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Map where is the city of Sorrento

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Trip to Sorrento (Italy)

Sorrento It is a town in Italian Campania. In this area you can see impressive contrasts: from the sea to the mountains, from the plain to the cliff. A place where culture and nature take on meaning.

This enclave has been controlled by different empires. Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Lombards and Normans have contributed their archaeological, cultural and artistic wealth.

But it has not only influenced tangible things, but Sorrentinos. The character of the locals will make you enjoy like never before. Located near Naples, Sorrento will meet your expectations whatever your preferences. Ready to find out?

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How to get to the city of Sorrento

There are three routes to choose from: land, sea and air. The Italian Campania area has a very good road and motorway network. If you are in another area of ​​Italy and want to visit Sorrento you will have no problem. There are 3 highways that lead here and several lines of regular buses what will they bring you from Roma , Milan or any other city. From Naples you can catch a train It takes about half an hour.

The Neapolitans have a very important port in Italy, which also has regular routes to Sorrento. If you want to taste the sea, it may be a good occasion.

And by air, the means of transport most frequented by tourists: the plane. 8 km from Naples you have the Capodichino airport, although you will have to complete the trip with a train or a bus. As there is a lot of demand it is easy to find combinations.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs.

Flights to Sorrento


Is there public transportation?

To this question I think I have answered in part. It is very well connected by trains and buses with the surrounding cities. Sorrento itself is a relatively small town, no more than 16.000 inhabitants. Unless you have a special need, you don't need to take a bus to go to the museums, especially if you stay near the center where practically everything is at hand.

If the bus doesn't convince you to go on an excursion, you can always rent a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle. It is an almost permanent service in Italian tourist villas that you can take advantage of so as not to depend on schedules. You can also call a taxi, but I warn you that it is very expensive !!

Interesting activities and gastronomy

The first thing is to know the insides of Sorrento. A tour of the old town It will reveal its most hidden secrets to you. The cathedral presents a mix of interesting styles, since it was built in 1474, it was Romanesque time but the Renaissance was beginning to appear. Also inside are different pieces that correspond to the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

Sorrento Italy Aerial View
Sorrento Italy Aerial View @https: //
Following the journey back in time, the church of San Francesco also shows an original combination. Its first construction dates from the XNUMXth century, but an extension was made in the XNUMXth century. The mix of styles and cultures make this monument a special place. Something similar happens with the Basilica of San Antonino. It was built in the XNUMXth century, but inside there are remains of Roman culture. The style is a very interesting Byzantine-Roman mix.

Other archaeological relics are the Quattrocentesca House, Palazzo Veniero, Palazzo Correale or the ruins of an old mill behind Piazza Tasso. The medieval walls they are also interesting.

To transport yourself to the life of the ordinary Sorrentinos of the time, a good idea is to visit the Bottega della Tarsia Lignea museum, based mostly on art. Paintings and frescoes are the highlight, although you can also learn a lot about marquetry, the typical woodwork of Campania. By the way, this art is still in force and draws a lot of attention from visitors. On the other hand the Correale di Terranova museum focuses on Italian life in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. It is a collection of unique pieces that belonged to a noble family, the Correale family: furniture, porcelain and various historical finds.

On the other hand, if you prefer to focus on the current life of Sorrento you can immerse yourself in the many traditional shows and festivals. With the Tasso theater you will discover the Tarantella, a traditional Sorrentine dance.

The mall offers you an incredible variety of products. The market Tuesday is remarkable. There are many typical shops of Greco-Roman origin, with artisan products made of wood, ceramics and wax; silver and coral jewelry ... all handmade. It is also the perfect place to enjoy gastronomy: fruits, vegetables, all kinds of cakes and liquors ... Don't forget to try the limoncello!

And for the more active, you can choose different excursions and routes of Hiking. There are 34 routes that will help you get to know the area. Some lead to very high points from which you can see the entire coast, or the islands that surround the peninsula.

Or maybe you prefer the beach. We also have a beach!

The best beaches of Sorrento

Beach of the village of Sorrento in Italy
Beach of the village of Sorrento in Italy (c) Can Stock Photo

Being honest, Sorrento is not a place where tourists go to look for beach.

It is practically surrounded by mountains and cliffs, which makes it difficult to access the two beaches it has: Marina Piccola and Marina Grande.

The road to Marina Grande, for example, borders a spectacular cliff.

But beware, that does not mean they are not pretty. On the contrary, it has charm.

If you go a little south of Sorrento you will find a more crowded beach, Point of the Capo.

It is some distance away and you will have to take a bus, but it is worth seeing.

Where to stay

And to enjoy all these activities you need to rest well. Which area is the best to sleep in Sorrento?

As I mentioned before, it is a small town, so all the hotels are practically grouped together in the middle, Via Correale and Corso Italia. You can find accommodation for all budgets: luxury and cheap. But not because they are cheap, they offer a worse service. On the contrary, Sorrento hotels are known for their friendliness and the quality of the rooms. Also in this area you will find many restaurants and different services that will make your stay more pleasant.

If you prefer a hotel on the beach you have the Marina Piccola 73, which offers unique views.

You will have found that you have a choice. In Sorrento boredom is prohibited. Have you already chosen your essential activity?


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