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Weather in Philadelphia

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Trip to Philadelphia (United States)

This metropolis is the largest in the state of Pennsylvania and the fifth most populated of U.S.A.. This great city is a great Cultural center y artistic, in addition to an important industrial port at the edges of river Delaware extending to the Atlantic Ocean.

The powerful population of Philadelphia it was an old colony Englishwoman, in its moment it became the capital of the United States, giving way little by little to NY , and finally to Washington DC, the current capital of the country. This city is located northwest of U.S.A.Inter whashington DC y NY.

Weather in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a humid subcontinental climate. Summers are typically hot and humid, autumn and spring are generally mild, and winter is cold. The snowfalls are variable.

The average temperature of January is 0.17 ° C, although the minimum, sometimes reach -12 ° C, without including the wind factor, and the maximum can rise above 10 ° C. The July averages are about 25,6 ° C, although heat waves accompanied by high humidity are frequent, with temperatures above 35 ° C. The beginning of autumn and winter are drier in general; October is the driest month because of the average daily rainfall.

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How to get to Philadelphia

The AInternational Airport of Philadelphia, it's an airport that gives services to the entire region of Delaware, Pennsylvania, One more active from all over the United States, which receives direct flights from many regions of the world, including Canada, Caribbean, Latin America and Europe.

Said airport Philadelphia is located at 7 miles (11km) from the city of Philadelphia. This airport has very good connections with the outside, such as, for example, trains, buses, minibuses and taxis. Now we will talk in more detail about some of these.

The high-speed train company Soulthrastren Pennsylvania Transport Authoritu (SEPTA) offers a service that connects the Philadelphia International Airport with 305th Street Station,located in the center of Philadelphia, the journey will last around 35 minutes and has a cost of $ 8.

From the airport there are many bus and minibus companies that go to Philadelphia among them, it should be noted, the line 37 bus Philadelphia thatoperates in the south of the city, 108 line communicates the airport with 69th Street Tranportation Center the cost of a train ticket is around $ 2,25.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs.

Flights to Philadelphia

What to visit in Philadelphia?

Presumably, once in such a beautiful city as it is philadelphia, they will decide to settle in their respective hotels but once there, What will they decide to do?We propose some of the best places to visit in this beautiful city.

  1. The Historic Center of Philadelphia: The historic center of Philadelphia preserves a beautiful contrast between the buildings that led the cry of freedom of the country and that of a commercial and modern city. It is an area of tourist and cultural attraction full of museums, theater parks, and street vendors throughout the year, without a doubt a place that can not be missed.
  2. El Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Philadelphia museum of Art is one of the largest art museums that you can visit in the city. There are real works of art in every corner of their corridors. As curious notes the back stairs are the famous stairs of the movie Rocky, and we can find a statue of the character Rocky Balboa at the end of the stairs.
  3. Benjamin Franklin Bridge: The Benjamin Franklin Bridge unites Philadelphia with the rest of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, build in 1929, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, since I take away the Ambassador Bridge of Detroit.
  4. Puent Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia, United States

Puent Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia, United States - © Michael Mill -

National Constitution Center: The National Constitution Center is a museum dedicated to the American Constitution in which you can also see a theatrical representation of what happened during the days of its writing.

  • One & Two liberty place: The One & Two liberty place is the skyscraper most characteristic of the city, a whole brand of identity.
  • Liberty bell: Liberty bell, is the most famous bell in the world, "I will proclaim freedom in all parts of the whole earth to all the inhabitants of it" Who has not heard this famous phrase inscribed in this famous bell ?.
  • Washington Square: Washington Square is a park located just outside the tourist area of ​​Philadelphia, it is a family park, spacious and comfortable with many benches and practical and nice to go for a walk or picnic.
  • Rocky Steps: On the back steps of the Philadelphia museum of Art you will find a statue of the character Rocky Balboa, in memory of the movie, since on that staircase the famous scene of the stairs was recorded.

How to move around Philadelphia?

The city hall of Philadelphia, United States

The city hall of Philadelphia, United States - © Natalia Bratslavsky -

Philadelphia It is a great city and we assume that you will want to move comfortably through it, so now we will mention a couple of transportation systems that will help you during your stay in the city.

This great city is very well communicated both internally and with the external populations, it has an immense network of Public transportation from metersup to several bus lines.

To begin we will mention a little bus lines that can take. Bolt Bus It is a company that connects N30th Street Station with Market Street Station The journey lasts around 15 minutes.

Philadelphia has an extensive network of Trains under the subsoil, these networks connect practically to perfection the whole city, is a comfortable and fast system that in a time frame of 10 to 35 minutes can place you in any area of ​​the city.

Philadelphia like every great city of United States of America, has its own army of taxis that will take you wherever you need it, in exchange for a sum of money higher than that of the trip by subway and train, is the most expensive transportation system but also the more personal.

And of course, they have the option of rent a vehicleIt's a pretty good option, especially if you have to leave the city, it's easy to access a car rental and its prices, of course, vary depending on the model and the brand of the automobile.

Where to stay in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia it's a good city in general on the subject of the accommodation, in all of it there is a good climate and a good atmosphere although in the northern part of the city there are usually more disturbances at night, so to be able to avoid going at night to the north of Philadelphia. For the rest, the southern area of Market Street It is a very good area, very well connected, supplied with everything, close to the museums and the tourist area.

Little else has to be said about this beautiful city, as advice in case of spending only a few days I recommend that you hospeden in hotels, they are a bit more expensive, but the attention is much better, if instead you intend to spend a longer season or travel with friends, the rent an apartment It could be a good investment, since the rental prices are not very high.

Philadelphia, pure history of American independence
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