Tips for choosing travel suitcase


Probably traveling is one of the hobbies that more people share in the world, but although it is not considered a hobby, who in this world has not traveled? We do not necessarily refer to long-distance, long-term or long-term trips. A trip can be twenty kilometers away or even less.

A trip does not always have to be for pleasure, it may be that for reasons of life or for work whoever is forced to travel. But whatever the trip is, the reason that causes it, regardless of destination or distance, the traveler will always need to take their things with them and for that they will need the help of a suitcase.

But even if a suitcase has not yet been traveled, it is not only useful for that, a suitcase is also necessary for a move, to transport something, equipment, etc., The suitcases are not as expensive as they were before, now there is Very good options for a very affordable price.

Therefore it is essential to have a suitcase at home, in case you travel or if you are going to travel, however, in case you need a suitcase ... which option is the best choice? Well here we are going to help you solve your doubts and always following the advice of the suitcase website

When making the decision you will have to choose between:

  1. Soft or rigid suitcase
  2. Suitcase with or without wheels
  3. What size to choose, cabin or larger

The first point to try is to choose between a soft suitcase or on the contrary a rigid suitcase. Both are very different, because a hard or rigid suitcase has the advantage of better protecting the contents in it, in such a way that it will resist shocks much better than a soft suitcase. What you carry in it will be more protected than in a soft one.

But these advantages provided by the rigid suitcases also carry their drawbacks, because the material with which they are made causes them to be heavier so it will take more effort to move with them, upload them to a compartment, etc., in addition they will occupy more space than a soft one of the same size.

What about the soft bags? These are the most flexible option, so they provide more space inside to introduce things, and this flexibility makes them fit better in any place as opposed to a rigid one. Its material also makes them weigh less, which is appreciated when running if there is hurry, climb it to high spaces, etc.

But not everything is positive in soft suitcases, it has the negative point that they protect the contents in them much less than a rigid suitcase. In the face of a little or no blow they will protect your interior. Therefore, it is not advisable to transport fragile and valuable objects inside.

There is an option on the market between them, which are semi-rigid suitcases, neither as soft as a soft suitcase nor as heavy as a rigid suitcase.

Next step, suitcase with wheels or without wheels ...

A suitcase with wheels will make moving with it faster than with luggage without wheels that you would have to carry with arm strength. The wheels of the suitcases are increasingly made of better materials, both to last longer and to slide better. The problem we see is that the wheels make the suitcases larger, so they occupy more spaces than without them.

Another option if you do not want a suitcase of wheels but also the typical suitcase without wheels, those of a lifetime, would be the travel backpacks. Here the weight would rest on your back and shoulders. Depending on your needs it may be a valid option or not. You can run with them but it will weigh you a lot. On the other hand its material makes them very flexible so they adapt to almost any space and you could even take it with you while sitting. Also in those waiting at the airport you can always use it as a pillow.

They also have the advantage that being more backpack than suitcase you can give it more uses than a suitcase, a hiking trail, book bag, etc.

Rigid or soft suitcase, with or without wheels and finally ... what size to choose?

This is also a matter of each, the suitcases usually in terms of size can be cabin, to be able to take with you on the plane or those considered large, which would have to be billed and therefore pay an extra price (you would not carry them on the plane with you but in the hold).

Cabin suitcases have different sizes, in fact they are also considered small or medium. Here you have to take special care since each airline has its size standards, so not all cabin bags are valid to carry inside the cabin.

Cabin suitcases are also easier to carry in the trunk of a car, train or bus, but as usual, there are also fewer things inside it than in a large suitcase. If the trip you are going to make is one week, a cabin suitcase may arrive, but if you go more, fifteen or twenty days you may need a large suitcase.

The large suitcases have that advantage, that many things fit in them, in fact even for a move they are very useful or even to store clothes from last season, or summer to winter, etc.,

In the event that you are a person who travels a lot or that you plan to do so in the future, it is always good to have two suitcases at home, one cabin and one large for what may happen.