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Trip to Cuenca (Spain)

The city of Cuenca is located in the center of Spain, forming part of the community of Castilla La Mancha, very close to Madrid and given its proximity to Valencia makes this city a constant site of tourism, hundreds of travelers visit Cuenca every day attracted by its old town.

As ToledoAlso World Heritage CityLet's know how to get to the city of Cuenca, there are several ways to get to Cuenca, from conventional transport in your own vehicle, the traditional bus or the new AVE connections.

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How to get to Cuenca?

If we choose to come by high-speed train, we must know that the station is located on the outskirts of Cuenca, to get from the station AVE Fernando Zobel To the old town of Cuenca we must take the urban bus line that leaves us in the center of Cuenca and from there we can walk in a pleasant walk or take another bus that goes up to the old town of Cuenca, remember that like almost all cities Old are built in the form of fortresses and Cuenca was not going to be less, its monumental area is on a great slope.

If we come in our own transport, the most advisable thing is to park the vehicle in the auditorium parking lot, my personal opinion is to go all the way to the top and leave the car parked for free in the area of ​​the Castle neighborhood.

In this way we will already be at the top of the city of Cuenca and we will only have to make the route in descending order.

Cuenca: a city with a lot of history

Lobetanos, Concanos and Romans, the first inhabitants of what is now Cuenca, spent several years in the hands of the Muslims, until the Christian troops with the king Alfonso VIII At the head they managed to reconquer it, to celebrate this event the king decided to celebrate it and continuing with this tradition since 1177 the party continues to be celebrated on September 21 in honor of the conquest of Cuenca, the name of this festival is San Mateo.

View of houses on the rock in Cuenca, Spain
View of houses on the rock in Cuenca, Spain © Freesurf -

The Arrival in Cuenca: knowing the best ways to get to Cuenca, now we will see how to see the city in a practical way, some people prefer to go to the tourist information point before visiting a city, in the case of Cuenca the tourist office is located in the Plaza before Major, we can stock up on maps, museum schedules or the different art exhibitions.

Now we will have to program a route, it is not the same to have a whole weekend or make an express visit and return the same day to our point of origin. In fact, the monumental area of ​​Cuenca is all compressed into the same nucleus, which makes it easy for us to see the entire city without making great displacements.

  • The hanged houses: undoubtedly the emblem of the city and the monument that every traveler takes a souvenir photograph, the hanging houses is the most universal site in Cuenca and from what everyone knows this city, this popular architecture is a medieval construction that borders the sickle of the JúcarIn the past, the entire sickle was full of these constructions, today there are only 3 left. Fortunately, they are rehabilitated and are used by the museum of Contemporary Spanish Art and a restaurant.

  • Convent of San Pablo: a spectacular monumental building, it is part of the network of paradores in Spain and from there we can contemplate panoramic views of the entire sickle, the interior can be visited, you can walk through its cloister or reserve a table for dinner, to get to the Parador we have to cross the also emblematic iron bridge called the same name as the parador.

  • Cuenca Cathedral: It was the first Gothic-style cathedral in Castilla and together with the Avila Cathedral of the first in Spain, due to a series of unfortunate events the facade had to be rebuilt up to 3 times, even the exterior facade that we can see without To finish, inside we find some fantastic works of bars and several altars worthy of the best cathedrals in the world.

View of the Cathedral of Cuenca, Spain
View of the Cathedral of Cuenca, Spain © JackF -

These are the most important places to visit in Cuenca, we can continue our visit to Cuenca by seeing the Mangana Tower, the Historical Archive or doing some hiking routes in the surroundings, for my part I would include in my route a couple of museums of interest, these These are the museums that you cannot miss in Cuenca.

  • science Museum: this museum is ideal to be visited with children, since it has a route designed to visit with school-age children, from the creation of the world to its different stages, dinosaurs found in archaeological sites, an area with a planetarium and workshops didactics are the greatest value of this museum which is considered the best science museum in Castilla-LaMancha.

  • El Museum of Holy Week: the very festival of Holy Week in Cuenca is a special event, in this way this celebration is distinguished as a festival of international interest, with this point of view, the Cuenca brotherhoods and brotherhoods considered creating a museum with a permanent exhibition of memories.

  • Found Objects Art Gallery and Antonio Pérez Foundation: Throughout his life the collector Antonio Pérez collected everyday objects that he found on the street and acquired many other important works, the result is a wonderful art gallery with a unique style and charm. 

The surroundings of Cuenca: great natural charm

Panoramic view of Cuenca, Spain
Panoramic view of Cuenca, Spain © air -

Although in Cuenca there are many monuments, unique buildings and large palatial houses, things change when we enter its rural province, and this change may be for the better for a lot, especially for those in love with nature, Cuenca has one of the more extensive provinces with great natural values.

  • Source of the Cuervo River: waterfall with a unique charm in the form of rivulets through which the water gushes out in a travertine way, we see how a rich flora grows on the edges of the limestone, in times of heavy rains we see how abundant water splashes this natural corner, not to be missed own area with extensive pine forests.

  • Enchanted city: a place with rocky formations, created by the prolonged erosion of the climate, this site is a very popular place in the province of Cuenca.

  • The Torcas de los PalancaresThey are depressions or holes with a length of about 20-40 meters formed more than 70 million years ago, there are a total of 20 torques located in that area.

Some more information about Cuenca

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