Santillana del Mar, travel guide of the Spanish city: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Spanish city of Santillana del Mar with all the essentials and essentials.

Santillana del Mar is a municipality and town of Cantabria (Spain), is also popularly called with the title of village of the three lies, since neither is holy, nor flat, nor has sea but this is referring to the town not the municipality which does have a coast.

With a population close to four thousand inhabitants it becomes a genteel and hospitable town, which tells the stranger its main tourist attraction that is in the vicinity of the municipality, there is the cave of Altamira considered the Sistine Chapel of Quaternary art, declared and protected as a World Heritage Site.

It is the tourist door of Cantabria, being one of the most visited municipalities and an essential destination for tourists who travel to the region. Tourism has become the economic engine of the town, where it has developed a large number of hotels, rural lodgings and craft shops that offer typical products of the region and its manufacture; However, another of the important activities dedicated to its inhabitants is the agricultural activity, which allows them to cover the demand for vegetables and legumes consumed in the region.

In July of 2013, Santillana del Mar manages to be part of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Turning into one of the most attractive towns for tourism. As a traveler friend can see in what little we have been able to know between the lines of this beautiful town, it can give us enormous satisfaction when making a visit.

Among other tourist attractions Santillana del Mar offers, Zoological and Botanical Garden of important dimensions, which is characterized to house in its great majority the Iberian fauna, among the most outstanding we can find the insectarium, colonized in its totality by butterflies of very diverse characteristics and provenances, once visited these places the next suggested destination are the museums, some of which we can visit is Jesus Otero, Diocesan Regina Coeli and the Inquisition.

The paved roads, through the passage of the years that have been restored, were converted into market stores, which are dedicated to the sale of typical Cantabrian products, several of these are food, for example or the most important and that You should not miss the Santoña anchovies, the cecina de deer and the sobao pasiego, so your exquisite palate will be satisfied, but there is not only gastronomic offer in these places, they are also dedicated to the sale of handicrafts, in which the sculptures of characters from Cantabrian mythology predominate.

You can not miss the Altamira caves, this cave you can find the most famous prehistoric paintings in the world. The discovery of these caves dates back to the end of the 14.000th century, giving rise to an enormous controversy and subsequent commotion among the scientific community of the time, incredulous at first to admit the age of the paintings that lay on their walls close to 1.868 years . This formation was found by chance in the year 1.879 by Modesto Cubillas, however the "polychrome room", would be discovered in XNUMX, during a visit produced by Sanz de Sautuola with his daughter Maria.

When we go there we can make a little visit and see how one of the most important monuments of our country is conserved and that is ultimately something that we should see at least once.

Santillana del Mar, not only has the caves as a tourist attraction, which can no longer be accessed so easily at present; Another great site is the village of the Monastery of Santa Juliana, where it was characterized by a great economic splendor in the XII and XIII centuries, leaving evidence of this time the beautiful cloister, mansions and palaces that make up this town.

There we can locate the headquarters of today's Santillana Foundation, these buildings are The towers of Merino and Don Borja that are among the oldest civil constructions, so it is essential to plan a walking tour of this cobbled town to admire the whole its fullness and splendor the beauty of its medieval streets and buildings. Once in this place we will see front of majestic buildings like the houses of the Eagle and the Vine (where the Regional Government has installed an exhibition hall), the palace and the tower of Velarde, the house of Leonor de la Vega, the palaces of Barreda, Tagle and Villa and a very long etcetera that would be too extensive to enumerate.

But nature has not been left behind, the municipality has great wealth in this aspect, enjoy an impressive coastline that invites activity such as fishing and recreation recreational in its quiet beaches of Santa Justa and Ubiarco, offering different activities of nature aquatic to enjoy together with our families, being a destination desired by any kind of tourist, thanks to its strong cultural and recreational conformation that it offers during the year.

Santillana de Mar in short, is one of the most attractive points of Cantabria and an essential place to be visited by tourists and is that we can not forget in addition to the history that enclose each of its corners and that make when walking through its streets we are imbued with the aroma of centuries of history, because it is not for less, because with the passage of time, Santillana del Mar has become one of the most chosen tourist destinations for those who prefer to spend a few days quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

For all that we have said and for the small journey we have made, it is worth going a few days and check everything with our own eyes, so you can discover that we are not lying and that everything is true.

Do not think twice and take a walk around its beaches, take advantage of its gastronomy and spend unforgettable days.

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