The experience of working abroad


Traveling for pleasure is wonderful. And being able to enjoy different cultures, different ways of thinking, different cultures, and sharing experiences with people from other places is a unique, recommendable experience that helps you train as a person and understand from other points of view how to see life.

But this time we are going to focus on the trips we have to make for a professional reason. That situation in which we find ourselves in which we must leave the place where we were born, studied and had our life but that at a certain moment we decided to change and try to find life in a different country that can give us a very enriching professional experience. Or because we simply want to go there because we are more convinced than where we are or that the job opportunities for our professional sector are greater and it costs us less effort to get a job.

So today we are going to address the issue of how to start this process. The first and fundamental thing is to look for that job that allows us to live that experience and for this we must contact the companies of the country to which we are going to travel.

And how to make them know us? If the country you plan to visit this time is European, we should prepare a European format curriculum, known as Europass.

This type of curriculum has some particularities and is governed by some formalities that are important to know and take into account respecting the way the document is presented. In this way, we will show a capacity for communication and adaptation that the company can assess as very positive. In this curriculum format for which they already exist Europass templates and predefined models we must enter our personal data, such as telephone, current residence and area where we will reside when we change countries.

We must include in the indicated order those official academic titles that we have validated in the destination country and that we can justify and prove reliably.

It is also important to emphasize the aspect of the language. If it is already important in the work carried out in your country, knowing languages ​​and having official qualifications that demonstrate it in Europe and have that recognition and validity outside our borders, it is vitally important and very necessary. At this point, English and French together with our language are the most valuable points. Although if your destination is Germany, obviously German will be important to stand out from other candidates. Although there are also jobs in which it is not necessary to know it and that allow you to adapt to the country while you train and learn it while maintaining yourself thanks to the economic income that this job produces.

Finally, you will have to pay attention when placing the professional experience adapting it to the European curriculum model so that in this way they can select you in the job position knowing the computer programs you have used, the skills you have developed or the positions and skills that you have acquired during your work stage.

In the event that it is your first professional experience, you should not be discouraged since many companies from other countries prefer profiles of people who lack professional experience to train them from scratch, molding them and preparing them for their way of working.

We hope that these recommendations have helped you clarify your doubts about the Europass and that you get the dream job in that new country. And so the next time you travel it will be a pleasure trip. Good luck!

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