The best adventure sports to practice on a trip to Mallorca

Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca
Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca - © zipango -

Visiting Mallorca guarantees travelers and tourists the chance to enjoy the best adventure sports. Thanks to this, the travel experience can become something unique that will never be forgotten. There are many guided excursions with which it is possible to practice these adventure sports, and thus not have to worry about organizing the routes ourselves.

Sports to enjoy the nature of Mallorca

When choose Mallorca as a tourist destination to visit, people can practice a wide variety of adventure sports to be in contact with nature and enjoy the adrenaline.

Thanks to companies that organize guided excursions, such as OutboundMallorca, it is possible to practice these activities safely and in the best places in Mallorca. Among the outdoor activities and adventure sports to practice in the area, the following stand out:


One of the most popular activities in Mallorca to enjoy nature. Thanks to the hiking tours around the island, travelers can choose different areas to visit, such as the Cova de Cal Pesso, Puig des Teix, the Antenas de Calvià or the Path of the Archduke, for example.

There are various levels of difficulty, from easy, medium, to advanced, depending on the experience and physical condition of the tourist. During the routes you can get to know interesting and beautiful places in Mallorca, but certain hiking excursions are better at certain times of the year, so the weather will have to be taken into account.

Mountain biking

Cyclists will find incredible routes and tracks for mountain biking in Mallorca, with routes that range from comfortable trails with few slopes, to more technical tracks, passing through the plain and the fields of the region, through the Serra de Tramuntana, or through the Hermitage of Maristella.

The bicycle routes allow you to discover from towns, natural landscapes that leave your mouth open and places with a lot of history.


Speleology lovers have up to 5.000 dry and marine caves in Mallorca to discover on foot, swimming or with the abseiling technique. There are caves equipped for tourist exploration, with handrails and stairs that facilitate the journey.

The more adventurous can enter caves with endless paths and labyrinths, hundreds of meters below the surface, with many amazing natural formations, such as stalagmites, gours, stalactites or columns that are thousands of years old.

Rock Climbing

In Mallorca there are many torrents and ravines to climb, with little flow or flooded in the rainy months, from vertical heights or easier progression. Difficulty levels are varied, so there will be an option for each person.

For the less experienced, the Torrent de Coanegra climb or the Na Mora climb are good options; while the most experienced will find a great challenge with the Torrent del Gorg Blau, among others.

Without a doubt, Mallorca is an area with many places to visit, and in which to practice outdoor activities and adventure sports, offering incredible experiences for people looking for a quiet trip, or those who want a greater dose of adventure.

Discovering Mallorca through excursions and routes

When traveling to Mallorca, people have the opportunity to choose one of the excursions offered by professional companies. Thanks to these excursions, they can count on professional tour guides who know the best of the area, from the most beautiful roads, the history of the towns and even the most interesting curiosities, since they are qualified guides.

It is also possible to have accident insurance that can cover the different incidents that may occur during the tour. In addition, the necessary equipment to visit the places is included in the excursions, ensuring that they are in good condition and approved, offering greater protection and safety. In any case, the tour guides will indicate the security measures to be taken into account to safely practice the activities in question.

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