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The weather in Positano

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Map where is the city of Positano

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Travel to Positano (Italy)

Positano It is the jewel of southern Italy. Very close to Naples, this municipality is located on the Amalfi Coast, perhaps the most coveted among the Italian coast. It is an unconventional place.

It is located on a cliff, between mountains, and offers spectacular views. Do you want to know more about this wonder of nature?

The weather in Positano

Positano's climate is classified as warm and temperate. The winter months are much rainier than the summer months in Positano. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is Csa. The temperature here is on average 14.3 ° C.

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How to get to the city of Positano

By plane

It is a quiet and secluded place. That is why the question arises: And how do I get to Positano? This town is connected to "the rest of the world" by a long and narrow road that connects with Nápoles. There you have one of the airports most important international routes in Italy, it leaves you about 40 km from your destination. Not bad, right?

From Naples you can get there by road, but also by ferry. This is a highly recommended idea, since the Amalfi coast is beautiful. You can observe from a distance the treasures that await in Positano. It is like an aperitif.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs.

Flights to Positano



Move around the town

Maybe you are not used to this type of tourism. Most of the guides in Italy talk about train, city bus and taxis, but in this case we will leave the wheels parked for a while. You are in a town literally embedded in a mountainso no roads are worth it. Forget about the sidewalks.

The streets are generally very steep, and most of them consist of a loooong staircase. Get ready of Comfortable shoes because if you want to see things you will have to go up and down at all times. Even to go to the beach! This is called turi-sport, you will come home more fit than ever.

Anyway there is a bus that takes you to other areas a little distant, specially designed for its dear visitors. They are very appreciated in Positano, they will take good care of you.

To visit some places you will use a small boat. The boatmen make the journey interesting, they like to talk to tourists and tell them the stories and legends of the place.

What to see in Positano

View of Positano from the sea, Italy
View of Positano from the sea, Italy © Liberty -

A great attraction are the islands of the archipelago Li Galli, also called Sirenuse, by the legend of Ulisses and the sirens. It is made up of three islands, it is a charming place. Do you want to know the story? You will have to ask the boatman ...

After seeing the town it is interesting to visit the neighboring villages. For example Monteperuso, with its dreamy waterfalls and exotic animals. Or Aldea Nocelle, which you have to climb 1500 steps from Arienzo beach to visit. Don't be scared by the slaughterhouse, Nocelle village It offers privileged views over the entire Amalfi coast, it is simply wonderful.

Speaking of exotic things, do you know what an hydrofoil is? It is a kind of boat that uses something similar to the wings of an airplane, it is also called a hydrofoil. This system lifts the boat a bit out of the water and makes it go faster. Its use is reduced, since it only works for calm waters. The good news is that you can give it a try. It can go hydrofoil from Positano to Amalfi. The town itself is pretty, but the hydrofoil ride makes the trip even more interesting.

But getting around so much to visit all these places makes you hungry. How about a delicious Italian dinner? One of the restaurants in Positano offers a very original service. Its about Da Adolfo restaurant, and you have to access by boat. The restaurant is located on a small secluded beach where you can swim and cool off while dinner is being prepared. The most curious thing is where dinner is served: inside a cave. Good food, in good company. In addition, the price is not exorbitant, about € 30 in low season. Is there a more original place than Positano? It is a box full of surprises.

I don't want to go through gastronomy without talking to you about Limoncello. You may have tried a substitute, if you want to discover the taste of authentic limoncello, take advantage of the trip to Positano. This liquor is made solely and exclusively with lemons from the Amalfi coast. It is taken at room temperature or very cold. Exquisite.

Positano beach ...

Beach of the village of Positano, Italy
Positano village beach, Italy © Jenifoto -

We finally reach the beaches. Definitely, Big Beach It is the best beach in Positano. Of black sand and volcanic rocks, its calm and crystalline water stands out. You can see the fishing boats, even with their nets. This beach preserves the positana essence, the fishing life of its first inhabitants.

Remember that the town is in the mountains, so looking back you will be speechless. The pink and yellow color of the houses, crowned by the vivid and cheerful trees, will leave you impressed. Yes see Positano inside it's nice, see it from outside, from the beach, is beautiful. And seen from the sea, add to the view the gray sand and crystal clear waters. Leaves me speechless.

It is also one of the most visited beaches because there is the terminal for motorboats and boats that lead to the island of Capri and other places of interest. Therefore the months of high season there is more bustle. If you decide to leave the town to see the islands, plan well: a morning outing and a relaxing afternoon in Spiaggia Grande is definitely a good choice. In addition, on the beach you will find all the services you need to enjoy it.

But if you prefer a quieter area you can visit the beach of Fornillo. You arrive in 10 minutes or less with a pleasant walk. Of course, even if you are not going to stay, stop by Spiaggia Grande at least for the views. I insist because it is worth it, you cannot miss that.

Where to sleep

The attractiveness of Positano makes any area dazzle you. However, a remarkable hotel is Le Sirenuse, with luxury services and sea views. It also has some services for you even if you are not staying there, such as a restaurant and ice cream parlor. At least you can enjoy a few hours in a luxury hotel!

A more affordable hotel in Positano is Conca d'Oro, very picturesque. It is close to the beach, so close that the rooms offer views of the sea. You rest well, and you eat more than well. The best, the price.

You have been able to see the possibilities offered by this jewel of the Amalfi paradise. Dare to enjoy them.


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