Brief introduction to Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a Catalan municipality located in the province of Girona, in the heavenly region of La Selva and on the shores of the Costa Brava. In its 38 km² of surface, this town offers many facets that are worth knowing. The artistic past, the medieval buildings or the wide range of tourist leisure activities make it one of the great attractions of the Mediterranean.

Over 300 sunny days per year, these coasts pride themselves on their mild winters and warm summers, which attract about 5 million tourists from all corners. The beaches, coves and other jewels of the Girondense coast are also the object of desire of the swimming public.

El pictorial and sculptural artFurthermore, they occupy a privileged place in this municipality, which is home to the first museum of contemporary art in Spain. Rafael Benet, Marc Chagal and other XNUMXth century masters took up residence here, captivated by the same scenic beauty that is conquering Europeans today.

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How can I get to Tossa de Mar?

Communication is one of the great virtues of Tossa de Mar, which offers multiple access routes by urban, air and rail means. The airports of Girona and El Prat de Barcelona, 42km and 103 km away respectively, will be our best ally if we want arrive by plane. A highly satisfactory option, especially for those who travel from corners as far away as Milan, Sydney o Lyon.

If you decide travel by train and delight yourself with the panoramic view of these lands, you will find stations in Barcelona, ​​Sants and Girona, although the closest to the municipality is the Blanes station. However, for short journeys we recommend the Bus of the companies SARFA and Pujol i Pujol, with urban and interurban lines throughout the region, and bus stops taxi that always abound.

Leaving aside considerations such as the high cost of fuel or the influx of tourists that slow down circulation, access by car it is one of the best alternatives. In this sense, we will preferably take the A-7 Highway and the A-9 Highway.

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What can we see in Tossa de Mar?

Panoramic of the castle of Tossa de Mar
Panoramic of the castle of Tossa de Mar
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Medieval vestiges, modernist art and the most impressive cultural and historical past make Tossa de Mar an exceptional venue. The course of the centuries has left an indelible mark in the form of monuments, fortifications and museums, among which we can highlight the following.

Wrapped in walls of great heritage value, the Vila Vella It is one of the most important medieval testimonies of the Catalan people, with nearly a millennium behind it. Listed as a 'National Historical-Cultural Monument', this walled enclosure has two gates and seven watchtowers that protect the Old Town from inclement weather. The Governor's House, the Parish Church of San Vicent and many other attractions will delight those who walk these cobbled streets.

The seafaring atmosphere is a constant in this municipality, historically inhabited by fishermen. This is demonstrated by the very popular Tossa de Mar lighthouse, a monument erected at the beginning of the last century that stands more than 70 meters above sea level. He too Sa Roqueta brings back some reminiscences of work at sea. Nothing like walking through this old fishing district to live an unforgettable experience.

In the Municipal Museum of Tossa de Mar We will discover an extraordinary collection of pictorial works prior to the Civil War and archaeological remains of the Roman Villa of Almendros. World-class painters and artists offer their most talented faces here through a magnificent selection. Yet another reason to be captivated by these shores.

Architecture lovers will not be disappointed with the Chapel of the Verge dels Socors, an admirable building built in the XNUMXth century in honor of the Virgen de los Socorros, traditional patron of the town. Its white façade, the charming central nave and other benefits that are worth visiting stand out.

What are the best beaches in Tossa de Mar?

Es Codolar Beach in Tossa del Mar
Es Codolar Beach in Tossa del Mar
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The Costa Brava has become one of the biggest vacation claims on a continental and international level, and Tossa de Mar undoubtedly provides a powerful grain of sand to make it possible. Beaches and coves dot the coastal strip of Girona, delighting millions of bathers and vacationers.

La Pola cove, 70 meters long, it is one of the most desired by tourists, thanks to its incomparable range of services: camping, restaurant, beach bar and even a small supermarket, in addition to the usual services. It has good accesses, so movement is never a problem.

Straddling Sant Feliu de Guixols and Tossa de Mar, the Cala de Sa Futadera Beach, a natural wonder that offers us about 100 meters of golden sand and turquoise waters, surrounded by beautiful cliffs made up of dark rocks and dense vegetation. It has a low occupancy rate and, being so inaccessible, it is perfect to relax away from noisy cities.

La Cala Bona beachLike the previous one, it has a low influx of visitors due to the isolated natural enclave in which it is located. The practice of some water sports, such as diving, snorkeling or kayakingIt is a real pleasure in these waters, where we also discover a beach bar and other interesting services.

With 170 meters in length and a substrate composed of pebbles and sand, the Cala Giverola beach It is a magical horseshoe-shaped enclosure that will delight the most adventurous. Its services also offer showers, hotel establishments, sports structures and even a company of boats with a glass bottom that runs along the bay. Of course, one of those beaches that cannot be missed on our visit.

La Cala Ledóawarded the 'Blue Flag' due to the cleanliness and quality of its shores, it is 65 meters long and has a moderate swell that provides a magnificent setting to enjoy the wide range of activities available. As a family or as a couple, this Mediterranean gem always leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

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