Technological tips to prevent theft in the home

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It makes anyone nervous to find the open door of the house. It causes feelings of impotence, anger and uncertainty to know that we have been robbed, possibly of great sentimental or economic value.

The latest reports from Spanish institutions certify that the least safe city is Madrid, given that the margin of chances of robbing a home is 42% and all the municipalities exceed the national average.

When the entrance door is forced or opened, the first thing to do is To call the police, without entering the home as the intruders may still be there. Nor should touch anything to avoid interfering with the investigations that will be carried out as a result of the theft. However, the important thing is before: How to avoid being robbed and seen in this unpleasant situation?

Basic prevention measures

The basic prevention tips are also given by the police, whenever they are reported home robberies in Madrid capital (city that heads the rankings with 53% of the most affected areas), the thefts have an average, for a calculated value of 1.800 euros including jewelry, money and appliances.

You must take the basic measures to protect a home: close doors, windows and do not leave blinds raised. If the family has planned a trip and the absence will be long, notify the neighbors to pick up the mail and be aware of the property.

Must be minimize any sign of suspicion that the house is empty, in order to avoid intruders and theft of valuable belongings.

Among the Security measures are recommended the following:

  • Use the peephole to not open the door to strangers.
  • Change the locks in case of lost of the keys.
  • Install electronic devices and alarms.
  • Armored doors, with at least two closing points.
  • Place safety gates in windows with easy access.
  • Install blinds with internal bolts.
  • Place light sensors with motion detection in areas near windows and doors.
  • Avoid having valuables and cash at home.
  • Safe deposit boxes and documents that require the owner's signature such as checks and checkbooks are a good option.

General recommendations to prevent theft in homes

To prevent theft in homes you must:

  • Install electronic security devices.
  • Do not leave shutters closed, it is synonymous with absence in the house.
  • Do not disconnect security systems or the Internet.
  • Avoid high-value objects on terraces or windows.
  • Do not mention the absence to strangers, just notify family and friends.
  • Do not use the intercom if someone's visit has not been previously notified.
  • Choose home employees with caution.
  • Monitor vehicles and people who roam the place.
  • Hire a special insurance for valuables.

Present technology: home automation

The solutions presented above are basic measures, which thieves have managed to evade in many cases over the years. Fortunately, technology offers simple solutions, for example, security lighting, alarm systems and motion detectors, which become a valuable brake to avoid intruders in the home.

The State Security Bodies, they assure that Automation is a great ally if the family pretends to be away from home for a long time. With home automation you can control all types of activity from the mobile.

One of the Main functions and benefits of home automation are the security levels, the installations of closed circuit systems control the traffic of people in the home and possibly this is the definitive solution when it comes to preventing thefts in the capital.

As a result of the increase in robberies, the need for citizens to be protected and, consequently, the installation of alarms capable of driving off thieves, or hunting them if necessary, has also increased considerably.

Alarms became an effective method to prevent thefts

They tend to be many the houses that remain solitary in the day for the daily activities, even those where the inhabitants plan small trips to change the routine, release stress and anxiety. However, another part of the "citizens" takes advantage of these moments to enter spaces and have easy access to objects that do not belong to them.

The best way to deal with the situation is by placing an alarm system. Many alarm providers of Madrid. Therefore, it is best to combine those systems with high technology, which adapt to the needs and blind spaces of the home.

Each alarm must adapt, for example, to homes with pets that may present false alerts if this system is incorporated with motion sensors that capture the movements of the animal, inside the house.

No major is required remodeling in the spaces of the house and they also do not stop working due to power cuts, so they are deterrents for all those thieves who have numerous tools and anti-bumping systems, being avoided with new surveillance systems that include home automation.

The innovation of the systems brings with it the handling of cameras and detectors by mobile applications through Internet, they are highly reliable and allow alerting security services sent notices to the owners' smartphones.

Types of alarms for the home

  • Alarms with perimeter alert: this system protects internal security. It is activated when the individual is already inside the house. This system can be reinforced using sensors, which causes the intruder to flee before it can enter the property.
  • Receiving central system: a central is more effective, since it is supervising the 24 hours of the day. These systems, when they detect something strange, send alerts to the authorities.
  • Control equipment: automation is a way to optimize in an integral way the control of house alert systems, since from distant places of the property it allows to monitor the property, even if it is inside or outside the country.

All the options described above, they communicate via WiFi or GSM technology. The most sophisticated devices have cameras with recognition and facial verification.