Ribadesella, travel guide of the Spanish city: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Spanish city of Ribadesella with all the basics and essentials. 

Panorama of Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain
Overview of Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain © ABUELO RAMIRO - Fotolia.com

Ribadesella, a tourist city located on the eastern coast of Asturias, among its attractions we can find, its great wealth in fauna and flora, historically important and with a gastronomically rich culture, among others.

En Ribadesella  we can advise you to visit the Promenade, you can feel the gentle breeze of the sea while walking and see the surprising reaction of the passers-by who come to the place feeling this indescribable sensation.

Later we recommend that you visit places of interest such as the Paseo de la Grúa, Guia Viewpoint, Punta'l Pozu, Paseo Princesa Letizia and Paseo de los Vencedores of the Sella.



What can you do in Ribadesella?

Ribadesella beach, Asturias, Spain
Ribadesella beach, Asturias, Spain © Q - Fotolia.com

Friend tourist, if you are an extreme lover of nature, we recommend you go to the rural part of the municipality, where you will find hiking routes that will allow you to appreciate the manor houses, cliffs, caves with strange geological formations, among others, better said dear friend, the best of your trip will be enjoyed by walking.

As great novelties, the city has arranged a Promenade without interruptions, for the use of all its inhabitants and tourists, the route should start at the Harbor promenade, since it is closer to the urban area, then the road will connect it with the Tour of the Victors del Sella and finally your tour will end on the Paseo de la Princesa de Asturias, there you can enjoy the romanticism that a sunset in the Mediterranean throws and my recommendation is not enough, do not do it alone, it is undoubtedly a couple's plan.

Another of the natural attractions of the town of Ribadesella is that it is bathed by the waters of the Sella riverBut this is not all when deciding to investigate the two tributaries that feed the river before its mouth in the Cantabrian, are the Cueves stream and the San Miguel river; the first crosses the heart of the rocky massif and the second passes through the interior of the famous cave of Tito Bustillo, before connecting with the river.

Of equal interest are the steep mountains near the sea, some karst massifs that attract the attention of cavers when they want to carry out scientific studies in the region, who in turn have observed the coastline and the way in which the beaches alternate with the meadows, the rocky stones and the cliffs. / //

What are the best beaches in Ribadesella?

Following plans on the beach, there are two additional places to visit on foot, the first, for me in particular; is he Malecón Natural Park, it is composed of a humid plain of great ecological interest, there you will appreciate the rest of the migratory birds, the municipality of Ribadesella  I create a narrow walk to allow to see so imposing landscape; the second is the Paseo de la Santa Marina beach, will allow you to see the total magnificence of the sea in the distance.

And the holiday season?


Among its most representative fairs and festivals we can highlight the following:

  • Feast of San Antón de Cuerres, celebrated in January.
  • Feast of San José de Sebreñu, in March.
  • Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption (the Velilla) of Meluerda, held in August.
  • Feast of Our Lady of Hope of Collera, in September,

Demonstrating the strength of the Catholic faith in the region, and maintaining the cultural heritage with the conservation of local folklore, expressed with the originality of the typical costumes and the customs of the procession with the ramu (pyramid adorned with laurel and bread rolls that eloquently represents the ancient offerings to divinity).

One of the festivals that was resumed after the prohibition in the Franco regime is Carnival, this activity is normally scheduled in the months of January or March, and its flagship activities are the costume contest and the next day, the representation of the trial and Burial of the Sardine.

Holy Week, is lived with great fury by the inhabitants especially  Good Friday, that day coincides with low tide, which is celebrated on the beach of Santa Marina with a horse race, and at night the traditional Via Crucis takes place along the fishing pier, in the light of the illuminated crosses.

In the month of July, it is celebrated Our Lady of Guidance, patron saint of sailors. Ribadesella for being a coastal town perform this celebration; On the eve of the festival, the image of the saint is descended in procession to the parish church accompanied by a glow made up of the pilgrimage, that of volleys and the uproar of the residents. Then you wait until the day of the celebration, where the procession through the bay is scheduled, that is if you wait for the tide to go out.

Another nascent folkloric manifestation is the Band of Gaites, where they concur large number of pipers and percussionists of the locality. Delighting all kinds of tourists with an unbeatable show of music and style, even these experts have managed to cross borders with their talent, obtaining positive comments from international critics, which means for this event, studying the possibility of raising it to festival category and thus, internationalize it; in this way they can invite other great bagpipe artists from around the world.

Where can I sleep if I visit Ribadesella?

We can not leave the site aside where we are going to stay during the stay in Ribadesella, and is that there we can get a wide range of urban, rural or farm apartments, all of beautiful features and with the best comforts, at our fingertips, to take into account we could recommend the following, Venancios estate apartment, Marina apartments, apartments las vegas; Among others, that if everything depends on the budget that you want to assign to this item during your trip, but in the same way the city offers all kinds of rates, adapting to your budget.

There is no doubt, tourist friend, that we must schedule a vacation, with Ribadesella as destination, in order to enjoy most of its attractions, and thus be able to obtain, without a doubt, a unique experience.

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