Portugal, still that great unknown

Funchal Portugal
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More than three million people have visited Portugal in the last year as it is a destination full of beautiful corners and interesting cities to explore.

Despite its proximity to Spain, Portugal remains a great unknown to most travelers who, although they have once been to the main locations of the neighboring country, are still unaware of the great wealth and variety of contrasts that the country crosses from the north up to the south and worth discovering.

Portugal is, today, a modern country with good communications, so if you have the necessary time, it is worth visiting both the beautiful beaches of the Algarve in the south and the lush landscapes of the Minho province located in the extreme north.

As well as the main most important cities among which stand out especially Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, Coimbra and Évora. The best option to organize a complete route through the country is to search for information in specialized travel blogs where you can find numerous different proposals to enjoy all the charms of Portugal.

These trips can last a few days and focus on getting to know one place in depth to fully enjoy its cultural offer and nightlife, as well as being able to relax without haste. Or a circuit that runs through various areas of Portugal and allows excursions to the most representative points of the entire country.

Thus, whatever route is sought when visiting Portugal, simply by consulting the web https://www.viajes.es It is possible to find endless different options with which to organize a magnificent trip to Portugal to discover all its charms.

The Algarve area is perhaps the most popular with travelers looking for sun and sand, but the rest of the country also has a lot to offer all its visitors.

Just take a look at Travel to Portugal to realize the many places, towns and cities that are waiting to be discovered. With a wild, practically virgin nature, the impressive natural landscapes that extend along the Sierra de la Estrella will not leave anyone indifferent.

The Alentejo area is one of the least known to tourists, which in recent years has emerged as one of the most potential destinations in all of Europe.

In addition to all its cultural and heritage wealth, it is worth highlighting the exquisite Portuguese gastronomy based on appetizing fresh fish dishes cooked over the grill and washed down with the country's excellent wines. A special mention deserves the delicious Cakes of Bethlehem whose fame has conquered half the world.

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