fun.

Whatever your choice or the type of stay, the apartments are always a good choice for a long stayAs well as campings, and the hotels, hostels and bed and breakfast can be an option for short stays but intense, where you want visit more areas, It is advisable to be in several accommodations for greater comfort of travel. Similarly, not being a very famous area establishments are not overly expensive.


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