The most visited cities in the United States by tourists

Panoramic of New York with the Statue of Liberty
Panoramic of New York with the Statue of Liberty (c) Can Stock Photo

The United States is a very large country where several cultures converge, which is clearly seen in its main cities. Although it is not, in general, one of the countries with more tourism in the world, it does have cities that are among the most visited by travelers to spend some vacation time.

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Preparing a vacation in this country requires some planning time to visit the sites that interest you. Within each of its tourist cities there are hundreds of iconic places and attractions, so It is convenient to have a plan, or at least, a guide to take advantage of as much time as possible.

Below, we show a list of the 3 most visited cities by tourists in the United States.

The big Apple

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As expected, NY It is the most visited city by foreigners. Known as "The Big Apple", it receives millions of visitors every year among its many streets full of mysteries. It is a very particular city because in it a large number of different cultures coexist, which is what has given it the title of metropolis.

There are the most emblematic historical sites known throughout the world. The most famous is Central Park, although there is also the Empire State Building that was released throughout the world thanks to the King Kong movie, in addition, the iconic Statue of Liberty watches the city tirelessly.

On the other hand, there is the famous Wall Street, the heart of the financial district and the main home of the New York Stock Exchange. Not far from there are Broadway theaters, in which the best musicals from around the world are presented. To visit both is to be filled with experiences that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

The City of the Wind

Chicago It is the second favorite city for tourists, whether national or international. Its historical value is incalculable because it hosts several works of the most famous artists. It also stands out for its particular architecture and the iconic buildings found there. The whole city is similar to a giant museum.

Among the most important places is the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the largest in the world and from which artists have graduated who set trends in American art. In the Museum of Contemporary Art, works by current art movements in the United States and the rest of the world are exhibited, being one of the most relevant museums internationally.

Los Angeles

It is the third largest city in the country, and is visited by at least 50 million people a year. It is probably the city that has gained the most fame thanks to television. Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Venice Beach and Santa Monica are some of the places that are repeated continuously on the big screen, which you have surely heard sometime.

It is the most liberal city in the United States, and its culture is far from the rest of the country. It is perfect to try new things without any prejudice. All this, together with its hot weather throughout the year, make it one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world.