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The best neck documents for your trips

It is a common image in airports, that of travelers searching through their pockets, wallets and briefcases for travel documents.

Luckily, to avoid this setback, because sometimes not knowing where to put the boarding pass, identity document, passport or credit card, it can mean that we lose important documents ... there are known neck document or neck wallets.

What are the neck document folders? 

Conclusion travel accessories that work like a neck wallet and in which we can enter all the documents that we will need either at the time of undertaking a trip by train, plane or any other means of transport. 

These elements are no more than a kind of wallet or travel fanny pack that instead of being tied to the kidney or around the torso is hung around the neck. Its use has been extended because resolves the incidence of having to look for documents between pockets and bags in different garmentss. But also, a wallet for neck as we find in has as an advantage the fact of being protected and knotted with a strap, so the risk of it falling or getting lost is less. 

Complete 2023 catalog of Document Portfolio

Keep your documents safe 
The different neckbags available in offer many possibilities. From practical briefcases to carry them hanging on the neck to travel bags and briefcases portadocumentos. All of them at a very competitive price. 

Use one of these document folders that can be hung around your neck and under your clothes, without your presence being noticed, lightweight models, with soft laces and with the most advanced protection measures. 

Some of these travel bags includes RFID lock, or what is the same, a radio-frequency insulation material that blocks the RFID chips with which bank cards, identity cards or others are equipped, preventing thieves from having access to personal data. 

Wallets for large capacity neck 

We offer you a wide catalog of large capacity neck document carriers to conveniently store your passport and other documents: cards, money and even your mobile, as some of the models include a touch screen without having to take the smartphone out of the wallet. 

Everything well organized and easy to find, zippered bags that include wallet and purse compartments. Some of them even offer the possibility of tying to the belt. 

Travel comfortably with these travel accessories

Traveling by plane is, as a rule, quite uncomfortable. The first requirement is to have to travel to the airport with enough time in advance, check in luggage, pass the security check, wait until boarding and finally, start the flight, with all the annoying noises made by this means of transport. 

Use travel accessories like these neck wallets It makes the experience a little more pleasant, and safer. With these travel bags, multifunctional and with many possibilities, travelers make sure that their personal documents and cash money are safe. 

Using a neck document holder is a good way to avoid misunderstandings. It is much more comfortable for many people to carry a travel fanny pack, a small shoulder bag or a neck wallet that has a wallet in its pocket, which can be tightened, it can fall and many options are avoided for someone to steal it. 

Portfolios of all sizes and all models 

Here you will find models of travel bags for neck for all tastes. From small bags with few compartments to others much more complete that include five, six and even seven small pockets to keep cash, airline tickets, credit and identity cards, headphones or mobile phone. 

Specially designed for active travelers, those people who do not want to leave valuable items in the hotel or who have to quickly access their personal documents and other items of usual use. Not only valid for traveling and sightseeing, but also for sports or daily activities outside the home. 

Flat bags that incorporate a neck strap and can also be used autonomously and store them in larger cases such as a laptop or a document case. Consult all the travel bags to wear on the neck or under the belt. 

Models available for children and adults, of all sizes and in various colors that fulfill the function of offering comfort and facilitating the traveler's stay at the airport, the station and its entire trip. Query the best neck document and travel accessories in

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