Riccione - Italian city travel guide: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the city of Riccione in Italy with all the basics and essentials to know.

Beach of Riccione, Italy
Beach Riccione, Italy © Marco Corbelli - Fotolia.com

In the central area of ​​the Italian peninsula is the province of Rimini. Here is Riccione, the most visited city on the entire Adriatic coast.

What will Riccione have that tourists like so much?

Surely as soon as you discover it, you will join them. It is the ideal destination for both young people looking for fun and families with children.

Enjoy nature, sport and fashion combined with Italian culture is a joy. Let's go into detail and see what Riccione offers.

Will it really be as interesting as they say?



How to get to Riccione

Only 5 km from Riccione is the Federico Fellini International Airport, in the municipality of Miramare. It is an almost privileged place because it is close to the city of Rimini and San Marino, places of special interest.

To get from the airport to Riccione you can use a regular bus or a taxi. It's very close, so it will not cost you too much. These two towns are also linked by a metro line, you will not have problems with transportation.

Transportation in the city

You are already in Riccione and you want to move. What can you do? The bus is an option, but what you will see most around you are the Bike. It is not an excessively large city, although it is elongated following the line of the beach. Bicycle rental is the most usual. It is also a service offered by most hotels, some even free for their customers.

If you want to leave Riccione and visit nearby towns you can use the bus and the train. The regular lines are designed above all in tourism, schedules will not be a problem.

What to see and do in Riccione

In this case the question What to see? It does not have a very long answer. It is a rather modern city. As it is not an old enclave dominated by several empires, there is no great story to be told through monuments such as palaces, cathedrals and squares. The oldest that can be visited dates from the 13th century, it is the Agolanti Castle. Currently it is dedicated to several exhibitions.

Port of Riccione, Italy
Port of Riccione, Italy © Lsantilli - Fotolia.com

Another place of interest is the so-called Land Museum. It is a geological museum that illustrates the transformation suffered by the Misiones coast to become what it is today. It is very entertaining, since it uses interesting didactic methods. It is recommended for both young people and families with children. Following the culture, you can visit the Art Gallery Modern and contemporary Villa Franceschi. An interesting collection that you can see in the gallery consists of objects from the Second World War and later. Y the theater of Riccione He is also worthy to receive a visit.

We stop counting. From here the activity begins. Riccione is more an active destination, forbidden to be still. There is a water park for nature lovers. Its about Dolphinarium Oltremare, But in addition to dolphins you will have the opportunity to observe all kinds of birds and aquatic animals, such as the curious seahorses. It is amazing to contemplate the shows featuring raptors, reptiles of the most surprising and various exotic animals. Aquafan e Indiana Golf They are also famous parks for receiving thousands of visitors every year.

The shows are also an integral part of life in Riccione. At Odeon Cinema and theater come alive every night. It is mandatory stop. This city is also an important mall. There are several streets that are full of shops of all kinds. In several of them the traffic of vehicles is prohibited from six in the afternoon and become pedestrian. It's like an open-air shopping center, very popular with tourists and locals. You can find everything you want, including patisseries, ice cream parlors and restaurants to enjoy the moment.

And worthy of mention is the night life of this Italian city. It is full of clubs, pubs and nightclubs that attract young tourists from all over the world. If you want to meet people and make international friends, Riccione is the ideal place. Going out at night in Riccione is like going back to Spain, the country of the party.

Leaving the city there are also interesting things to do. In the field of sports, for example, the Grand Prix of San Marino It is only 15 km. Or get closer to the surrounding beaches ...

The best beaches of Riccione

Here any beach is impressive. They could perfectly be part of the question What to do in Riccione? because every day many activities focused on tourism are planned.

La Riccione beach it is known as the Playa del Sol. A few years ago two beaches were remodeled and joined together as one to offer tourists a beach like you've never been able to dream. It has pool area (hallucinate: 130 pool m2 and several jacuzzi for 6 people each), theater, gardens, spa and sports. Every afternoon volleyball tournaments, cards, bowling, relaxing baths, group dances ... and on Thursdays is the big party, each week with a different theme. Oh! There is also a special area for children with workshops that they love, so you can enjoy the facilities without having to worry about your little ones.

Where to sleep

This is a great question. Did you know that there is more from 650 hotels in Riccione? You have different modalities to choose according to travel alone, with your partner, a group of friends or with the family. Luxury hotels, others more affordable, in the center or on the beach. You also have apart-hotels with several rooms and kitchen, so you can enjoy your free time as you want.

But my recommendation is, without a doubt, a hotel on the beach. It is the center of fun and relaxation in Riccione and it is close to the city, so you can enjoy downtown life, shopping streets, etc. whenever you want.

I'm already watching you prepare the suitcases ...

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