The Algarve, a good proposal for summer holidays

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Spain is famous for its beaches and its climate, but there is another part of the peninsula that is not far behind; we refer to the area of ​​the Algarve, in the south of Portugal. This region, bordering the province of Huelva, gathers all the attractions you can wish to enjoy a vacation. Beaches, sun, picturesque villages, nightlife ... there is everything and for all tastes.

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Spanish travelers visiting the Algarve will feel almost at home. Both the climate and the idiosyncrasy of the population differ little from southern Spain, which provides a sense of familiarity from the first moment. Other points in favor are the kitchen and the prices. In Portugal you eat very well and without spending too much, nothing to do with what you can find in other European neighbors.

The Algarve coast, what to see?

Algarve is a region full of contrates and on the web of we can check it In an extension of a little more than 150 square km can be found from beach areas dedicated entirely to tourism, to small inland villages surrounded by nature. But the main attraction of the area is in the coastal part, where the main towns and tourist centers are located.


Albufeira is the most popular coastal town in the Algarve and where most of the tourism is concentrated. Its immense beach and the offer of leisure and restoration are the main attractions of the area, which also has a first class hotel infrastructure. In addition, it is close to facilities for family tourism, such as a water park, zoo or adventure facilities. In ancient times, Albufeira was a charming fishing village, but now it is totally crowded, so tourists who seek tranquility prefer to travel to other places.

Stone beach

It is another place of reference for tourists seeking sun, sea and party. Its beach is even more extensive than that of Albufeira and as it advances it becomes a landscape of coves and cliffs. The most touristic part is full of bars and shops. Two kilometers from Praia da Rocha is the town of Portimao, much more calm.

Tavira and Lagos

As an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Albufeira we have Tavira, considered by many to be the authentic jewel of the Algarve. This town, located on the east coast and on the banks of the Gilao River, has a charming old town, full of narrow streets that lead to an old castle. From there starts a ferry that transports travelers to the beaches of Ilha de Tavira; It is a highly recommended route that crosses lagoons and protected areas of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Another prominent enclave is Lagos, in the westernmost part of the Algarve. It is a quiet town full of historical references, it has a walled area and a pedestrian historic center full of bars and terraces. To the south is the Pont da Piedade point, formed by cliffs and marine grottos.


It is an unattractive location for tourism, due to its proximity to the airport. However, it has a walled historic center, pedestrian streets full of shops and a good transport network. From the port depart recreational boats that run along the coast. The beach is a bit far away, about 15 minutes by bus.

Quarteria and Vilamoura

The towns of Quarteira and Vilamoura also concentrate a good part of the beach tourism, but the population is somewhat lower than in Albufeira or Playa de Rocha. On the outskirts of these towns complexes have been created destined to the tourist of greater purchasing power, with golf courses, casino and marinas. Vilamoura is home to the most exclusive population of the Algarve; his neighbor Quarteria is somewhat more modest.

Some tips to visit Algarve

To access this region of Portugal there are several alternatives. If we travel by plane, the nearest airport is Faro, although you can also fly to Lisbon and then take a bus or a train. The journey to Algarve is about 3 hours.

Once there, the most recommendable is rent a car. The main cores can be accessed through train or bus lines, but the private vehicle is much more comfortable, especially to reach remote towns. An important warning: the main Algarve motorway works with a electronic payment system. There are no cabins or tolls, but there is surveillance through cameras, so it is not convenient to risk traveling without paying.


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