Sun cream, nail clippers, ham and a surfboard: what can you carry in your carry-on bag?

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  • More than half of travelers are planning to take hand luggage and do not check in luggage
  • The 9% of respondents said that Iberian ham is an essential product to include in the suitcase this holiday 

Madrid, 17 of July of 2018.- With the month of August at the door, who else who has least in mind everything you need to include in the suitcases with which to travel this vacation. Although we want to take only what is necessary, preparing the luggage is no trivial task; You have to decide if you will be billed or not. According to a survey * conducted by the metasearch engine Skyscanner, the 52% of travelers are clear that they will fly with their luggage in the cabin. For the 30%, on the other hand, invoicing is essential, and the 18% indicates that it will decide at the last moment. There are many airlines that allow travelers Check a suitcase around 23 kg. for free and in the rest, the price is approximately 30-40 €, so taking it in the cabin or leaving it before boarding depends on personal preferences.

Swimwear, toiletries, sports equipment, what are the essential products for Spanish travelers? Five out of ten users consulted indicate that sunscreen and anti mosquito spray are the most necessary elements to introduce into the summer luggage. Those who do not intend to check their bags will have to take into account the existing restrictions to transport any liquid container in the carry-on baggage, because if this is greater than 100 ml it will be requisitioned in the security control, so it is important be made with bottles of cream, gel, shampoo or toothpaste 'travel size' (100 ml). There is the same limitation for spray against mosquitoes, deodorants or colognes, being advisable to transfer part of that liquid to a nebulizer of, at most, the indicated dimension. In addition, all this must be in a transparent bag with a closure system and a total volume of no more than one liter, and must be placed in a visible and separate from the rest of the baggage in the inspection tray. It does not matter that the boat that we carry is half empty; Any container that exceeds the 100ml will remain on the ground.

The second group of elements without which the 31% of travelers say they can not travel is made up of makeup and beauty products such as tweezers or nail clippers. Who has not hesitated to include these products in carry-on luggage? For makeup the rules to follow are the same as for containers with liquids and both tweezers and nail clippers are allowed in the cabin, as well as disposable razor blades. Those who prefer to shave with a knife or want to travel with scissors whose leaves exceed 6 centimeters in length from the axis, however, must check their suitcase since these products are considered dangerous on board.

Not without my ham

The 9% of the respondents consider it essential to include a little Iberian ham in their suitcase, either for their own consumption or to entertain those who visit abroad. And the rules make clear that packaged foods or honey or jam containers that are considered liquid can travel in the cabin as long as they are included in the plastic bag mentioned and do not exceed the 100 ml. The remaining 7%, in contrast, considers sports elements such as rackets, golf clubs or surfboards elements of vital importance to enjoy your vacations. None of these elements can be loaded on board and each one has different characteristics and specifications, depending on the airlines, to be invoiced. The rackets or golf sticks they are included in most of the airline baggage allowances and in cases where they are not, the costs are around 50 €. There are also several airlines that allow check surfboards as usual luggage and do it for free. In the case of those in which an additional cost is added, this is between the 25 and the 50 €.

"Travelers are filled with doubts when it comes to preparing the suitcase that will travel with us in the cabin, so Skyscanner wants to help our users know all the details of how to transport the most necessary items. Because of that, we facilitate a guide with all the relevant information so that nobody has to get rid of their belongings at the airport checkpoint", Says Ángel Guirado, spokesperson for Skyscanner.

* Survey conducted between June 28 and 2 from July to 1.000 Skyscanner users.

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