Rio de Janeiro - Travel Guide of the Brazilian city: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil: all the basics and essentials.

Rio de Janeiro - Panoramic of the Bay with the Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro - Panoramic view of the Bay with Christ the Redeemer, Brazil © sfmthd -

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Brazil, this beautiful city combines wonderful natural landscapes between sea, beach, forests and mountains along with the constructions to the interior of it.

It is known as the wonderful city due to the charm that is in it, its diverse geography and full of beauty is accentuated in a city that has not stopped growing since the sixteenth century, which is why it is considered one of the most beautiful cities from America.

The tourists who come to this place will fall in love with only the sight, since they step on the lands of River you feel the magic, the joy and kindness of its people. When starting the tour of the city apart from the beautiful landscapes you will find a great cultural diversity that in most cases combines joy, dancing, singing and of course music.

It is very normal to see festivities on the beach or in the streets of the city, of course the tourist can enjoy a good Samba Show and even if you want to show some steps to feel this essence that both characterizes them. In a visit to Rio de Janeiro tourists can do different cultural, fun, ecological activities and much more, the experience in Rio will be something you will never forget.



How to get to Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro - Soccer Stadium of Maracaná, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro - Maracana Football Stadium, Brazil (c) Can Stock Photo

To get to Rio de Janeiro we have several transport options, the main means is by air since Rio has 2 airports to receive its tourists, the Santos Dumont airport and Galeo International Airport.

The two airports work with different airlines which are responsible for offering the rates for a comfortable and very safe trip.

Another option to arrive is by land, people inside the country or even people from neighboring countries can use this means to get a tour of its roads and routes.

There are different transport companies that are responsible for taking people to the terminal of the city on buses that turn out to be quite comfortable.

The last option to arrive is by river or sea, Rio de Janeiro has two important ports widely used for imports and exports as well as receiving different maritime cruises.

What places should be visited in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana Beach, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana Beach, Brazil (c) Can Stock Photo

Rio de Janeiro has different tourist attractions that visitors can not miss, apart from fun they will be able to learn a bit of history while appreciating different pieces of art and architecture.

When visiting the city you must visit:

El Christ the Redeemer (a very important piece of Brazil and the world, is considered one of the new 7 wonders of the world), the metropolitan cathedral, the Sugar Loaf, the famous Maracana stadium, Copacabana beach, the different natural parks, the Maracanazo and much more.

In addition to the famous, historical and interesting places we will be able to find different places made for nightlife where we will find dances of all kinds where of course highlights the famous Lambada or Samba. The city offers a wide variety of sites made for all kinds of tastes.

What are the means of transportation in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro is a city where you can easily walk, but there are certain activities or places that may be far away for which the ideal is to take a means of public transport.

The bus that we will find the most is buses, there are several companies that provide a network of buses with services 24 hours of the day.

It is also possible to access the Metro River which has two lines that connect the city with several important points for tourism. Yellow taxis are a distinctive means of transportation in the city, can be found very easily and is charged with taximeters according to the route.

Finally there is another means by sea which is responsible for taking people to the islands and cities that surround the bays. However, the government and the inhabitants themselves warn that it can be a danger to walk without an official tour guide, since in the city they can find unofficial transport that can be very unsafe for people, and it is recommended not to go to the favelas or if you wish It should be with a specialized guide.

What can you eat in Rio de Janeiro?

In Rio de Janeiro gastronomy varies a lot but it is possible to find for all tastes, among its most typical dishes we can find the feijoada that contains dried pork meat, rice, orange, cassava flour, etc. There is a wide variety of meats, steaks, fish, caipirinha desserts, fried bananas, among others.

In Rio you can find restaurants of all kinds where they offer specialty in different dishes, it is very common to find food in street stalls at low prices but with good seasoning, many even prefer this type of food as apart from economizing they find the most delicious and typical dishes of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

Shopping in Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro there are a lot of shops for all tastes, it is possible to find shopping centers where we will find details, clothing and accessories of international or national brand.

If you want more economic details but highlight the visit to Rio, then you have to visit the fairs where we will see many handmade details, jewelry, clothing, shoes and reminders. The fairs are blocks and stables dedicated to trade and crafts, in the center of Rio de Janeiro it is possible to go to the Saara fair where you can visit more or less ten blocks of commerce with details for all occasions, tastes and variety of price. You can buy products wholesale and retail or even make agreements with the seller to get good discounts.

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