Time to start planning 2019 vacations

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Any time of year is suitable to go on vacation and disconnect a bit from the routine of day to day. In fact, possibly, we already have some trip planned for these Christmas holidays. And if not, they are the perfect dates to find and book one for the next Easter, summer, bridges or any weekend that we have free. To carry out this task, the new technologies offer us many facilities, which make the process easier and more comfortable. You can search for different offers and discounts on virtual platforms. These web pages work with all types of trips; you can do safaris in Kenya, diving in the Caribbean, climbing to the top of the skyscrapers of NY, visit the most emblematic buildings of the European capitals, among many other excursions available. It is enough to have an electronic device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) with an Internet connection that allows us to browse portals such as CentralDeVacaciones.com among many others with similar characteristics.

In these pages you can search very different options: packages, flight + hotel, only hotels, cruises, etc. First of all, to start the search we will have to introduce the destination that we have in mind; then, the dates on which we prefer to travel and, finally, the number of people traveling (both adults and children). Once we click on the 'Search for Holidays' button, all available offers will appear. Here are some examples:

- If our destiny is NY, hotels of all kinds are offered in different regimes (only accommodation, accommodation and breakfast or half board). A calendar of available departure dates is shown with the prices in each of them. The hotel card indicates where it is located and what tourist attractions and points of interest it has nearby. There is also a complete description of the accommodation in general and of the room in particular. They also say the facilities and services available (gyms, swimming pool, parking, gift shop ...).

- Landscapes, fauna, flora, culture, tribes ... These are some of the things that can be visited if you travel to Kenia, a country that offers its visitors a wide range of possibilities for incredible tours and impressive safaris. One of the recommended trips includes, for example, the following: in addition to flights, accommodation, transportation and meals, visit the Masai Mara National Reserve of Nairobi for a safari with return at dusk, visit and walk around Lake Naivasha watching hippos and a multitude of waterfowl, free days in Zanzibar to enjoy its beaches or make some optional excursions.

- For those who have liked this last option of relaxation, flights are offered Riviera Maya (Mexico), where you can not only see fine sand beaches and turquoise blue waters, but also impressive archaeological sites, protected areas full of mangroves, etc. There, you can meet hospital people and enjoy the delights of Mexican cuisine. Some of the points of interest in this area of ​​the Caribbean country are a must. The most visited complex is the ruins of Chichén Itzá, located in the heart of the Yucatan. The ancient Mayan city of Uxmal, which today is in the middle of a jungle, requires spending a night out, but it is worth doing to see its pyramids and imposing structures. Valladolid or Mérida are also two cities that can be visited quickly; There you can taste Mexican cocoa chocolates, which will be some of the best you have ever tasted. The Caribbean will also be perfect for diving, seeing the marine fauna, seeing the famous cenotes, both open and closed, or visiting the ruins of Tulum.

- For those who do not see themselves flying so much by plane or leaving the country, travel offers are also available Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. Tenerife, for example, is a great option in which you can combine beach, mountain (besides volcanic), amusement parks, nature, party and much more. It is a perfect vacation to spend as a family, as a couple or with friends. In addition, from there you can take a ferry that reaches the island of La Gomera, which is more difficult to visit by other means.

All these options have different climates, different from those that exist in the peninsula, so if we do not want to spend cold in winter, we can visit these destinations on those dates. If we have any questions on any question, the web pages of search for offers such as the aforementioned and other similar ones have a chat service available with professionals, as well as emails and contact telephone numbers through which all the questions can be asked. that we have about the climate, the accommodation, the destination, the payment or any other.

Time to start planning 2019 vacations
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