Roses, travel guide of the Spanish city: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Spanish city of Roses with all the basics and essentials.

For lovers of tourism the city of ROSES, located at 40 km from the border with France. If your travel plan is air, your first stop would be the Gerona airport, located at 70 km from the city. From this point you will have to start a terrestrial tour, it will take you more than an hour. There you will find a village with about 15000 inhabitants, a population that increases five times in summer time reaching approximately 90.000 people.

As it is a tourist site par excellence. The climate of the city is Mediterranean in nature, with average temperatures above 30ºC during the months of summer.

Roses has a beach in the center of the city, in which it is observed its great amplitude, extension and concurrence on the part of the tourists, as main characteristics of the beach it is observed its fine sand and shallow water ideal for the practice of sports nautical and for the family. Going towards the east of the central beach you will find the port of Roses, which is destined to the fishing activity and that supplies to all the region, since its logistic operation capacity is of high volume, this measured in number of catches as in number of boats that can lodge in its facilities.

Another of the important beaches of the city is the Canyelles Petites, located at an approximate distance of 3 km from the urban center of Roses, it is a paradise sheltered from the wind, the community that resides, and works there is proud as it annually obtains the Blue Flag award granted by the European Community, distinction that generates a high tourist influx in summer time

However, if you travel some 2 kilometers to the east from this point, you will find Almadraba Beach with its 300 meters of fine sand and its intense turquoise blue waters, which will make you feel the sensation of wanting to stay there. Better said the walk through the city is essential.

But in the cultural area Roses harbors traces of different periods, being an important archaeological site, since it has a large deposit of the remains of the ancient Greek city of Rhode, a must for experts in this area of ​​science. But the city has not left aside the tourists who love nature can not miss The Natural Park dels Aiguamolls del Empordà, which offers an area with large areas of reedbeds, coastal lagoons and a sensational view to observe the large amount of migratory birds that go there when they want to feed themselves. In this place you can feed yourself with pure air, it will enardecerá the soul and your feelings to live a sunset in such spectacular earthly paradise.

We can not leave out the boat trip, you can go to the neighboring town of Cadaques, residence of the painter Salvador Dal, and for its stunning beauty has been the inspiration of several outstanding artists around the world.

Among the main architectural works and sites of interest of Roses, the Santa María Parish Church was consecrated in 1976, built on the remains of the previous temple of the Monastery of Santa María de Rosas, the Citadel of Roses, there you will find an interesting museum of interpretation , Viewpoint of Santa Rosa de Puig Rom, which offers an impressive magnanimous and romantic view, if it is to visit it with your partner. From there you will observe the whole of the gulf and the whole plain.

Once in Roses you can take a walk through the Castle of Bufalaranya, the Castle of the Trinidad, the Megalithic Set of Roses among others. In the same way you will find maritime activities such as kayaking, parasailing, kite surfing, scuba diving, among others.

But we can not leave aside what gives us energy to perform all the previous activities, if the food, obviously because of its geographical location, its cuisine is based on fresh fish and seafood. One of its traditional and representative dishes is the Suquet de Pescado de Roses, and the international recognition was not long in coming, since there is the house of chef Ferran Adrià, who with his restaurant El Bulli, has been considered for several years the best restaurant in the world.

Also, dear friend, you can access excursion tourism. One of the most interesting routes is the Ruta de los Olivares, with a duration of approximately 2 hours, this begins and ends at the entrance of the urbanization of Mas Oliva. Once at the starting point, we begin to travel the first section, we take the Oslo street parallel to the Ginjolers river, the most prominent within the municipality of Roses. Once the asphalted section is finished, we begin the excursion between aligned olive fields, there we will observe the process of extracting one of the most exquisite oils, attributed to the good climate of the region and a fertile land. Taking a look at the valley, we can distinguish, in the background the l'Alzeda, dominating the plain and still inhabited.

As we approach the first crossroads of four roads we can see to the right the path that will take us to the centennial olive tree of Roses, an imposing and majestic tree, composed of an imposing trunk demonstrating its solemnity and persistence throughout the years. Returned to the point where we crossed to visit such an emblematic natural monument, in a straight line, at a distance of approximately 200 meters, there will be another intersection of roads, if we turn right we will go to find another tree of local interest: the Pi d'en Rahola , imposingly tall and large pine.

Back to the main road, we will pass through olive groves that let us know the importance of this crop in the past. Today this crop is considered as natural, cultural and social heritage of Roses. At the end of the journey, we will find the paved road to return to the starting point.

So dear traveler that if for some reason you want to enjoy your vacation, without a doubt should be given the opportunity to visit the city.

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