Skiing: a healthy practice increasingly appreciated in Spain

Panoramic of Panticosa station, Spain
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Although this winter has begun later than other years, temperatures have finally begun to fall and snow is already a reality in many ski areas. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are already available the best ski deals for the January slope. In family or with friends, during the weekend or midweek, a few days skiing in the snow is the best option to disconnect from the routine and enjoy sports.

The most important thing is to define the dates on which we want to go on vacation and the place where we would like to go skiing. Once we have finalized it, we will only have to find the best available offers, a very simple task if we take the hands of search engines like, where we find information not only about ski resorts, but also about hotels and other services offered by Spanish stations.

The truth is that our country, known worldwide for summer tourism, also begins to position itself in the world of snow, as it offers numerous possibilities for winter sports. In addition to having a wide network of ski resorts that are distributed among the main mountain ranges, it should be noted that, in the past season, 2015-2016, said mountain systems hosted a total of 4,7 million visitors.

Astún - Panoramic Ski Resort
Astún - Panoramic Ski Station (c) Can Stock Photo

In addition to the fun they bring, intrinsically, sports, the passion for skiing is also linked to the enormous benefits that your practice can bring us, among those that stand out.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: as it is an aerobic sport, the practice of skiing is ideal to prevent this type of pathologies. When practicing it, we are doing a great energetic expenditure, so that the burning of calories that is produced is important. As a result, they manage to balance the excess calories and reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood. All this brings a great benefit to our hearts and our lungs.

Pure air for our organism: also related to the care of our lungs, is the fact that skiing is done outdoors, away from all pollution, so frequent in today's cities. Spending a few days in a completely natural environment, helps not only to oxygenate our blood, but also to establish ourselves in a climate of relaxation, tranquility and disconnection.

Improvement of the resistance capacity: being a sport that involves agility, concentration and continuous effort, skiing helps improve our physical endurance. Therefore, it is common for those people who are not accustomed to feel physically tired the first few days.

Self-improvement: doing a sport implicitly involves an effort, but if this is also done in such a specific context as snow, cold and the fact of sliding on skis, the challenge increases. Therefore, overcome those first barriers that may seem that this sport has, will give us a greater degree of personal satisfaction.

Muscle toning: the effort involved in skiing, allows us to increase strength. In the case of alpine skiing, almost all of our body is worked, from the head to the feet: the legs, the buttocks, the abdominals, the arms,

Better balance and coordination: skiing, like other sports such as surfing, demands a lot of balance to stay on its feet without falling. This requires a technique that, as soon as it is achieved, helps to improve our balance in general. On the other hand, the fact of carrying the skis under the feet and the poles implies that our coordination must be very good, that is why, when we get to ski we will be getting to improve the coordination of our body and our movements.

These are just some of the advantages we will get if we practice skiing. In any case, if we encourage ourselves to practice this sport, we will have to beware if:

We suffer problems related to chronic respiratory failure or with uncontrolled cardiac pathologies, since the altitude and power of this sport can be a risk. Ideally, if you experience any of these problems, consult your medical specialist before jumping down the mountain.

Pregnancies: in the case of pregnant women, the practice of skiing, as well as other sports, may carry risks, so it is advisable not to do it during this period. That does not mean, of course, that you cannot enjoy the snow.

ChildrenIn the case of children, they must wait until they are two years old to start skiing. However, it may be a good idea to start acquainting yourself with snow before that age. To do this, parents can take advantage of the well-known sledges with which to glide through the snow in the company of an adult.


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