The best tourist places in Honduras

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One of the countries in Central America to enjoy an excellent vacation is Honduras. This country has great tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes, ideal for great relaxation.

In Honduras there is a lot of landscape and cultural variety to have the best vacations. Travelers can visit great plant lungs, dream beaches, museums, fortresses, rivers, ruins, waterfalls, bays, reserves, lagoons and much more. One of the best known places is Pulhapanzak, which is a waterfall of particular beauty that falls more than 42 meters high.

How to enjoy Pulhapanzak?

The popular Pulhapanzak waterfall is located in the western part of the country, and it is appreciated by many tourists who enjoy its beauty and the great waterfall. In the place, people can enjoy various activities, in addition to its landscape.

The zip line is a great option for tourists who want to live adventures. With this activity, people fall from the waterfall and experience the thrill of heights along with speed. This attraction began as a small one, but it has been expanding to provide travelers with greater possibilities.

In Pulhapanzak you can also visit the archeological site to learn about the history and traces of the ancient inhabitants of the area, which were a culture prior to the Mayans. The spring is also appreciated by tourists, its spa has a pre-Hispanic urban construction that was the axis of the old community.

Pulhapanzak is very well organized to offer a great welcome for visitors. In the place there are camping sites, natural lodazales, food places, huts, playgrounds, swimming pools and a viewpoint of the falls.

The stone path indicates the steps of the old inhabitants, it runs through the square and the puddles. To know in depth about Pulhapanzak and other tourist sites of Honduras you can browse the web The Traveling Colocho, which gathers great information about the country, so that tourists can obtain information before visiting each area.

The places of interest to visit in Honduras

For diving enthusiasts, there is Útila Island, with beautiful coral reefs. The place was recently declared a Marine Life Sanctuary by the United Nations, since whales and sharks are studied here. The island also collects mangroves, hotel centers and freshwater caves.

Roatán is one of the best places to visit in Honduras. The island has 60 kilometers of extension with transparent water beaches, surrounded by a lot of jungle vegetation. The island also has a large coral reef, popular for being the second largest in the world.

The Cayos Cochinos are the main attractions of Honduras for their beauty, they are composed of 2 islands and 13 keys. Its 30 kilometers are visited by tourists from all over the world to enjoy the crystal clear waters, its tranquility, water sports and eat delicious preparations such as coconut milk, lobster, fish soup and machuca.

Yojoa Lake can be visited very easily because it is very close to Tegucigalpa. It has 11 kilometers of extension and has many natural and man-made spaces, such as the Los Naranjos Eco-Archaeological Park, the Joya Grande Zoo, Cerro Azul and the Ruins of Bogran Castle.

La Tigra National Park specializes in the conservation, care of the country's hydrology and ecological preservation. The forest reserve has more than 24 thousand hectares of beautiful landscapes and a great diversity of fauna and flora.

The Talgua caves are an Eco-Archaeological Park and Natural Monument, in them there is a museum and you can also see the Talgua River. Tourists must wear appropriate shoes to walk on sliding rocks and lanterns to illuminate their path.

Another of the destinations of interest for many tourists is the Punta Sal National Park in the city of Tela. The place has beautiful coral reefs, caves, silly bird nests and a particular biological diversity.