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City guide of Poitiers (France)

Do not tell me: you want to visit France for your next vacation but you don't want to end up like typical tourists: in Paris. There are other charming and very charming cities to discover. Today I thought about talking to you about Poitiers

In this city you find everything: archeology, history, art, music, nature and fun. For all tastes, and for all ages: alone or as a couple; a group of friends or with your family. If you like to travel, you must include Poitiers in your agenda. But before we start with that, let's go with some basic questions ...

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How to get to the city of Poitiers in France

Poitiers It is located in the center-west of France, an hour and a half from Paris, for you to place yourself. In what ways can you get to Poitiers? You have several options:

-       By car: France is a stone's throw away, and it is very practical to have your car to move around the area. The French motorways communicate very well all over the country, you have an exit on the A-10 that goes directly to Poitiers.

-       By plane: El Poitiers Biard airport It is less than 3 km from the city. You will surely have to stop in Paris to land here. The good news is that several low cost airlines operate in this airport, which will save you a little money on the trip that you can invest in your stay.

-       By train: High-speed trains (equivalent to the Spanish AVE) also arrive in Poitiers. From Paris you have 1h and 30 minutes. Since Bordeaux 1h and 40 minutes.

You can also combine several transports, how to get to Paris by plane and from there take the TGV towards Poitiers. But no matter which transport you choose to arrive, surely what worries you the most is knowing what to do and how to get around in the city.

Move in the city

Poitiers public transport network is very developed, in fact it is even encouraged to leave the car outside the city. On the outskirts there are 4 parkings, and in the center there are other 3. The night and weekend rates are reduced with the aim of creating a cleaner and clearer urban environment.

El urban bus It circulates every day of the week, and connects the different areas of the city, even from the outskirts so you can make your routes more ecological and economical! There are a couple of lines that take you to the parkings.

If you prefer to be left at the door, yours is the taxi. But I warn you that the historical center is 100% pedestrian. There is no way to put a vehicle through these streets, so you will have to walk a little. But calm that is nice.

Things to do in Poitiers

Poitiers Center France
Poitiers Center France @https: //

The archaeological remains and  museums They are also very interesting. And they do not concentrate only in the center, they are spread throughout the city. Make a route that includes the most important ones; do not forget about the wall and the Museum of Sainte Croix.

The first thing is to know the history of the city. The picturesque streets of the center and the Trois Quartiers neighborhood tell about the passage of the Celts, the Romans and modern life. Monuments such as the Palace of Justice or the San Pedro Cathedral They are essential. Take a walk around the center, without hurry. Here you will see how the new buildings have been built with old techniques, imitating the old buildings so as not to be out of tune. It is very curious.

Shopping is another great attraction of Poitiers. It is the great commercial center of the area. There are some neighborhoods full of shops packed with tourists and locals. Les Couronneries It hosts a Sunday morning market worth visiting. In addition the neighborhood is very pleasant for the amount of gardens that it has.

Since I am talking about gardens, if you prefer to focus on nature you can go to a natural leisure center located at 7 km from Poitiers, Les bois de Sant Pierre. Hiking, fishing, golf, outdoor swimming pools ... this natural park even has a leisure area for children. And within the city, the Le Blosac park with its 9 hectares. Not bad to be in the urban core, right?

Futuroscope theme park

Futuroscope France
Futuroscope France @https: //

El dance with robots, aerobar or the rocker of the strong will make you live the technology in another way. And the simulations in 3D are not far behind. Virus Attack, Arthur or La Vienne Dinamica will like you so much that you will repeat. And finally we come to Futuroscope. This is not just any theme park, It focuses on technology, multimedia entertainment and robotics.

Here it is about discovering what the technological future holds, maybe you can see or imagine the machines that will surround you within 20 or 30 years. But do not think it's museum type; It is very interactive, fun is assured. For both children and adults, the attractions are amazing.

But a very special attraction is Out of sight. You will enter the darkness and be guided by a blind person who will teach you to see the world in a different way, with different eyes. The sensations and emotions that it produces are impressive. In Futuroscope technology is used to learn and discover. The passage through this theme park will mark your way of seeing things. Do you dare to discover why? It's also fun, you'll have a great time.

Recommended hotels in Poitiers

For so many interesting activities you need to be full of energy. Getting a good night's rest is key to enjoying your vacation in France. What are the recommended areas to sleep in Poitiers? In the city center there are very quiet hotels, since traffic is restricted. You can also combine your stay with the futuroscope hotel. The rates are very good, and being next to the theme park you will enjoy twice as much.

In addition to what I have told you here there are other activities and places of interest that will make these an unforgettable vacation. It is very difficult to summarize in 10 minutes what you can see and do in a city as special as this one. Poitiers It is full of treasures. Do you dare to discover them?


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