The best of the Mayan Riviera

Riviera Maya - Tulum
Riviera Maya - Tulum (c) Can Stock Photo

Mexico has many interesting places that draw the attention of tourists, and The Mayan Rivera It is one of those ideal areas for lovers of adventure or the tranquility of the sea. 

At the Riviera Maya there are underground cenotes, coral reefs for diving and fantastic beaches, being really exciting places to enjoy with your partner or family. 

And not to mention the delicacies of his gastronomy: there you can taste the best tacos, barbecues, among many other typical dishes of the region. It is without a doubt one of the great elections for this year, enjoy some Mayan Riviera vacations.

Get to know the best of the Riviera Maya

There is a great variety of things that can be done or known in the Riviera Maya. Here are some examples:

1. Visit the cenotes

The cenotes They are caves or wells of water with a great depth and that are filled naturally. It is a mandatory stop when you visit The Mayan Riviera.

The cenotes are located in the north of Tulum, and it is one of the most famous places in Mexico. Then, Cenote Dos Ojos It is one of the brightest and most delicious in Tulum. 

This system of flooded caves in the north of Tulum is one of the most desired places by tourists when they travel to the city. Riviera Maya. It is a very popular place for snorkeling and diving, not to mention the historical value they have in the region.

2. Visit Chichen Itza

One of the main Mayan archaeological treasures in the Yucatan Peninsula is Chichen Itza

It is connected to two cenotes that made it an important ancient water fountain. Therefore, it is an important monument of the culture of Mexico, and it is truly unique.

We recommend you go for a walk in the morning before the excursions or bus tours arrive, since it is an area very busy with tourists.

3. Visit Cozumel

One of the best diving places in the world, it is Cozumel Island, in which you can participate in a wide variety of excursions.

Here you will see the Underwater Museum of Art, the natural beauties of the Cozumel Reef National Park, and you may be lucky and see an impressive cruise ship, since the island is a port for them.

4. The Cancun Underwater Museum of Art

Diving in Cancun is one of the most popular activities that can be practiced. Then, MUSA, the Cancun Underwater Museum of ArtIt is one of those unique places in the world. 

En MUSA dive for a real up-close experience or a glass-bottom boat tour. You choose what you want to do, although we recommend that you dive so that you feel the experience as close as possible.

5. Take a Tour of the Local Market

On any tour or excursion the Maya riviera, you can have the option of trying the exquisite foods of the region.

Take advantage and visit local markets, and investigate the best street food wherever you are, you will not regret it!

The ideal time to go on a trip to the Riviera Maya 

As you can see, most places in the Maya riviera They are for water activities, so we do not recommend that you go in winter, where temperatures are low and you will not be able to fully enjoy it. Avoid going from mid-October to January, so we recommend visit the Mayan Riviera the months of March to June, where temperatures are warm.

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