Port del Comte - Guide to the ski resort in Spain, all the basics and essentials


Travel guide to the Port del Comte ski resort in Spain: all the basics and essentials.

Port del Comte - Panoramic ski resort, Lleida, Spain
Port del Comte - Panoramic ski resort, Lleida, Spain (c) Can Stock Photo

Located in the interior of the province of Lleida, the ski resort Port del Comte is in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees and has as its closest city the territory of Barcelona so it is a most appetizing destination if you like snow or ski and you are living in a section of Catalonia.

The station itself is divided into two different sectors: the Sucre which can be said to be the main sector of the two and the Estivella which often appears as a more secondary but which is also very interesting and is visited by those people who like to ski, among other things, in the snow, of course.

However, in the province of Lleida we can find other ski resorts of which we have already spoken in this same space: Baqueira Beret, It's possible Ski or Boi Taüll that are also very visited.



Where is Port del Comte?

Although in Catalonia we have many ski resorts that we can enjoy this time, we want to talk about everything that the Port del Comte station can offer us.

First of all what we will have to know before going to the station Port del Comte It is knowing how to get to it. This station is easy to access as well as in all, depending on where we are the route will be longer or shorter. As we have said before, the people who are in Catalonia have it more than close especially if you are in the city of Barcelona, ​​which is the closest to it.

If you are in Catalonia the route can be done perfectly by car and be there sooner than you think, there are very well marked sections that will make you arrive perfectly and without complications. However, you can also take other transport such as trains, specialized buses and, in case you are very far away, it is definitely best to come by plane.

What can we do in Port del Comte?

Port del Comte - Panoramic ski resort, Lleida, Spain
Port del Comte - Panoramic ski resort, Lleida, Spain (c) Can Stock Photo

In the ski resort of Port del Comte we can not ski, but instead, we can also do many other things that in this guide we want to make sure you know and know so that the enjoyment in it is much greater. We start?

Sled: One of the most attractive activities without a doubt is the sled. In Port del Comte we find a track specially enabled for the tour of the sleds therefore, if you like this adventure or you have always wanted to ride in one without doubt, in this season you will have a great time.

Tubbys: If sledding is fun, wait to discover the Tubbys, which is one of the funniest activities that the station has. These Tubbys consists of the descent down a giant slide while we are mounted on a huge float. Great to go with your friends!

Snow Garden: This type of space is given much in ski resorts especially, where they are most crowded and here, in Port del Comte, you have a snow garden in case you have never entered one and you want to take a little walk .

Trekking: Guided routes are also very attractive and they like the whole family, so if you have gone to this ski resort with her or are thinking about it, it may be a perfect moment to share with your loved ones and enjoy it to the fullest.

If there is something in the ski area of ​​Port del Comte, it is a variety to do and also to be able to do it with other people. In this station you will not have the chance to get bored and you will always find something good to do.

What facilities do we have in Port del Comte?

If we are determined to go to the Port del Comte station it is important that you know what you will find in it and, as in all the stations we know, first of all there is snow with some well signposted tracks. The tracks as usual are in different colors and, in the case of the station we are talking about, we have 7 green, 11 which are blue, 13 red and 5 that are black. All these tracks are differentiated by their level of danger and we always find it as we have said, very well marked so that there is no confusion.

 Where to sleep in Port del Comte?

When we visit or take a trip we always have to think about where we are going to stay. Taking a trip implies that we have to know what we want to do there, that is, what to see, where to be, where to eat, but it is also good to know the places where you can sleep.

If we are looking for places to sleep in Port del Comte we have hotels in the same station and places to stay but also, we have the opportunity to sleep outside the mountain, that is, in the rooms that we find in the surroundings, both in the As in the vicinity, we almost always find many people who want to spend unforgettable days in the area.

The station of Port del Comte is full of charm and they are certainly one of the best places that you can come to ski for it, whenever you have the opportunity we recommend that you settle here and enjoy everything the station can you offer?

One of the most interesting details of this station is precisely that despite being considered a ski resort (which it is) also has many activities that can be done in the summer months so we are facing a space that is equally crowded In one season of the year, in another, what enhances the visits and the desire to know the environment.

The activities that we can find in the summer months are also very varied and among them are golf, zip lines, hiking, hiking ... and a whole list of things we can do to kill boredom. Do you dare to try?

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