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At first glance, it seems that Ibiza It is a favorite place for leisure and fun for adults, full of night spots and romantic coves to enjoy as a couple. However, nothing is further from the truth, since the island itself is home to so many different activities and places that taking the whole family - and with this it is understood that the children - will be a marvel in all the meaning of that word.

Ibiza is more than impressive coves and markets. And when you travel with the whole family, it is an even more relevant issue, because you will need to make other plans, look for alternatives, save in the process and, above all the above, guarantee the dynamics and fun, so typical of a Island like this and so necessary for when the journey is in the company of the rest of the family members.

Mobility and accommodation

First of all, when traveling as a family it is wise to check the available accommodation options, always prioritizing those venues that offer thought-out solutions for all agesEither for promotions specially designed for the family -for example, hotels that offer discounts for bringing children- or also for having spaces or children's areas or activities that they can enjoy, at no cost or for a modest fraction that is well worth it.

Tranquility and closeness, In addition to the comfort of each place, it is what to look for with regard to accommodation. Never try to find the cheapest, because it is usually accompanied by a couple of things that may not be so pleasant.

Then there is the issue of mobility. Most of the advice will go about using a rental car. Public transport can be sufficient and if you are staying in places close to the center or to the places you hope to visit, it can be sufficient and much cheaper. However, If you want a complete adventure, visit Ibiza from cove to cove and not be concerned about schedules, your own or rental car will be the right decision.

Activities for the whole family

Ibiza is an island full of activities for the whole family, despite the fact that it is known worldwide for nightlife and adults. Among the proposals, those that directly involve nature and the sea are the most recommended to do with the family and with children, mainly because it allows them to do something totally different.

In that case, it may be interesting take a mud bath in coves like Aguas Blancas o Sa Caleta -the latter, located in San Antonio or d'es Bol Nou-; Or visit coves that are practically deserted and safe for children -in addition, with majestic locations to take pictures of them- such as Benirras o Cala Comte.

For those looking for fun for their children, but they do not exactly want natural discovery, the parks of Ibiza are really impressive. The Parc de S'Illa -the largest on the island- and up to a dozen parks distributed throughout Ibiza, will be enough alternative for children to enjoy playing outdoors.

Finally, of course, the aquatic adventures. The possibilities of practicing paddle surfing, kayaking, swimming; and do tours in small boats -which often do not even require licenses- or embarking on a trip to neighboring Formentera -something that the family must do at least once- are plans that will fit well into any itinerary.

Ibiza is a wonderful island. Worthy of discovering step by step, without haste, visiting from the markets to the coves, not forgetting that its essence is in leisure and fun tourism, so finding the balance will be essential for both the family and group- as each one of its members -from the individual aspect- they take a pleasant image and an unforgettable experience after their visit to the most fun of the Balearic Islands.

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