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Can you imagine finding a hotel where you can rest and enjoy all the measures they offer and at the same time you can enjoy the best slimming treatments, because although this seems like a dream it is not, since there are such facilities that are responsible to provide you with the best service for you to relax, enjoy and take care of yourself at the same time.

We know that facing the weight loss process in which you have to change your eating habits and exercise a lot can be complicated even a real headache. So that this is not so and you can overcome this stage without major problems, slimming hotels They offer you a series of alternatives that will allow you to lose those extra pounds and avoid spoiling your progress when you travel.

Let's see some options that you can find in this type of hotels that are part of the new trend of healthy tourism.


This is one of the processes that hotels offer when it comes to going slimming vacation, is based on the use of water to clean the impurities of the body, thus eliminating toxins, helping to purify the blood and the immune system.
This type of treatment is done using spring water with medicinal mineral properties that are combined with a healthy low-calorie diet contributing to weight loss.

Healthy gastronomy

One of the fundamental elements that are taken into account in the hotels to lose weight is the food that the people who stay there must have, for this they have personalized menus, adapted to specific diets such as gluten-free, sugar, vegan, among others . All this without sacrificing taste and variety.

Also within the facilities they have nutrition professionals who will be in charge of pointing out the most effective diet for each guest, if they require it, in addition to guiding them in search of a change in eating habits and thus achieve a healthy weight loss that I can keep on time.

Health technology

Technological advances bring great changes in the field of health that is why in these facilities they have wireless pulse monitors, blood sugar, as well as calorie trackers, this in order to always keep their guests monitored.

Spa services

More and more hotels to lose weight offer among its services, relaxation, enjoyment and treatments offered by a spa. These services may include different slimming treatments such as reducing massages, body wraps, sound wave therapies, in addition to the well-known relaxing massages, beauty treatments and other relaxation methods that certainly help complement the search for weight loss

5 star training

One of the things that costs us the most when starting the weight loss process is to keep up with the workouts, so that this is not a headache, the hotels that are dedicated to this type of services have implemented a series of exercises based in the same methodology by which professional athletes are governed in which they seek to create short-term objectives that guests can meet.

All this with the help of professionals who will guide you to train in the most appropriate way according to your physical conditions.


Although many often think that yoga is practiced only for relaxation they are wrong, since this activity also helps to burn a large amount of calories, as well as to improve the sleep immune system that is essential to achieve the ideal weight.

Outdoor slimming

Having contact with nature is always very revitalizing for health and energy, that is why these types of hotels have a wide range of options where their guests can do outdoor tourism, staying active while connecting with nature.

Thermal treatments

Another of the options that are handled when talking about losing weight are those that are based on thermal water treatments, so these hotels offer bithermal pools, hot tubs, steam showers, saunas and cold water baths for their clients They can relax and lose weight at the same time.

Having the best service and personalized attention is ideal when you are going to start with a treatment to reduce measures, that is why if you want to have a vacation that is unforgettable, but at the same time you can lower those extra pounds Stop looking for the best hotels to lose weight.

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