The best travel destinations for boyfriends

Wedding Trips
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Although some newlyweds bet on traveling abroad, the truth is that many Spanish couples decide to celebrate the honeymoon near home

El wedding It represents one of those social institutions that are still in force in the 21st century, and that establishes a conjugal link between natural persons through a series of legal, religious or moral norms. A phenomenon that has varied greatly over time, and that depending on culture or religion is carried out in one way or another.

What never changes and always remains is the travel of the just Married, which is done once the wedding is held, but must be prepared well in advance so as not to have last minute problems. And, just as they are hired buses for weddings that can take all the guests to the ceremony and the subsequent invitation, there are also travel agencies that are responsible for organizing everything related to the honeymoon.

So that the couple forgets everything outside of marriage and focuses solely on the wedding, and in the different tasks that have to be ready before the day of giving the definitive "yes I want" comes. But what are the destinations of wedding trips most demanded by couples?

Next, we will analyze what are some of the tourist places more requested by the couple, so that any couple who is thinking of organizing their honeymoon has clearer the options that are available in the market.

Wedding trips abroad

Usually, most wedding couples They get married decide to organize the honeymoon through a specialized travel agency or by hiring a travel pack, which includes everything you need to enjoy the stay and not have to worry about anything.

These travel agencies usually offer wedding trips to very charming tourist places abroad, and more specifically in some European countries such as Norway, or in some countries of the Asian continent such as Japan or Indonesia.

For example, the case of Norway, a European country that stands out for its unique landscapes in which the hand of man has not made a dent, is especially noteworthy. It is true that in these types of Scandinavian countries temperatures are usually quite low, so travel agency They recommend wearing warm clothes and trying to travel during the summer season.

A different country where you can enjoy unique experiences such as sledding, sailing through the Arctic Ocean, visiting ice caves, exploring the Arctic wolf sanctuary or enjoying the northern lights in all their splendor. A trip that will be difficult to forget, and that will undoubtedly mark the booths in positive throughout his life.

Another country that receives a large number of wedding couples is Indonesia, a paradise almost unknown to most of the population that hides many unique landscapes worthy of being witnessed as a couple. For example, many just Married They travel to Indonesia to visit Sumba Island, a spectacular landscape that unites the most ancient tradition of Japan with the vegetation of Indonesia.

Wedding trips around the Iberian Peninsula

However, some couples decide organize trips for boyfriends in a closer environment. That is, there are newly married couples who prefer to carry out their honeymoon in the Iberian Peninsula itself, either knowing some of the most beautiful corners of Spain or visiting tourist places located in Portugal.

One of the most visited sites in Spain by the newly married couples It is located in the north of the country, and more specifically in the mountain range of the Pyrenees. A spectacular place where you can enjoy mountainous landscapes, practice sports activities related to snow and visit historical monuments such as the Citadel of Jaca.

On the other hand, if we talk about Portugal and the wedding trips for bride and groom It is important to set the objective on the capital of the country: Lisboa. A European city with great charm that has important historical monuments such as the Belém Tower, the Castle of San Jorge, the Praça do Comércio or the Jeronimos Monastery.