Segura de la Sierra, the ideal place for hiking

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Everyone needs to disconnect and recharge batteries at some point, and the best option is always to travel. The choice of destination is essential, since you have to choose the ideal place to charge energy, since it is not the same to make a trip in which one spends the day museum in museum or in the middle of large cities loaded of pollution, which choose to go to areas where clean and pure air predominates.

La Sierra de Segura de Jaén It is an ideal place where you can carry out hiking trails diverse and to carry them out you have to go well equipped, so as not to get upset, since one is going to face land and situations that will force him to have a certain clothing. So if you finally decide to do this type of trip do not forget to prepare in advance the material you may need, such as raincoats, boots, jackets, backpack ... Anyway, anything that comes to your mind, so Be prepared for any situation that may arise.

Activities in Segura de la Sierra

Segura de la Sierra de Jaén is within the Natural Park of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and is a place that offers many possibilities when it comes to practicing activities, we indicate several of them:

  • You can practice Hiking and enjoy some places that you will love. There are many routes through which you can go, for example, olive grove landscape is one of them. Once you start to enjoy some of its routes, you will be surprised to find waterfalls and beautiful forests and viewpoints in what you will be forced to stop to have a look. Of course, to make these routes you will have to wear the right clothes, that is, a suitable shoe with which to walk through the uneven terrain that you will find and comfortable and flexible clothing that allows you to move without difficulty, in fact, you can wear specific pants for trekking.
  • If you are quite an adventurer, paragliding is another activity that you can do from the Helm, that has a free flight station and that has 1.8000 meters of altitude. It is one of the most important flight areas in Spain and even people from other countries come to enjoy the experience. In fact, championships are held, so if you like to live to the limit, perhaps, this is the activity that interests you the most and if not, a route to this summit is also advisable, since it has beautiful views and You can enjoy watching other people practicing paragliding.
  • Another very fun activity is to practice canyoning, you just have to agree with a group of friends who like this type of experience and find information about it, since this is an activity that you have to do with a guide who knows the route to follow perfectly and the specific places, for which to enjoy downs that will be risky, but that are safe. For example, Aguas del Buitre is a very powerful gully located in the upper Segura River.
  • If you were lucky enough to go to this area during the snowy season, you can not leave without enjoying the practice rackets, if you have not done it, you should never try it, since it is an unforgettable experience, and if you have done it, you will want to repeat it again. You will be impressed with the landscapes that you will find yourself, be able to see everything snowy and enjoy routes observing how the treetops are white and bright, surely it forces you to stop and take pictures. In addition, you will do more sport than you think, since you will exercise both your legs and your arms when you have to walk on snow and, although at first glance, it seems simple, you are likely to find routes that are harder than what you expected and that you end up exhausted.

Whatever activity you decide to carry out, we assure you that all of them will help you disconnect and cleanse your mind. You will breathe clean and pure air, you will see unforgettable places, you will enjoy the stillness and silence that nature offers you, you will exercise and all this will lead you to have a more positive feeling, and that is to spend so many hours in front of the computer working or without leaving home, can lead to not see things clearly, so it is always advisable to make the backpack, fill it with the right clothes to go to the mountains and escape a few days to enjoy routes and activities that will make you feel much better.