Sendaviva, fun for the whole family

We recently had the opportunity to enjoy a stay in the park of Sendaviva, located in the heart of Navarra, known for being a park that tries to mix nature with fun attractions.

It was quite a surprise to discover that the park has been able to combine the 3 possibilities for the whole family: the part oriented to the contact with nature and animals, attractions for the smallest and the most adult and the Shows, which makes the park a multi-thematic site that I think is worth visiting at least once in your life.

The park is located in an ideal area because, in its surroundings, there is a great diversity of tourist spots which allows us to plan a very complete weekend getaway of tourism for both the elderly and the little ones.

Location of the Sendaviva park

For those who may be interested to approach you, you will find located in Arguedas, Navarra, on the road Virgen del Yugo. The park opens its facilities to the 11: 00 and closes them to the 20: 00. A tip for those who are going to go: despite the fact that the park has a gigantic parking lot, with which there are no problems to park, the retentions in the entrances to the entrance are usually important since the last kilometers are accessed through a national highway, so you have to be proactive and try to go a little before opening hours.

After walking about 5 minutes from the parking lot (yes, there is a fairly long walk from where you leave the car to the main entrance of the park) you will arrive at the main entrance, once there, keep in mind that There are two queues, one to take the entrance and another to access if you already have the ticket purchased, be careful with this lest you drop half an hour in the queue that is not. And another thing, they are VERY, but VERY heavy with the issue of not putting food in the park.

And I do not talk about sandwiches or tuppers anymore, nor do two-year-old children let them put in little worms, honestly, I found it a very ugly gesture. I can come to understand that they want people to spend money on eating inside the park, but the "sweets" of the kids seemed unfortunate to me (and if someone from the park reads this opinion and does not like it, I am sorry for them, but I am not going to change it, it is what there is).

On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that if you intend to take chairs for small children, you should be calm all the accesses of the park are very well prepared and there is no problem to access any site.

How Sendaviva Park is divided inside

Once past the main entrance, you will meet with 4 clearly differentiated areas: The town, fair, farm and forest. You can go from one area to another walking, 5-10 minutes on foot, but if you do not feel like it, there is a train and some trucks that are taking people from one area to another. They pass continuously, so the wait is not very heavy (although if the weather is good, I recommend walking, so you will enjoy the views of the park).

Plan of the Sendaviva Park
Plan of the Sendaviva Park

Zones of Sendaviva: the town

It's about the first thing you'll find more of going through the ticket offices, here you'll find a bar where to drink something, toilets, Information point Where to buy a map of Sendaviva at the reasonable price of 20 cents, a slide for the little ones, the enchanted mansion and a XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter The one who, if you toss him a euro coin, raises his tail and throws a small tennis ball, there is nothing special, but the children find it very funny.

With respect to enchanted Mansion, take into account that places are limited and that you have to reserve (within the same area of ​​the town, at the information point) if you want to access it.

Sendaviva areas: the fair

Is the area closest to the village area, you will arrive in a few 5 minutes on foot if you do not want to wait for the train or the trucks and on the way you can enjoy the vision of dromedaries o oxen. Here is also one of those donkeys that for a euro throws a ball for children.

This area is the most suitable for the smallest of the house, since it is here where the circus (no need to book but there are only 3 passes a day) whose show lasts half an hour. The notice goes ahead: two people in the first row are taken out as "volunteers", I say it because it happened to me 🙂

Sendaviva Steam Train
Sendaviva Steam Train

In this area you can already enjoy the first animals as this is where the Tigers, zebras, monkeys or the wallabies, these and many more animals can be seen thanks to a path that runs through all the areas where they are.

With regard to food you will find a restaurant, where, go ahead, the food is super expensive and the quality leaves much to be desired, but it is something that is very typical of these places. In addition, there is a area where to buy ice cream and all kinds of whims for the little ones.

As for the attractions, it is the ideal area for the little ones since everything is geared towards them, there is a train that makes a small tour among farm animals, horsesa mini free fall, a small zip line, magic mirrors, motor boats, etc ... Come on, in this area you can spend all day without getting bored.

Sendaviva areas: the farm

Sendaviva bird of prey
Sendaviva bird of prey

As you might have guessed, in this area we will find that precisely, that is, farm animals, which, as always, will delight the little ones. In addition to this and as it happens in the rest of the areas, there are attractions of all kinds where I think it is worth highlighting the cars and a mini zip line. Next to the cars there will be an area with tables and chairs where you can rest and have a drink.

For having, there is even for the little ones a animation group that invites them to sing and dance so they can have the best possible time (although sometimes it's up to the parents to do the same thing).

But it is in this area where older people can begin to enjoy some attractions, such as freefall (35m) or the “tubing"Where you get on a float and are dropped by a pending" lady. " The floats to go down are collected at the end of the fall, very close to the area where the bird flight show is held, I comment on this in case you go directly above everything.

As I just mentioned, this is where the show of birds of prey, as happens with the circus It's free and there are 3 passes a day, it is totally recommendable if you have never seen the eagles or the hawks never fly live.

Sendaviva areas: the forest

The forest area has two of the great attractions of this park, the bobsleigh and the big zip line. In the first, the bobsleigh, you go up to the top of the mountain and go down at full speed, really simulating the route that is done in real bobsleigh, it is worth trying it, that if, as you can imagine, it is one of the Most popular attractions, so the queue is usually important.

In the second, the large zip line, you have to live to enjoy it as the capacity is limited, it costs two euros the trip and you have to reserve in the same park before (It is done at the information point in the area of ​​the fair).

Note that all this is a small summary of what is in the park, if you want to see 100% everything that is offered, stop by its website where you can see all the information in full:

Price of tickets, discounts and subscriptions

Entrance tickets Sendaviva
Entrance tickets Sendaviva @https: //ón-blanco-modelo-3d-isolated-1904645/

To get the most updated prices do not forget to visit the official website of the park (you have it just in the previous paragraph), At the time of writing this article, adult tickets cost 28 euros and that of children (from 5 years) 21 euros.

By the way, there is usually a better price if you buy it online the entrances besides that you avoid the queues to buy the tickets in the own sendaviva.

If you intend to go more than once in the year, there are tickets for both adults and children And they are valid to go all year round as many times as you want, the adult one is € 90 and the child (> 5 years) € 70. There is another option which is the family voucher, € 210 up to 5 people (2 adults and 3 children).

With regard to discounts, few options we have had occasion to find, the only thing we have seen is that in the same park they usually offer a discount of one 50% for the second day you visit the park.

Where can I stay if I want to sleep?

One of the problems that you will have to face (unless you live near the place where Sandaviva is based) is the fact that coming and going in the day is a real beating. In our case, getting to the park took us two and a half hours in the morning so we decided that at night it was best to sleep in a nearby hotel and thus also, we took the opportunity to tour the surroundings since, everything is said by the way , there are a lot of places to visit.

The Bed4U Castejón hotel

Hotel Bed4U Castejón near Sendaviva
Hotel Bed4U Castejón near Sendaviva

We sleep to choose the hotel Bed4U Castejónwhich, by the way, is strategically placed and prepared to accommodate all those who come to visit Sendavida just 20 km away.

See prices and availability in

Great attention, by the way, from the hotel staff, good food (including buffet option) and spacious, clean and well-organized rooms. There is no doubt that if we had to return it would be an option to repeat.

By the way, the hotel Bed4U Castejón usually offers according to season joint offers of accommodation + entrance in Sendaviva, in this way you can always save yourself some eurillos.

Sendaviva and its mobile application

blankIf you do not intend to spend the 20 cents to buy a map of the park, quiet, throughout most areas of the park you will find a big map where you can check at all times where you are and where you can go.

In any case and fortunately, in Sendaviva they have invested in their time in the construction of a mobile application with all the information of the park, the plan, the schedules of the shows and a description of all the attractions and points of interest that you will find within Sendaviva, search in your corresponding market (android market / app store) and download it, it's worth it just to have the information updated and available at all times.

Tourism around Sendaviva

If you want to go sightseeing and sightseeing around Sendaviva, you must know what you have done but that very well. The strategic location of the Sendaviva Park makes it easy to reach various places that, in our opinion, are worth visiting.

Visit Old town of Tudela, come up to the incredible Olite medieval castle, Walk the natural park of the Bárdenas Reales, dare with the Vegetable labyrinth of El Bocal or rest in the warm waters of the Termolúdico de Cascante are just some of the options that you can plan on your trip to Sendaviva Park.

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