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For several decades, one of the Coast zones most important of the state of Warrior It has been the main stage of hundreds of shows as well as events that have attracted tourists from different parts of the world, and that to this day remains one of the most important tourist attractions of Mexicoof course we are talking about Acapulco.

Along with this, it is important to emphasize that while this is a beautiful destination that you must visit at least once in your life, it is important that you correctly choose the space where you will have to stay. Therefore in this article we will talk about the grand hotel Acapulco ideal what would you choose for your next visit.

Hotel Resort Mundo Imperial

Located in one of the most exclusive areas of the Acapulco port, there is a space where the modernity and elegance, as well as the comfort you will experience, will make you want to never leave this place.

Within the main attractions that it has Imperial World Resort stand out just over 813 deluxe rooms, as well as suites and penhouse, together with it you can also enjoy 6 pools of great extension, recreational areas for you and your family as well as other services that will make your investment a great decision.

Gran Plaza Acapulco Hotel

Thanks to its unbeatable location, the hotel Gran Plaza Acapulco It is an excellent choice for stay if you don't know part of the port and you really want to soak up all the essence that this has.

Within and advantages that characterize it, is that both malls as restaurants and bars are within walking distance, which will allow you to move smoothly, and best of all is that both its renovated facilities As the quality of service will make your stay a memorable one, therefore this is a hotel that you should know.

Park Royal Hotel

A few minutes from downtown 30 Historic port of Acapulco, there is a hotel of vast tradition in which you will have the opportunity to enjoy your stay next to the most important bay of the countryís

El pleasure in your stay It is more than guaranteed, in addition to that along with its all-inclusive packages, you can relax from beginning to end without the need to worry about the foods and drinks you planned to consume, and in addition to that fun activities and recreational are included for you and yours, so you should only take care to have the best possible time.

Real Bananas Hotel & Villas

And if what you are looking for is perhaps something else familiarbut you are not willing to sacrifice the quality of your rest as well as the comfort, then in the golden zone you will find a complex that will offer you the best packages as well as a stay like no other. In this hotel you can enjoy a sport Club as well as different activities inside your pool, your wading pool, or the solarium.

Your 130 rooms that await you with the open doors so that you give yourself the opportunity to rest and get out of the routine that rushes you day by day.

Do not think more, know and book your hotel in Acapulco, and enjoy the rest you were waiting for so much.

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