The use of car sharing is not a feasible alternative for some users who are shy about carpooling with strangers, therefore, it is not a means that inspires them enough confidence, at least for long trips. While some think that Blablacar is an entertaining and fashionable way to move, others, however, prefer to opt for other alternatives to move around the city.

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In the case of Madrid, one of the best options for those who come to know the capital and its surroundings and do not want to be subjected to public transport schedules, or for those who have had a bad experience in shared cars, is the rent.

Those who prefer to opt for the use of a car rental in Madrid, must, however, take into account the peak traffic jams to leave and enter the capital without traffic problems, but in this way they can enjoy the peace of mind they need in a car and not be subject to schedules or a company that bothers them on the trip. For the more adventurous and independent, renting a car is becoming the main option for traveling. In addition, rental companies offer the possibility of picking up and returning the car in the same office in the capital and in which it comes better by proximity to the user. However, the user must previously inform about the hours of the offices where they pick up and return the vehicle. In addition, we must bear in mind that when the return of the car is in a city outside of Spain, it will be more expensive and may involve an extra outlay. Here the user should analyze what is best for him and read the regulations of each car rental company.

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Although many users think that having a car in Madrid is completely dispensable for having a nearby network that allows you to reach many places, it is evident that with the use of the rental car, especially when you have little time for the trip, you can save enough travel time, avoid waiting and thus spend that time in other activities to get to know the city. These journey times are considerable since Madrid is a fairly large city and this makes mobility difficult in a medium other than the car.

Since September of last year, users have the possibility of traveling also in Madrid through a mobile application that allows users to rent cars to other people for short or long-distance trips, wherever they are and in a place close to where the user is at that moment. In this case, it is the owner of the vehicle who decides the rate per day and per kilometer. This is also an alternative to not having a vehicle that is used mainly by travelers for short trips such as weekend getaways. However, some users point out as the main disadvantage of this alternative the drastic price change on certain occasions.

Currently, and especially in younger generations, the concept of mobility is more important than that of property, which is why they prefer to use a rental car to get around the capital.

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However, for those people who do not have a driving license, they must depend on the timetables established for the subway or suburban network. Long-distance trains are also an alternative to not using car sharing. Although the main problem with this option is Renfe's high prices, there are specific offers and discounts such as the offer of the 25º anniversary of its creation that offers 25.000 seats to 20 euros. This is a viable option when you have little luggage because, in a car, you can have more space for suitcases and backpacks.

Also in Madrid, users can travel by plane from the Adolfo Suárez Madrid - Barajas airport, which is the busiest in Spain. It is true that with the plane we have to make long waits and endure endless queues of security control and billing that make this means of transport a more valid option for longer journeys.

Currently there are also other alternatives to blablacar for short trips within the M-30 area of ​​Madrid such as Emov or Amonvens, both mobile applications to use cars for a limited time and kilometers provided they are in the areas allowed by each company. .

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