Excursion to Luxembourg and Dinant

On this one day tour we will visit Luxembourg, capital of the duchy with its same name and one of the most unknown cities in Europe. Upon returning to Brussels we will pass through the Ardennes and Dinant.

Spanish · 12 hours

Excursion to Luxembourg and Dinant

On this tour we will visit Luxembourg, capital of the dukedom with its same name and one of the most unknown cities in Europe. When leaving the city and returning to Brussels We will pass through the Ardennes and Dinant.

Luxembourg, the most beautiful balcony in Europe

Luxembourg is a small duchy located between France, Belgium and Germany. It is a financial city par excellence and its historic center was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO from 1994.

Its small size makes it ideal for walking and wandering, yes, you must prepare to go up and down ramps and stairs, since the old city is divided into two: la ville Haute (the upper city) and La ville Basse (the low city).

In the high zone we will go through the historical center of Luxembourg, going through places like Cathedral of Santa María dating from 1613 and is a clear example of a pure Gothic architecture, leaving only a few Renaissance elements. In turn, it is the seat of the Archdiocese of Luxembourg, which constitutes it religiously as the most important church in this country.

Continuing in the high zone we will pass through the Palace of the Grand Duke. This is the residence of the current dukes. It is not only possible to admire an architectural design of great beauty, but also you can get to know the interior where the great yellow room is located, among other attractions.

Passing already to the lower part of the city we will see the Wenceslas Wall, la Abbey of Neumunster and the main fortifications built next to Alzette River Before leaving the capital you will have free time to eat, walk or have a coffee

Dinant, the "daughter of the Mossa"

Leaving behind Luxembourg, we will enter the green fields of the Ardennes, one of the most beautiful areas of Belgium and throughout Europe. Here between its rocky massifs it is located Dinant, a picturesque city built at the foot of the Mossa river and world famous for being the cradle of the saxophone.

First, we will visit the Collegiate church of Notre Dame. This church dominates the urban complex and has been doing so for centuries, specifically since it was built in the Middle Ages. The most striking feature of his painting is to see that its two towers of the facade are unfinished, something that provides an even greater prominence to the bulbous central dome that was built in the sixteenth century and is now a world heritage site.

We will go through the Mansion Sax, a real attraction for music lovers, there is a museum dedicated to the inventor of the saxophone. Then we will see the Peñon Bayarty that stands on the Citadel, You can reach your summit by stairs or more comfortably by cable car.

In one way or another, the climb does not disappoint, starting with the beautiful views it offers, and ending with the historical journey that can be carried out through its interior rooms, from the courtyard to the dungeons, the old kitchens or the bunkers




Important information

  • Duration: 12 hours.
  • Languages: The tour is done in several languages ​​at the same time, including Spanish.
  • Includes: bus transportation and multilingual official guide (including Spanish).
  • Not included: food.
  • When to reserve: reservations are allowed until the 12: 00 of the previous day (Brussels time) as long as there are seats left.
  • Cancellation: Free! Cancel without expenses until 3 days before the activity. If you cancel with less time or do not show up, no refund will be offered.