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Samos Island Guide (Greece)

In this guide we will talk about the Samos island, a paradise island Greek belonging to the Eastern Sporades Islands.
Located in the blue and crystal clear waters of Aegean Sea, is close to the coast of Türkiye and has the island of Chios to the north and the island of Patmo to the south, which can be two other good places to drop in for a few more days.

It is part of Dodecanese archipelago (the twelve islands) known for its wonderful beaches, its hospitable people and its excellent fresh fish.

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How to get to Samos?

If you have chosen as a destination for your vacation this beautiful island can be reached by plane Samos International Airport located at 20km. from the city of Samos, that is, about 40 minutes. This airport is small and there are few airlines that operate in it, most of the flights go to or come from its neighbor TürkiyeGermany, United Kingdom, Austria and the own Greece, among other few populations.

The airport has services of taxis, local bus y rent a carAs well as offers travel agencies for its visitors.

In this way, you must make a stopover to these cities to later go to Samos by plane, or as a route a lot prettier y recommendable, you can go to International Airport Athens or to anyone in the heart of Greece, and from the port ofPireo enjoy a lovely trip en ferry which can last between 5 and 9 hours to our destination, depending on whether you want to contemplate other spectacular islands of the Dodecanese that surround Samos and Siros, TinosMykonos o Andros.

It will be a experience really moment e essential.

How to get around Samos?

Port of the island of Samos, Greek Islands
Port of the island of Samos, Greek Islands © ctppix -

Samos se distinguishes of the nearby islands for their incomparable natural beauty, because large mountain ranges making it the greenest island thanks to its olive trees, which contrast with the beautiful plains and incredible beaches, offering us a very diverse and spectacular landscape, suitable for all kinds of tastes.

It's more great than most other Greek islands and the most recommended is rent a car or even motorcycle to discover much more among its landscapes.

It is also a good option to get a bike and a good hiking equipment because only in this way can you find spectacular lost corners and real beauty totally virgins y little traveled, because this island in summer is quite visited and you may sometimes want greater tranquility.

It should be noted that it has local bus but it is not very comfortable or recommended since most times do not coincide and it does not stop at places considered unmissable.

Recommended beaches in Samos

El charm of this island and its greater attractive are the amount of hidden beaches of which it has. Each piece of land has countless little coves where to bathe in the sun. A good option is to get to the town of Cochicas and take one of the boats to move to dwarfs y paradisiacal microislas San Nicolás y Macronisi, completely uninhabited and perfectly walkable.

Tsambou Beach in Samos, Greek Islands
Tsambou Beach in Samos, Greek Islands © stockbksts -

Below we will name some of the beaches that cannot be missed, even so we emphasize that the best way to perceive the great beauty of Samos is to be lost. If you enjoy white sand, the beach of Psili Ammos will amaze you.

Located in the Eastern zone, to some 10 km of the hotel zone of Samos. Recommended in winter since it is home to the island's flamingos, a truly magical setting.

Samos is a volcanic island and for this reason the beaches are bathed in a warm golden color of the sand, the most remarkable is that of Potokaki, but you should keep in mind that it is very crowded in summer, as well as Lemonakia, but this has soft white sand that will seem like heaven. Near this we find the beach of Kokkari considered by many one of the best on the island.

Other recommended beaches are Karlovassi, near the urban center with one of the best natural conditions there are countless services and leisure, Kedros, with one of the most crystal clear waters on the entire island, and the list would go on with Kerveli, Heraion, Mykali or Pythagorio, Among many others.

What to see and do in Samos?

Apart from the beauty of its coast, Samos can be visited in any time of the year because it has innumerable activitiesso much aquatic, diving, windsurfing, among others, as Hikingcanyoningescalation and even winter sports on top Kerkishighest mountain of the island.

Ruins of Karlovassi in Samos, Greek Islands
Karlovassi Ruins in Samos, Greek Islands © crimson -

In the capital of the island, Vervis The city of Samos, built like an amphitheater, has its own port and has an archaeological museum where one of the most amazing collections in Greece can be found. It also highlights its religious tradition with the ecclesiastical museum and nearby monasteries to visit called Soodoju Piguis y Ayia Zoni.

For archeology lovers the town of Pithagorio will be a santuario well it's pretty well preserved and you can see monuments like the reinforced wall, where they have been found vestiges of the necropolis and a ancient theater, next to the Eupalino aqueduct, hills of Casteli and AmbelosMonastery of the Virgin of the Cave and hill of the castle of Logotetes.

The people of Hereo It can be another beautiful place to visit because it is the most important sanctuary of the island consecrated to the goddess Hera. On the same coast is the town of Carlovasi, magnificently traditional and authentic that wraps in a special aura given the amount of very important monasteries. In 2 km. it's found Cosmadei, where you can visit the famous cave that sheltered Pythagoras.

Where to stay in Samos?

The island has very many people hospital that will not hesitate for a second help him in any village where you decideLodge. The most important cities and therefore more tourist and with all kinds of services and luxuries they are the capital, Samos, Pythagoras, Karlovassi, Vatha y Kokkari, obviously in this area the accommodation is more expensive.

Keep in mind that the whole island is Very safe and the people very calm, but if you want a site more relaxed any town, either coastal and fishermen, I eat more mountainous and with amazing views, it will be your own little paradisewhere can savor more the Greek traditional life with lower cost monetary.

At almost any moment you can have accommodation as there is hotelsapartments o Bed and Breackfast in most of the island and for any price within a minimum, so staying will not be more than an economic cost.