Seven reasons to visit Jordan in one week

Jordan Petra Desert
Jordan Petra Desert (c) Can Stock Photo / demerzel21

Travel. That verb that hides much more than a word made up of six letters. Adventures, experiences, culture, personal enrichment… There are many things that a trip can mean for a person, especially if he discovers enigmatic places that capture his soul for everything that awaits its corners, its localities, its people. Travel it is a way of writing in the book of life, and there is no better way to fill pages and pages than visiting places that have a lot to offer.

If that's your goal, write this destination on your list: Jordan. Its history, its monuments, its natural reserves and even its spas are some of the reasons why it is worth living an adventure in this country. The best way to get to know Jordan is through a planned and organized trip, and for this an ideal option is check the TierraSinai circuits, website where you can find different alternatives for the appetite of any traveler eager for culture and knowledge of other customs and ways of living.

This small Middle Eastern nation has gained prominence as a target for tourists for the past few years for all it has to share with those looking for more than just a vacation trip. Those people who, more than a few days of disconnection, they want to visit places that leave a mark on their memory, that mark a before and after and make that trip a pleasant memory to keep for life.

What to see in Jordan in a week?

History, culture, art, gastronomy ... There are many reasons why visit Jordan for several days and get to know their customs and way of life. Deserts, ancient cities, legends under scientific study or even castles make up a long list of recommendations to see or enjoy in this country. With enough organization, a week can be an ideal period to immerse yourself in idyllic places.

Jerash, a must see

Just knowing that its nickname is "the Pompeii of Asia" is possible to get an idea of ​​the importance of the city of Jerash. It is a Roman city, one of the oldest that can be found in the East but, in turn, one of the best preserved. Why? Because until the 20s of the XNUMXth century it remained hidden under the desert sands. Admiring points such as the Oval Plaza or Hadrian's Arch will be key to understanding the size of Jerash.

Petra, the pink city

With the nickname of the "pink city" or "the lost city", Petra is a mandatory stop on any travel plan to Jordan. More than 2000 years old, this city has an interesting history as a point of reference on trade routes since its foundation. In addition, discovering enclaves such as the Treasury, the Monastery, and the final section of the Siq gorge is a real sight to behold. There is the option of taking routes of up to 12 kilometers to discover Petra in its entirety and account for its beauty and historical importance.

Wadi Rum, the night in the desert

If there is a peculiar desert in the world, that is the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. We are talking about a mountainous desert that is located 1.600 meters above sea level. Jeep tours are available to admire corners such as dunes, gorges or even authentic stone bridges. In addition, a unique experience will be spending the night in a tent to admire a clean and spectacular sky full of stars.

Amman, the white city

We arrived in Amman, also known as the “white city”, an enclave that has the honor of being the capital of this country and that makes a notable difference within the territory itself. As capital, it is a metropolis that combines history and tradition with modernity. It can be seen in the architecture that the most recent constructions present, in contrast to the historical buildings. The white color is the one that predominates in this city located on seven hills.

Karak Castle, an enigmatic fortress

Strolling through the deserts of Jordan can perfectly become a route between castles, but there are several that are interesting to visit. The most imposing and best preserved is the Karak Castle, which can be discovered on the way between cities such as Petra and Amman. Basically ehe Karak castle is a fortress of about 1.000 meters of altitude built in the Middle Ages to protect trade routes with neighboring territories.

Aqaba, a unique port

Jordan borders two seas: the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, and it is precisely in the latter where we can find the only port in the entire country. We talk about Aqaba, a tourist city that is usually the end point of any planned trip to Jordan. In Aqaba it is possible to fully enjoy Jordanian gastronomy, a great commercial offer and the relaxation of being by the sea.

The Red Sea, the waters of a possible miracle

Precisely, Aqaba is the perfect connection point with the Red Sea, also known as "Mar de los Juncos" or "Mar de las Cañas". In the port of Aqaba all kinds of activities to enjoy in the water are available for both tourists and the population. One of the most popular is diving or snorkeling, with which you can enjoy a seabed rich in nuances, full of life with corals, turtles and all kinds of fauna such as goldfish.

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