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Traveling in a motorhome or campervan is synonymous with freedom and the opportunity to live experiences in as many places as you want. The best way to guarantee a smooth journey is to have tools to deal with emergencies, one of these is to have good insurance.

Having the freedom to go wherever and whenever you want is one of the reasons that make many families dream of traveling by motorhome or campervan. To make the tour a memorable experience, make sure that essential aspects are included to avoid contingencies that could cloud the journey.  

You just need a little organization before embarking on the adventure and check that everything is at hand: documentation, good insurance and the basic accessories necessary to travel with peace of mind in a motorhome, regardless of whether it is rented or owned.

Documents and good insurance

Before leaving, it is necessary to verify that you have the vehicle documentation and the identifications of each of the travelers at hand. The driver (s) must carry the vehicle's driving license, the driver's license and a driver's insurance policy. insurance for camper van or motorhome, to cover any emergency that may arise on the road. These forecasts allow you to enjoy a dream ride without stress.

No one travels thinking of suffering an accident or problem on the road, however, it is best to be covered for unforeseen events. Mundovan, the leading web platform for professionals in the caravanning sector, recommends acquire a good flexible policy, which can be adapted to the needs.

Insurance for camper vans or motorhomes has basic third party coverage (Obligatory Civil Liability), which is mandatory by law to circulate, but there are modalities that include various accessories, such as travel assistance, driver accident insurance and much more.

When looking for good insurance, you must have the appropriate advice, and in this sense, MV Segurodores is an expert brokerage in finding a cheap motorhome insurance, with the best coverage-price ratio, to travel with complete peace of mind.

In addition to basic coverage, policies can protect damage to windows, skylights and other parts of the campervan or motorhome. The third alternative includes increasing the basic coverage to protect the vehicle in case of fire or theft (partial or total). The fourth option is comprehensive insurance, with or without excess.

The brokerage must offer alternatives with different insurers, to be able to select among them, the one that offers the most convenient policy. The ideal is one that allows you to combine an economical rate and great coverage.

Being protected is essential when you are away from home, this can include repairs, legal advice in case of accidents, coverage for theft or damage, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, all to travel peacefully without worries.

First aid and hygiene

One of the aspects that should not be forgotten when traveling in a motorhome is to set up a first aid kit with basic items, such as: plasters, gauze, bandages, painkillers, scissors, medicines for nausea or upset stomach, alcohol, in addition to the drugs may require any of the people who make up the group of the trip. 

Hygiene products should not be lacking either basic: liquid soap or powdered detergent, disinfectant, brooms, hand shovel, among others, since no matter how long you are on the road, resting in a clean space is vital.

Personal hygiene products such as shampoo, toilet soap, creams, insect repellent and sunscreen cannot be missing.

Guarantee feeding

The luggage must include cooking utensils, such as pots, pans, as well as plates, glasses, cutlery, knives, tables and everything you need to cook. A good strategy may be to carry a coffee maker, or a portable barbecue, to prepare food while camping. If the vehicle does not include a kitchen, you can add a portable gas cylinder stove.

It is essential to include basic foods to prepare on the road, and also to include some perishable or long-lasting (canned, juices, cookies, snacks), especially if traveling with children.

It is advisable to make a list of essential foods and utensils for the dishes that you want to prepare during the trip, to avoid the bad time of forgetting about salt, knives or matches, for example.

Do not stay thrown

Although you can have good insurance that includes road care, essential equipment should be included in the vehicle, in case you have an incident on the trip, such as a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket, as well as a spare wheel and basic tools.

Another vital aspect when you are on the road is knowing how to orient yourself, especially if you take rural roads or travel for the first time to a country or province that you do not know. Guidance tools include caravan apps for tablet or smartphone, as well as include a road map or a GPS system. If traveling with electronic devices, chargers or batteries should not be forgotten.

If you travel to a country where the language is not spoken, you must pack a dictionary or download a translation app on your smartphone.

Ensure comfort

Comfortable clothes should be included in luggage bags, taking into account the weather and the activities that will be carried out during the trip. Swimsuits, jackets, winter clothes, sweatshirts, sports pants, raincoats, socks, enough underwear, sports shoes, scarves, T-shirts, boots and so on.

You can not miss a good basket or bags to store dirty clothes. Depending on the travel time, the method for washing and hanging clothes can also be envisaged, so a large container for washing should not be forgotten, as well as ropes or a portable clothesline.

Depending on the conditions of the motorhome, accommodation must be ensured. Tents can be included if you go to a suitable place, sleeping bags, air mattress, pillows, duvets, bedspreads, sheets and covers, mosquito net and a good alarm clock.

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